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[March, 20-27] first week;

[attempt #1] - One day we will clash and burn; Yunho

Hating, was all he had ever known.

Over the years it became as natural as breathing - a thing he did by an instinct.

Every day was the same old routine - a monotonous circular process that never changed as the days passed, years followed, and decades accumulated.

Dark thoughts plagued his mind each day as he tried to suppress the surge of guilt that threatened to erupt beneath the mask of slightly wrinkled flesh.

Hating, was all that kept him alive.

[attempt #2] - Portmanteau of a pulsating star; Yunho |physics!verse|

There was something in the way the universe is that reminded him of the raven's smile.

Bright enough to fuel thousands reactions of nuclear fusion and creations of pulsating stars.

Pulling him in with a force of a strong magnet, as if his own Event Horizon. A black hole that will suck you in as soon as you step over that one imaginary line.

And when the raven would beam - it would feel like hundreds of blazars concentrated into a single ray and sliced through the flesh of his chest, straight through his heart.

It hurt painfully sweet.

[attempt #3] - I think, I once loved you; Yunho

The man's skin felt hot as he laid on grass with his bared torso, basking in the sun. The day was surprisingly nice, sky stripped of clouds, a swift breeze dancing over the expanse of flesh.

He rested his chin on his arms, eyes watching as a butterfly landed on a dandelion few feet away. His whole body relaxed at the feel of cold grass underneath him and the sun on his back.

He heard a sound of footsteps ruffling the grass and smiled.

The feel of cold skin colliding with his heated back made him let out a content moan. Pale hands skimmed his sides and he raised his hips a bit to allow them to slide onto his abdomen. With a chuckle he laid onto the grass again and the playfully painful moan the raven laying on his back let out made him laugh even harder.

"You squished my hands Yunho, oww, get up!"

"You are too heavy, I can't move my body at all,"

"Ow ow ooow up up up!"

Yunho laughed at his lover. "Is that a magical spell to make me go 'up' for you?"

Jaejoong sighed out as he sprawled over the man's back, his hands still trapped between Yunho's body and the grass. The heat of the man's skin felt good against his own pale chest.

Yunho felt as teeth nibbled the space between his shoulder blades.

Jaejoong gave up. "I hate you."

"I love you too Jaejoong."

[attempt #4] - Can't remember to forget you; Yunho

Another note was left unread.

The candles atop the chocolate cake have burnt out long ago.

Surrounded by the dark of the small room Yunho clenched his fists.

Somehow, the raven's scent still lingered the air and it was so long ago when he sprayed the orchid's fragrance onto the man's neck for the last time.

Cold sheets and spider webs in the corners.

He stared blankly as he remembered; Jaejoong loved to smile.

[attempt #5] - I'm sorry; Jaejoong |dream!verse|

It was a secret never meant to be shared.

Words just flew from the small boy's mouth as he cried in front of his mother blaming it all on a friend that never existed.

The grades, the broken vase, the cut on his knee.

The boy later realized, as he called for Yunho in the coldness of his own room, it was a secret never meant to be shared.

Because as soon as those words flew past his lips, the imaginary friend has ceased to exist.

What a joke.

As if he was ever real.

[attempt #6] - Foolishly in love with you; Yunho

It was a heart attack, Yunho thought to himself.

The way he moved. The way his lips were the most beautiful curve on his body. The pure happiness in his doe eyes.

And the electrical charge that swept his whole body when their hands touched.

It was as if his heart had skipped a beat.

It must have been a heart attack.

[attempt #7] - Galaxies we've lost; Yunho |physics!verse|

Yunho couldn't stop thinking about him.

Rolling onto the other side of the bed he tried to think about anything else but the raven.

Oh God, Jaejoong. Fuck.

He let out a strong sigh and gripped his hair in pure frustration.

He tried to give it a name. That new feeling that had hit him like tons of bricks, but strangely, it didn't hurt.

He glowed. He freaking glowed. A star maybe?

"No, not a star," he corrected himself. "A freaking quasar."

status: barely survived
Tags: length: drabble, pairing: yunho/jaejoong, type: drabbles
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