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[May, 22-29] tenth week;

[attempt #79] - Drowning in the sin;

The last thing he had felt was water. Ice cold water. Shivers ran up the every cell and fiber of his body.

He couldn't breathe. Realizing he had done something extremely stupid - he started pushing the water with his palms. He was in need for air.

And when he was just few meters away from the surface, he saw.

A small white butterfly dived through the water but it seemed as if he was flying through the air.

He felt the sudden need to reach for it, to catch it.

And it led him deeper and deeper.

He no longer felt the need to breathe. Only the urge to hold that small creature.

His face muscles stretched into a smile and he felt as his heart slowly slowed down. The eyes needed sleep and he gently closed them falling deeper into the darkness.

And then... then the silence came.

[attempt #80] - 윤재's birthday fic - Epilogue (teaser);

In the history of the most awkward silences, if there is one, the silence two of them sat in was probably the most awkward one.

A warm mug cupped tightly in his palms Jaejoong sat motionless, his head cast downwards. He didn't dare lift it up even though he was not able to see. He bit his lower lip as he remembered the 'event' from a while ago.

'Oh God'

[attempt #81] - Did you see that shooting star?; |hearty!verse|

The grass felt cold underneath his back. The thin shirt did nothing much to protect the skin as goosebumps erupted all over Jaejoong's arms.

"Talk to me."

It was Yunho's voice that broke the silence.

[attempt #82] - Trash against me; Jaejoong |neigbor!verse|

The greasy feeling of rubber gloves against his hands irritated him to no end. He had been cleaning for hours already and it was pretty much inevitable, but still.

Taking in a deep breath Jaejoong sighed out. With a plastic bag firmly gripped in one of his hands he opened the door of his apartment in order to take the trash down.

God only knows how the hell that bag got stuffed with so many things that were clearly unnecessary and unusable. Old, ripped clothes, pages and pages of worthless scriblings.

Cleaning was something the man did quite often but considering the little 'situation' he was currently in - Jaejoong had no willpower to do anything.

And the 'situation' being none other than Jung Yunho.

Lifting his head up as he had closed the door he froze when his eyes met his neighbor's.

"Cleaning?" Yunho motioned to the bag with a grin on his face. Jaejoong gulped and nodded while mentally screaming. 'FUCK FUCK just my fucking luck for him to see me like this!!! Please just don-'

"Nice gloves by the way,"

'I CAN NOT BELIEVE HE SAW ME LIKE THIS!' Jaejoong blushed lightly. "Uhm, t-thanks."

"See you later~" Yunho smiled and walk past him.

Jaejoong just banged the back of his head against the door and slumped onto the floor.


[attempt #83] - Celestial; |physics!verse|

"Do you want me to shower with you?" Yunho kissed his boyfriend's nape gently. Jaejoong giggled at the touch and pressed backwards against Yunho.

"No," He laughed. "You will try to do some inappropriate things."

Yunho smiled against his skin and hugged him tight. "Okay then." He pressed his lips next to Jaejoong's ear.

"But how about I catch the Phi Cassiopeiids meteor shower with my bare hands and spill it all over your body and skin so you can radiate beauty for an eternity?"

Jaejoong's heart fluttered. 'Damn you,' he mused in his head. Turning around he cupped Yunho's face and inched closer.

"How can I not let you do inappropriate things to me Jung Yunho with that sweet mouth of yours," He ghosted his boyfriend's lips.

Picking him up, Yunho smiled at him.

"Let me shower you with love."

[attempt #84] - Of love poems. Again.; |profKim-studentJung!verse|

Jaejoong was surprised to see a note in his bag. Reading the name on it, his hand trembled for a moment before he started to read it. Yunho must've slipped it in during their tutoring lesson the other day in the library.

'Your tutoring lessons will end today.' He shook his head at the memory.

He began reading the note.

"The first time I saw you -
I froze.
Like thousands of iced butterflies landed on my skin.

My fingers itched for a touch.
Just with their tips,
I had to see if you were real.

So I chased after you.
And the moment I touched the skin of your hands -
Those butterflies burst into life.

The first time I saw you -
I froze.
Because I had a feeling you were my Heaven."

Jaejoong couldn't place what was the reason his heart was beating like crazy.

[attempt #85] - Just sex;

"F-Fuck Yunho, ah-ahhhh harder- fuck me please," Jaejoong thrashed underneath his boyfriend as Yunho rammed into him, his hips moving in experienced thrusting motions. His body felt so hot, and oh God did he moan as his prostate was hit dead on.

Yunho gripped the blonde's thighs and snapped his hips fast, groaning at the feeling of how tight Jaejoong was. He pressed his lips against the man's throat.

"Harder!" Jaejoong screamed and Yunho could do nothing more but obey.

But after all, it wasn't as if Yunho didn't want to fuck him senseless.

status: I want to fall in love
Tags: length: drabble, pairing: yunho/jaejoong, type: drabbles
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