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[ April, 17-24] fifth week;

[attempt #36] - Round and round; Jaejoong

He couldn't advert his gaze. The photo was loosely gripped in his hand and the raven has been looking at it for the past half an hour already.

Smiles. Messy haircuts and crooked teeth of a slightly chubby Yunho.

He remembers when they took it. He had been feeling down after a scolding lesson from their choreographer and Yunho sat next to him on the wooden floor of the practice room.

"It's okay I will practice with you later," Yunho hugged him and Jaejoong smiled. "You'll get better."

A hand was placed on his shoulder and Jaejoong broke away from his thoughts, adverting his gaze from the photo.

"My teeth were hilarious back then," Yunho chuckled as he leaned over Jaejoong shoulder, gently gripping the ravens biceps.

Jaejoong laughed along, "Your teeth were adorable, and so was your belly fat,"

Yunho faked a gasp and shook the ravens shoulders, "Well that fat is all gone now, I am all hot and manly now." Caressing Jaejoong's neck he continued, "Come on we should head to the stage,"

Taking Jaejoong's hand he pulled the raven up and the singer smiled.

"You are torturing me," Jaejoong chuckled at Yunho.

"That's what best friends do, Jaejoongie,"

Giving Yunho's hand a small squeeze Jaejoong smiled bitterly.

"Yeah," he sighed out. "Best friends,"

[attempt #37] - Of lovers and apologies;

Jaejoong woke up to the feeling of something wet against his neck. Too sleepy to even open his eyes, he tried to move his head away from it but it was futile. Alarmed to what it it might be he opened his mouth to scream but the words never left his lips as soon as a kiss was placed onto his birthmark.

Sighing audibly and relaxing once again, he chuckled at his own silliness of thinking it could have been anything apart from Yunho.

The dancer smiled against the pale skin of the raven's throat, his tongue licking at the dark spot shyly. "Sorry for waking you up,"

It was half true. He was sorry for scaring the raven but now that Jaejoong was awake...

"You liar," Jaejoong laughed and tilted his head backwards allowing Yunho easier access. The dancer followed with his lips and slowly shifted atop the raven; warm covers shielding their half naked forms.

Yunho chuckled in amusement. "You know me too well," he kissed the edge of Jaejoong's chin. "What am I going to do now?"

Their eyes locked and Jaejoong smiled raising his hand up and tracing Yunho's jawline.

"You will slowly undress me," he trailed his fingers onto Yunho's bare neck, "And then move lower," he continued teasing the man's naked torso.

"And then," he spoke as he licked his lips, "You will go in between my legs and apologize for waking me up this early."

Yunho smirked and moved closer toward's the raven's lips.

"Apologize how?"

Jaejoong smiled as their lips brushed with a mischievous glint in his eyes.

"U-know how,"

Yunho connected their lips.

[attempt #38] - Home; Jaejoong |stargazing!verse|

Jaejoong found himself stargazing a lot lately.

Maybe, he was chasing a galaxy once lost.

Or perhaps building a new universe for just the two of them.

Who knows.

[attempt #39] - Eternally; Yunho

His nights were haunted by a smile.

Soft lips that stretched into a breathtaking curve that made his chest ache painfully sweet. And the melodious laughter that would escape the raven's pale throat.

His nights were haunted by the black color the raven's eyes were.

Deep, almost like a void. A void he echoed within. And the look they held throughout the years.

His nights were haunted by a heat.

A heat he imagined having pressed against the coldness of his own heart. A heat that ceased all those years ago.

Yunho's nights were haunted by a presence that once was, is, and forever will remain by his side. Even though the body of the raven had cooled long ago.

Yunho's nights were haunted by a promise of 'forever'.

"Itsumademo," Jaejoong loved to say.

[attempt #40] - Magnetar; |physics!verse|

He couldn't wait to see the man.

Jaejoong skipped through the apartment, a smile gracing his lips in glee of finally rejoicing with his boyfriend after a three-day seminar about Stellar nucleosynthesis.

He missed the dark-haired man so much.

Hearing the sound of a running blow-dryer coming from the bathroom he assumed Yunho must have finished showering and was drying his hair.

As he approached the slightly ajar door he was prepared to shout a greeting but all words died in his throat as his eyes fell onto the sight in the bathroom.

Yunho was naked. Butt naked with a running blow dryer loosely gripped in his right hand. Blow drying his dick.

Jaejoong gulped.

"Yunho w-what are you doing?"

At the sound of a familiar voice calling his name Yunho looked up and smiled at Jaejoong.

Jaejoong watched as Yunho fisted his member and turned off the blow dryer. Smirking mischeviously at the raven he spoke.

"I kinda had the feeling you were coming tonight so I heated up your diner."

The raven contemplated whether to slap his boyfriend or get down onto his knees.

[attempt #41] - You raise my bone; |profKim-studentJung!verse|


The professor looked up. "Yes, Yunho?"

"I was reading an anatomy book last night," he spoke slowly, "And as far as I understood your body has 206 bones?"

Jaejoong smiled at his student, content with his sudden crave for knowledge.

"Yes Yunho-yah,"

Yunho smirked at the raven.

"Do you want me to give you another one?"

Jaejoong gaped.


[attempt #42] - Of condoms and sticky fluids;

"Jaejoong please be reasonable," Yunho massaged the bridge of his nose.

"No! No Yunho!"

The latter facepalmed. "Jaejoong you're being childish-"

The raven cut him off, "I don't want to use a freaking condom! I want you and only you inside me!"

Yunho sighed. "Jaejoong-"

"NO! No condom will separate us!" he waved his hands frantically. "Wrap it in plastic, it will be fantastic. Well guess what - IT WAS NOT FANTASTIC!" He grabbed the collar of Yunho's shirt and gritted his teeth.

"You. Will. Cum. In. Me." his eyes were dark as he continued, "Or I will kill you."

Yunho knew it was going to be a long night.

[attempt #43] - Push;

Yunho knew that Jaejoong had a high pain tolerance but there were times he wanted to push him past the breaking point, to make him sob while twitching in pain.

Just so he would later curl into Yunho's embrace and ask to be fixed again.

[attempt #44] - Puppy love; Yunho

The feeling of something strange at the pit of your belly and that pressure in your chest when you lock gazes with that one person you were always nervous around to begin with, was something Yunho felt too often around Kim Jaejoong.




Yunho would give his whole life to watch that smile forever.

[attempt #45] - Sexy beast; Jaejoong |neighbor!verse|

Just the best time to run out of sugar. Jaejoong cursed himself.

At 8 in the morning, his hair messed up and sweatpants standing low on his hips, the raven found himself knocking on the nearest apartment door next to his own.



And damn did Jaejoong get knocked out by the sight that greeted him as the door opened.

"Uhm, can I help you?"

Jaejoong blinked. Twice.

"We're neighbors," the raven licked his lips,"I've ran out of sugar,"

He forgot to add 'I'd like a spoonful of you'.

status: amused
Tags: length: drabble, pairing: yunho/jaejoong, type: drabbles
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