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[May, 15-22] ninth week;

[attempt #72] - Nameless; Jaejoong

He tried to count the stars. But somehow, they didn't shine as brightly as they used to.

[attempt #73] - Sleeping beauty; Yunho

He had a dream last night.

A song teased his senses throughout the darkness. And yet, all the memories of the lines it held vanished with the first rays of sun. All he could feel is that it was there, at the tip of his fingerprints. Grass, flowers, smile. Wet ground and dirtied hands holding the shovel.

'He may be sleeping' a voice whispered.

But Yunho knew it was only a dream.

[attempt #74] - What Jaejoong wants...;

"I want you to suck me," Jaejoong breathed out against Yunho's ear. His hands slid down the dancer's bare back and he slipped them inside the man's pants; firmly gripping Yunho's ass.

Yunho bucked into him, his skin on fire by his lover's touches as Jaejoong continued.

"I want you to take it all in, slowly, with your lips and tongue," he licked Yunho's earlobe, "I want you to press your nose against the base of my dick and gag at the feeling of it's tip against the back of your throat,"

Yunho got harder at those words.

"I want to grip your hair and force you down on it even if you feel the need to breathe in and let it out." His voice turned into a whisper as he continued. "I want to flip you on your back with my dick still inside your mouth and sit on your chest while you continue sucking me slowly. And then, I would hover above you and thrust in hard and fuck your mouth until tears make their way down your cheeks."

Yunho bit the blonde's neck, his whole body aching in anticipation of doing exactly what Jaejoong wanted.

"And then I will pull out slowly and cum all over your lips and face, and then slowly rub the tip of my dick against your lips. And you will lick it with your tongue, slowly."

"Oh God yes,"

"And then, I want you to fuck me until I pass out."

Yunho couldn't say no.

[attempt #75] - The end?; |profKim-studentJung!verse|

Yunho didn't show up for their tutoring lesson.

Jaejoong paced around the library, his fingers nervously tracing the covers of various old books as dust covered his palms. Everything got awkward after the boy's confession.

He blamed himself.

Leaning his head against the wooden shelf, the professor sighed out.

He was to be blamed. If only he could be less stiff and aware of the boy's intense stares throughout their tutoring. If only he could say 'Yunho-shi this is not time for such jokes'.

He was broken from his thoughts as someone coughed lightly behind him. Turning around he saw Yunho with a plastic bag in his right hand.

"I apologize if I am late," The student rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly. "I passed by an cake shop and saw a nice-"

Jaejoong cut him off.

"Your tutoring lessons will end today."

Yunho's heart stopped at those words.

[attempt #76] - 1.2 trillion solar masses; Yunho |physics!verse|

Yunho didn't quite remember how in the world did he managed to snatch Kim Jaejoong.

But what he knew was, that seeing the man's smile first thing in the morning - was more than worth of learning all that astrophysical terminology and the fact that the estimated mass for Andromeda Galaxy's halo is 1.23 ×1012 M☉.

Almost as much as his love for Jaejoong.

[attempt #77] - Intoxicated with 'love'; Jaejoong |neighbor!verse|

Just his fucking luck to fail in a such way. Jaejoong screamed into his pillow as the memories from the previous night out started flooding in.

His intentions were clear.

Follow Yunho as he got out all dressed up from his apartment, see where will he go out for the night, go there, bump into him with a 'Oh, Yunho-shi, you're here too?', drink a bit together and seduce him, get back to your building together, pull Yunho in for a kiss and have crazy bunny sex all night long.

His intentions were indeed clear, but Kim Jaejoong being Kim Jaejoong had to fuck up.

They did return home together.

As his handsome neighbor Yunho carried his drunk ass. Not the mention the vomiting "rounds".

He screamed louder into the pillow.

And as if that wasn't embarrassing enough, he just had to kiss Yunho's best friend.

In front of Yunho.

Jaejoong, was pretty much sure, that all of his chances of having the hot neighbor all for himself decreased by 1000% since last night.


[attempt #78] - Clashing;

Love was a thing never meant for the two of them.

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