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[April, 24 - May, 1] sixth week;

[attempt #46] - Love Room;

"Wanna go to a love motel baby?" Yunho rubbed his nose against the raven's neck. Kissing it softly he smirked against the pale flesh. "We could do some naughty things,"

Jaejoong giggled in the man's embrace, "Motels are for ass, hotels are for class Yunho-yah," he spoke. "We're going to a hotel."

"But," Yunho started, "Technically, I will be fucking your a-" He was cutt off by a painful gripp on his hair.

"A hotel Yunho. There you can have all of me not just my ass,"

Yunho smiled as he kissed Jaejoong's birthmark.

"Hotel it is, baby."

[attempt #47] - Harder; Jaejoong |bdsm!verse|

"Y-Yunho pl-please stop," Jaejoong cried out in pain.

The latter kept thrusting his hips in an animalistic manner; primal urge of needing to be buried deeper inside his lover.

"Yunho please s-stop," the raven tugged at the silky ties that had his wrists pinned against the headboard. His body was in pain, being so stretched out atop the black sheets and rammed into from behind.

"Tonight I'm fucking you for my pleasure," Yunho groaned snapping his hips fast. "Not yours."

[attempt #48] - Deep inside; Jaejoong

Jaejoong loved when the leader would look into his eyes and breathe against his mouth while he was inside him.

Oh, Jaejoong loved that very much.

[attempt #49] - It was wrong; Jaejoong |dream!verse|

"Please come back," he begged into thin air.

No one was there.

No one could hear.

But Jaejoong begged.

"Yunho I'm sorry, please come back."

It hurt.

[attempt #50] - Asterism; |physics!verse|



"I'd give you the stars but knowing you - you would tell me that's not technically possible because they are massive luminous spheres of, what was it again?"

"Of plasma Yunho, held together by their own gravity."

"Yeah, that. So I can't do that even though I want to. But Jaejoong-ah?"

"Yes baby?"

"You be the wind and I’ll be the sails,"


"And you can blow me all night long."

"I hate you."

[attempt #51] - Can you hear it beat?; Yunho |profKim-studentJung!verse|

"Professor if you need help with those book's I'll carry them," Yunho spoke as he walked after the older male.

Jaejoong turned around to face his student with a soft smile. "It's okay Yunho-shi. That's very nice of you."

Yunho walked up to the older male and whispered into his ear.

"The nicest part of me is covered up."

There was a loud 'thud' as books in Jaejoong's hands fell onto the floor.

[attempt #52] - No such thing as forever;

"Can you hug me?" He pleaded silently.

"How long?"

Forever, he wanted to say buy all it came out was a soft "Just for tonight."

[attempt #53] - Damn you, I'm falling; |profkim-studentJung!verse|

Yunho couldn't keep his eyes off of Mr. Kim. It was a torture.

While the raven was going through some old books for the exercises about alpha decay and positron emission, the student couldn't help but stare.


Lifting his head up Jaejoong's eyes locked with Yunho's and the younger male licked his lips. "Yes Yunho?

"Do you play Pokemon?"

The raven smiled at the silly question. "No, I don't. Why do you ask?"

"Because I want to throw my balls at yo-"


[attempt #54] - A thing or two;

Yunho had a thing for Kim Jaejoong's lips.

A quite long 'thing' to push past that luscious pout.

He also loved kissing them.

[attempt #55] - Stars fade; Yunho

Smile. Lips. Doe eyes. Smile again. Warm skin and a crazy pulse beating against his own lips.

Yunho buried his head into the pillow and tried to dream of it again.

status: I have too many verses
Tags: length: drabble, pairing: yunho/jaejoong, type: drabbles
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