hearty (kas2umi) wrote,

[oneshot] Oil me up

Title: Oil me up
Pairing: Yunjae
Rating: nc-17 (mature readers pls)
Genre: AU, smut, romance

Summary: Yunho's nights are lonely with only his right or sometimes left hand as a tight heat. Hard life of an oil platform worker.

"Call the OMI! We need to secure this baby as soon as possible, a fucking huge storm is approaching!"

The men moved fast, their minds focused on securing the pipes as the wind blew hard splashing salty water in their faces.

The metal was cold underneath their fingers even though thick gloves covered their palms - the storm will be strong this time.

It was hard doing what they had to, each day from dawn till dusk with few hours of brakes in between - running from one to the other end of the platform.

Surrounded by the tempestuous ocean, living on a metal 'baby' as they called it.

Life of a worker on an oil platform in the midst of the freaking Pacific Ocean was not that much of a best job in the world.

Yunho stepped out of his room, the wind hitting him hard in the face as he tried to shield his eyes from the mix of salty sea water and rain. The first level was a mess, his men running around as they checked the security levels of the pipes and vents

"SIR!" A man ran up to him shouting,trying to be heard over the noise. "THE METEOROLOGIST SAID THE STORM WILL BE A NASTY ONE!"

Yunho nodded his head in affirmation and motioned him to the deck where the housing facilities were located.

It took him a good half an hour to check the most crucial parts of the driller and the suction pipes and by that time, he was completely drenched.

Making sure at least 7 men were stationed at the second level he gave clear orders that the rest go to the housing facilities. The storm is raging and all they can do is stay out of it. The last thing he needed was to have one of his men injured.

Getting back to his office he removed the jacket and plopped himself in the chair. Few calls reassured him that the platform will be secured in the impending storm. Sighing loudly, he leaned into the chair and rubbed his eyes.

The blue, wet shirt clung to his upper body like a second skin but the man couldn't be bothered to remove it. As tiredness slowly seeped in, his mind drifted to the long forgotten feel of something tight clenching around his arousal and he groaned out.

It's been long since the last time he'd had sex. Too long.

Days on the platform were all about work and focus on not getting them blown up by the raw oil they extracted from the ocean. But then nights would come.

Nights there were lonely with only your right or sometimes left hand as a tight heat and hole to fuck. Nights were when he could no longer suppress the raw urge to release the pent up stress and sexual frustration of not being able to get laid properly for weeks. Months. Half a freaking year.

Yunho moved his hand down his chest but stopped as he traced the small titanium heart strapped on a thin silver necklace.

The sexual frustration from before intensified tenfold as he gripped the small heart he got as a gift almost 7 years ago.

A gift that was placed around his neck by a person he's last time seen over 156 days ago.

Groaning out he tried not to think about a pair of pouty lips or kohl-lined eyes of a certain vixen he'd been dreaming about for the last 6 months.

"God how I miss you baby," he squeezed the titanium heart as if trying to feel the other man's touch through it. "Just how fucking much I miss you Jaejoong."

At the end of the day, it all came back to Jaejoong. A boyfriend he'd left half a year ago when he'd been given the offer to work on one of the biggest oil platforms in the Pacific.

Yunho smiled fondly at the memory of their last high together before he was shipped there.

Jaejoong had cried when he told him that he will be gone for a year. Few punches were placed on his chest and jaw as he told the older male that he won't change his mind. But before he even had time to wipe the small cut at the corner of his lips, they were roughly pressed against Jaejoong's as the latter pulled him in.

It was passionate. Rough. His boyfriend had screamed his name like a mantra as Yunho fucked him into the bed sheets they picked together few months ago.

It was all he'd ever lived for as he filled the man with his cum and Jaejoong trembled from the force of his own orgasm.

And now, as he sat alone in his office with his right hand wrapped around his arousal as the storm raged outside all he could do is remember.

"Fuck, Jaejoong.."

What a way to spend his 28th birthday.


"Did you send someone to get Yunho?" A man pressed closer against his friend as they discussed something. The room was filled with workers as they prepared the drinks and a poor excuse for a birthday cake.

"Yeah. Hose from the first level went to get him. Man do you think he will be mad we used his birthday as an excuse to get some strippers?"

Yoochun let out a chuckle. "I doubt. He knows just how freaking horny we are here. And it really was a great idea to use his name and birthday as an excuse. They flew those strippers here with a helicopter. Do you have any idea how hard it was to hide them from Yunho?"

"Yeah," the other snorted. "Good thing he was asleep when it landed. It would've fucked up the surprise,"

Before he could continue a short man ran inside, "Jung is coming! Come on.get ready!"

Everyone got to their positions, beer in their hands as they waited for the birthday boy to enter.

Yunho had been almost asleep when a worker came to inform him that there was a problem. Alarmed, he put on his still wet jacket and went after the man.

But the beer that was spilled onto him and an non-synchronized multilingual version of "Happy Birthday" as he entered made him grin widely at his co-workers.

"You bastards I thought something happened," he smiled as they hugged him.

"It did," Yoochun approached him with a greasy look plastered on his face. "My friend turned 28. It's a big number."

Yunho laughed and grabbed a bottle of bear along with the others.

"Thank you guys. It was really nice-" He was cut off as an American worker shouted out.


"The what?!" He looked for Yoochun that somehow managed to get lost in the crowd and the men started whistling as five barely dressed females appeared.

"They fucking got strippers."

He was somehow, miraculously forgotten as the worker's eyes glued themselves onto the curves of five females as they stripped themselves in the middle of the room.

Yunho laughed to himself as he gulped down the beer, clearly amused at the way his horny co-workers got themselves some meat to feast on.

Not even interested in the little show he spotted Yoochun cheering with the other men. The smile on his friends face was stupidly huge and he couldn't help but smile along.

He decided to let them amuse themselves, not even the slightest hurt that they benefited from his 'birthday party'. Spotting the cake that laid forgotten on the table he picked it up. A note was dipped into it and he laughed knowing it must've been Yoochun who had done it.

'Enjoy yourself buddy'

With a chuckle he picked it up and exited the room.

He was not in the mood to get wasted while watching some breasts bouncing in front of his face. He will leave that to his men.

The wind was not as strong as earlier that day even though the rain hadn't ceased falling. The trip to his room was a short one and Yunho couldn't help but relax as soon as he stepped back into his room, the soothing warmth more than welcomed.

Removing the jacket he reminded himself to putt it somewhere to dry.

The bed was spotless, a mild ocd he had caught by living with Jaejoong. Slowly he sat on the neat sheets and placed the cake in his lap.

He wanted to make a wish even though there were no candles. Closing his eyes Yunho smiled at the image in his mind and dipped his finger into the creamy icing.

Just as the sweet substance made contact with his tongue he heard a voice coming from behind his back.

"Are you enjoying your birthday party baby?"

As if he was slapped hard across the face, Yunho turned around and stared wide-eyed at the man standing in the middle of the room, a breathtaking smile gracing his lips.

He couldn't voice a word out trying to process the situation and the realness of the raven in the same room as he was in. On the platform. In the Pacific.

"Cat got your tongue? I wasn't expecting that after 6 months of not seeing each other,"

Not taking his eyes off of the raven haired male Yunho got up and placed the cake onto the table. Slowly, as if not believing it was real, he walked towards the now pouting male.


"I think it's obvious it's me you fool," the raven laughed, amused by his boyfriend.

Yunho's lips stretched into a huge grin as he crossed that little distance that was now left between them.

Jaejoong was the first to reach for the other man as he raised his palms to cup Yunho's face. It was that single brush of skin that had Yunho pulling Jaejoong in and crashing their lips in a fierce kiss.

Jaejoong moaned into the kiss the instant their lips connected, his hands sliding into Yunho's hair and gripping as he tried to press their faces closer. Yunho's arms were cupping the raven's face as he tasted Jaejoong after so much time. It was just a press of lips at first, hungry press of lips of two lovers wanting to feel each other's warmth after so long.

Yunho deepened their kiss, his tongue tracing Jaejoong's lower lip before the raven sucked it in enticing a moan from the younger man.

It was overwhelming to feel the other man pressed against his own body after so many nights of dreaming about it. Jaejoong was warm on his tongue, against his lips, in his palms.

The raven was first to break their kiss as he pulled back needing air. Yunho panted against his lips and Jaejoong smiled.

"I missed you so much," Yunho kissed the corner of his mouth. "How did you get here?"

"I missed you too baby. So so much." The raven gripped Yunho's hair harder. "I'm your birthday gift," he grinned at his boyfriend, "Happy birthday Yunho-yah,"

Yunho laughed against his boyfriends lips as he remembered the note Yoochun dipped into the cake. That bastard.

"The best birthday gift ever."

"You know," the raven mused, "I would love to chat about how I got here but I want to put my mouth to a better use,"

Yunho groaned at the mental image. "I agree."

Jaejoong latched onto his lips as he pressed their faces closer. Yunho reacted immediately and parted his lips allowing the raven to slide in his tongue. It was almost animalistic the way Yunho took control of the kiss and sucked onto Jaejoong's tongue as the other moaned shamelessly.

Tilting his head sideways, Jaejoong deepened their kiss, his tongue sliding against Yunho's as he fought for dominance.

Stepping back carefully, Yunho guided them towards the bed as he slid his hands down Jaejoong's chest and sides, feeling the other man's body.

It was as he remembered it to be. Slender with a note of masculinity and ever so fitting against his own. He felt the raven shudder against his lips as he slowly squeezed his ass. God how he missed this.

"I dreamt of you every night," he spoke against Jaejoong's mouth as they parted for air, "I dreamt of having you in my arms, underneath me. I can't even remember all the times I had an orgasm just by imagining you naked and willing."

The raven chuckled against his lips before pulling their faces into another kiss.

Jaejoong missed it too. It was obvious by the way he trembled when Yunho's fingers traced the seam of his jeans and managed to press little harder against his ass. It made his skin erupt in goosebumps.

Moving his hands from the man's hair he traced the slightly wet shirt that clung to Yunho's body. It felt so good to be able to feel his boyfriend's body beneath his palms after being without the man for so long.

He himself had fantasized about Yunho so many times he'd lost count. The way those fingers would trace his body, his every dip and curve. The way they used to penetrate him at dawn while he was still deep asleep. The way he would later suck them as they stared at each other.

Yunho slid his hand beneath Jaejoong's shirt and traced his stomach. The raven moaned out as his boyfriend's hands moved upwards and pressed against his nipple. His legs hit the hard wood of the small bed and with a small yelp he fell onto the sheets, his boyfriend landing on top of him.

Yunho smiled against his parted lips and flipped their bodies so Jaejoong was now hovering above him, the raven's hungry eyes focused on the pair of bow shaped lips.

"I want it rough," he spoke determined.

The younger male was more than willing to give into the raven's demand as he connected their lips once again. Jaejoong moved his palms down Yunho's chest, pressing into hard muscles and dips on the man's abdomen before he traced the belt of his jeans. He moaned into Yunho's mouth when the latter started sucking onto the tip of his tongue as his hands gripped Jaejoong's black hair almost painfully.

He undid the man's belt, experienced fingers hungry to touch the heated skin of Yunho's arousal. His lips started to ache slightly from the sheer force of their kiss; possessive licks of Yunho's tongue making him crazy with each passing second.

Yunho was lost in the heat of the raven's body. Just how many nights have passed as he imagined it against his own skin, how many nights were spent as he tried to imitate the heat of the raven with his own hands. He slid his palms through Jaejoong's hair and traced the dip between the raven's shoulder blades. He remembers the last time his teeth had sunk into the flesh while he pounded into Jaejoong chasing his orgasm.

He was distracted at the feel of Jaejoong's nails tracing the head of his cock through the thin material of black briefs. He moaned into their kiss and Jaejoong smiled repeating the same motion few times before sliding his palm down the man's length.

Yunho was hot under his hand. He could almost feel the man's cock pulsating against the skin of his palm and a shiver ran up his spine in anticipation of feeling it pulsating inside of his own body.

Lifting his head up Jaejoong broke their kiss and stared at the man beneath him. Yunho's lips were wet, a trail of saliva connecting them with his own. He watched the hungry pair of almond eyes and slowly gripped the man's arousal around the base. Yunho parted his lips wider, his whole body high on pleasure and Jaejoong felt his own length twitch at the sight.

The feel of Jaejoong's hand as it gripped his cock was all that took Yunho to flip them over and start undressing the raven. It was almost clumsy the way he undid the zipper of Jajoong's jeans, impatient and sexually frustrated. Jaejoong lifted his hips slightly as Yunho bared him completely, his member fully erect and craving attention.

He wasn't prepared for the onslaught of pleasure as Yunho gripped his hips and raised them to level up with his face and slowly trailed the skin of his member all the way to the tip. His back ached slightly as his body was practically bent but it all faded under the feel of those lips ghosting the sensitive head of his cock.

Before he could even ask the man not to stop, Yunho pulled his hips and placed them onto his lap; Jaejoong's bare ass nestled against the man's clothed member and he groaned out.

Yunho pulled him up until he was fully seated in his lap, slender legs securely placed against Yunho's thighs. His shirt clung to his body and he suddenly felt too hot, the room felt too small. A hand lifted the hem of his shirt above his chest and he shivered as Yunho ghosted his lips over his nipples. Another hand was placed onto the small of his back and Yunho pressed hard urging Jaejoong to rock against his body.

He circled his hands around the man's neck and pressed his hips closer to Yunho's body, his ass grinding against the man's member. He repeated the motion a couple of times before Yunho removed his shirt completely and threw it somewhere onto the floor.

"No preparation," he breathed out against Yunho's ear as he felt his fingers tracing his ass. "I want it raw and you will give it to me," He moved his hands away from Yunho's neck and hooked his fingers at the hem of the man's underwear. Pulling slightly he exposed the younger's hard member, the sight making him shiver in anticipation of feeling it buried deep inside his own body.

Yunho was still pretty much dressed, apart from the exposed lower part of his body as Jaejoong pulled his underwear just enough so his cock was fully exposed, leaving the black material stuck at the underside of his balls. The raven traced the slit at the tip, his fingernail slightly scratching at the sensitive area. He pressed against it, the tip of his finger barely going in and Yunho hissed at him.


He smirked at his boyfriend and lifted his hips up. Taking hold of the hard member he slowly moved down, felling as the tip nudged against his cheeks. His hand was circled by Yunho's larger one as the man directed his member until it was grazing against Jaejoong' entrance.

"Come on," Jaejoong smiled as they rubbed the tip of Yunho's cock against his entrance together. "Push it - "

He was cut off as Yunho pushed into him hard, the burn of the penetration hurting so badly Jaejoong could only gape at the other male. Their eyes were locked and he could see the raw lust and longing into those almond orbs as tears burned at the corners of his eyes. His lips were parted wide and he panted trying to regain the control of his breathing as Yunho pushed deeper in, his hand latching onto the man's shoulder and gripping so hard his fingernails created half-moons onto Yunho's skin.

Yunho bucked his hips upwards, going further in and Jaejoong moaned repeatedly at the burn in his lower region.

"Aah-ah oh-oh God oh God, Y-Yunho,"

It hurt. It hurt so bad. Despite all the times he had fingered himself masturbating to the thought of Yunho fucking him hard he was not prepared to the feel of being stretched so thoroughly by the man. It was long ago the last time they had sex, almost six full months, and Jaejoong knew that he should prepare himself first.

But he'd wanted it rough. His mind was going crazy with longing while they transported him onto the platform. His body wanted the feel of the other male deep inside him, raw and hard.

Yunho circled his waist, his lips coming to rest against the raven's throat as he pushed in one final time. Jaejoong shook as he was completely filled, his ass nestled against Yunho's balls.

He didn't dare to move; the sensation so overwhelming and painful he felt the burn of tears at the corners of his eyes. He just gripped Yunho's shoulders harder as the latter licked the flesh of his neck.

Yunho's palms slid lower and cupped the raven's cheeks, spreading them wider and thrusting once experimentally.

Jaejoong gasped at the younger's move, his fingers grabbing the latter's hair and pulling forcefully.

"You said you wanted it raw," the man hissed at him thrusting in hard once again. "I will give you raw Jaejoong."

Lifting Jaejoong's hips, Yunho pulled out half way before slamming into the raven hard. Jaejoong pulled his hair harder, shaking in the younger's lap as Yunho's thrusts intensified.

Sliding his fingers down the crack of Jaejoong's bottom, Yunho pressed two digits against the raven's entrance; his fingers pushing in trapped between the tight muscle ring and his own member.

Jaejoong cried out in pain, the intrusion being much more than what his body could take but it only encouraged Yunho to push them in completely.

He rocked his hips, pulling his member slowly out then ramming in hard, his balls slapping against Jaejoong's ass.

Jaejoong threw his head back, eyes closed and focused on the impending pleasure that lurked behind the feeling of pain by being stretched so wide.

Jaejoong gripped the man's hair almost painfully, and pulled him in against the column of his throat. Yunho was repeatedly thrusting - pulling out then ramming in - his slender fingers scratching against his inner walls.

He groaned hard as Yunho pushed his back against the bed, the angle in which he was being penetrated changed and it made his skin erupt in goosebumps. Yunho went in deeper and groaned against the skin.of Jaejoong's neck at the incredible heat.

"Release my hair Jaejoong,"

The raven did as he was told and Yunho straightened up, his hands coming to rest on Jaejoong's hips.

Their eyes locked, and for few moments all Yunho could see was Jaejoong.

There was no platform. No ocean and a shitty job miles away from a small apartment they've been sharing for the last 5 years. Nothing. Just a breathtaking raven with his mouth parted wide trying to regain his breathing as Yunho moved deep inside his body. Plum lips and lust-clouded eyes that he'd been craving for months.

He snapped his hips hard, eyes still locked with Jaejoong's while the raven shook atop the white sheets. He did it again and stared in fascination as Jaejoong's whole body shivered, lips parted impossibly wide.

Pulling out completely, he gripped his cock and rubbed the tip against Jaejoong's entrance; pushing in barely an inch and then pulling out.

Jaejoong was a moaning mess, his back arching whenever he was playfully re-entered. His cock was painfully hard and craving attention and he moved his hand in order to fist the leaking member. A firm voice of his lover froze his every move.

"If you touch yourself, I will make you regret it." Yunho's eyes were cold as one of his hands moved to encircle Jaejoong's throat. As he squeezed the pale throat he entered him again and Jaejoong's eyes fluttered shut. "I need you to to cum only from my touch. Only from me."

Yunho rammed in harder this time, the sound of skin slapping against skin resonating inside the small room as it mixed with hard gasps for air the raven let out. Yunho was panting as well, his chest rising heavily enjoying the painfully sweet heat of Jaejoong's inner walls at they clamped around his member.

Releasing the raven's throat he gripped the hem of his own shirt and discarded it on the floor somewhere near Jaejoong's one. His jeans were irritating as well and the briefs hooked at the underside of his balls did nothing to ease the the urge to ram even harder into the raven.

Pulling out he quickly discarded his pants and underwear in one go and positioned himself against Jaejoong's ass once again.

The man's legs were hooked onto Yunho's shoulders as Yunho pulled him even closer until the raven's thighs laid flat against the younger's abdomen.

Yunho rubbed the tip of his member against Jaejoong's balls and the raven moaned out his name.

"Yun-Yunhoyah oh God just -"

Yunho entered him again, hard and fast and snapped his hips forward in an animalistic manner. Jaejoong arched his back, the pain from earlier gone and now only pleasure clouded his mind as Yunho fucked him hard into the sheets.

He thought he couldn't feel more, but then Yunho turned him sideways and the angle changed. He rammed into him repeatedly, hard and harder, and when Jaejoong screamed clawing at the bed-sheets, Yunho knew he had hit the spot.

Jaejoong was lost. Floating in the ocean op pleasure as Yunho rammed against his prostate again and again. He was positioned sideways, his hands tangled in the sheets as if needing an anchor as Yunho held his right leg in the air.

The position hurt a bit but the pleasure he received was more than he would wish for.

"Yunho, harder please ha-harder," the raven moaned shamelessly as his prostate was hit dead on.

Yunho compiled to the plea, his hips doing wonders in fucking the raven's tight heat thoroughly, enjoying the way Jaejoong clamped around his cock.

Releasing Jaejoong's leg, he flipped the man on his belly and pulled out. Jaejoong groaned at the loss breathing hard and buried his head into the pillow. He could feel the man's eyes on his lower back - exposed in a such manner, ass high up and a stretched opening clenching around air.

Re-positioning himself once again Yunho pressed the raven's head further into the pillow and entered him quick.

Jaejoong gasped at the force Yunho was snapping his hips with, his whole body shaking with each thrust. His butt-cheeks were stretched wide as Yunho watched the way Jaejoong was taking him in, a satisfactory groan escaping his lips.

"You should see how you're eating me up ahh-ah, how stretched you are here, so tight," he slapped the raven's ass.

"It's time to give it to you hard baby, do you want it?"

"Y-yes..please.. p-please Yunho,"

The younger male smirked at his lover's words and,more than willing to give him what he wanted, he rammed inside Jaejoong.

Skin slapped against skin, moans resonated coupled with heavy breathing and pleas for 'more' and 'fuck me harder'.

Jaejoong trashed atop the sheets, his cheeks smeared in tears of pleasure as Yunho fucked him hard.

He himself was so close, so damn close. The orgasm was there and he was chasing it with all he'd got and when Yunho's hand encircled his cock he almost screamed in agony of it being too slow.

Yunho could feel Jaejoong clenching around him, he could feel that the older man was close and he thrust harder wanting to make the other one come before him.

He pushed a finger against the slit at the tip of Jaejoong's member and rammed in forcefully. Yunho could sense the raven's orgasm even before he had felt it in his palm, the primal spasms around his member and with a strong cry, Jaejoong went limp beneath him as he released inside Yunho's hand.

The raven's whole body twitched and shook from the force of his orgasm. He plopped himself atop the bed as Yunho continued fucking him hard.

Yunho was chasing his orgasm, snapping his hips hard and fast, Jaejoong clenching around him in his post-orgasmic haze.

He rammed in few more times before pulling out and flipping the raven on his back.

Jaejoong opened his eyes only to be greeted with a sight of Yunho's cock pushing against his right cheek. The man gripped his jaw and forced it open pushing the leaking head past the raven's lips.

Jaejoong obeyed, his mouth accepting the intrusion. Yunho stroked his member as it entered Jaejoong's mouth, almost there. A tentative lick at the leaking tip and the dreamy look on the raven's face was what pushed him over the edge and with a cry he came inside Jaejoong's mouth.

Jaejoong coughed a bit, surprised by the amount of cum inside his mouth. Yunho stroked his member, milking it as he pulled out from Jaejoong's mouth and smeared the tip oh his cock against the raven's cheeks and lips.

He rubbed it against Jajeoong's mouth, sometimes pushing in to graze against the raven's teeth.

Jaejoong was limp on the bed, worn out and breathtaking in his naked glory. Yunho laid next to him and their lips connected in a lazy kiss.

"I love you," Yunho spoke against Jaejoong's come-covered lips. "I love you so much."

Pulling the covers over them, Jaejoong pressed against his boyfriend, nestling his head under the younger's chin.

"Happy Birthday baby," he spoke softly, "I love you too."

Yunho caressed the raven's hair and placed a kiss on the soft strands.

"Tomorrow we will find a way to use some leftover oil we extracted. Don't worry it's completely refined."

Jaejoong could feel himself hardening at the mare thought.

"Will you oil me up," he moaned against the other's ear, "Yunho-yah,"

Yunho chuckled as he hugged Jaejoong harder.

"Oil you up," a kiss, "sex you up," another kiss, "fuck you up," more kisses, "love you up," a wet smooch on the raven's cheek, "ram you up."

Jaejoong felt warm after so many months.

"Can't wait."

Tags: lenght: one-shot, pairing: yunho/jaejoong
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