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[May, 29 - June, 5] eleventh week;

[attempt #86] - Rain; Yunho

He remembered the day his heart fell for the brown-haired male.

The downpour was strong, the whole city as if drowning in tears of Heaven and yet, to Yunho, it all seemed so beautiful as his eyes fell onto the form of a nearly soaked boy running towards the bus stop.

"Uhm, do- you can join me under my umbrella," he had spoken a little bit awkwardly back then. The boy smiled, his eyes thinning a bit under the wet bangs as he nodded his head.

Yunho still remembered the first day his heart skipped a beat next to Jaejoong.

[attempt #87] - I'm falling; Jaejoong |neighbor!verse|

Kim Jaejoong could have sworn he was falling for that hot ass of his neighbor.

Literally, falling.

If his stumbling down the hallway and bumping his forehead against Yunho's butt could count as that.

'FOR FUCKS SAKE WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME' he screamed mentally as Yunho turned around evidently shocked.

"Jaejoong-shi are you okay!?"

Jaejoong wanted the earth to swallow him whole.

'Jesus, please take the wheel'

[attempt #88] - Force; Yunho |profKim-studentJung!verse|

Yunho felt his heart slowly breaking apart. Days would be spent locked inside his bedroom, simply staring at the ceiling above.

Maybe that was the reason he had started reading books about gravity.

He needed something to pull him back together.

[attempt #89] - But, I love; Jaejoong

Jaejoong knew it was wrong to feel what he felt.

The need to have Yunho's palms caressing his body, every dip and each curve. The need to feel his friend deep inside his body as they fuck and get lost in the pleasure of it. The need to take Yunho inside his mouth and choke around the head of the man's cock.

Jaejoong knew it was wrong to lust for a man.

Especially a friend of ten years he has had a crush on for almost as long as their friendship.

[attempt #90] - E=mc2; |physics!verse|

"You know how I finally understood  the E=mc2 equation?"

Jaejoong turned to his boyfriend and smiled. "How?

Yunho crossed that little space there was between them and pinned the man to the counter. Leaning in, he whispered into his ear.

"The equation is supposedly telling the relation between the lost of mass in stars and the energy they emit, right?"

Jaejoong gulped and nodded his head. This was not going to end well.

"So I figured," Yunho smirked, "You are my star. The energy I give in when we make love and the speed of light I thrust in you with must be the reason you have lost so much weight, am I right?"

Jaejoong's laughter rang in Yunho's ears as the man connected their lips. "Is there anything in physics that you do not relate to us having sex?"

"Not sex baby," he kissed Jaejoong back. "Love."

[attempt #91] - Switch;

"You know what I want to do to you?" Jaejoong breathed out against his boyfriend's ear.


"I want to fuck you. Slow. I want to push my fingers into you and watch you gasp for air. I want to penetrate you."

Yunho laughed. "Feeling like a man today I see,"

Jaejoong smacked his ass.

"I have always been a man. A man enough to admit that I love to feel your cock inside me."

"Then why the sudden change?" He chuckled as Jaejoong squeezed his ass. Then the man whispered in his ear.

"I want to see your cheeks smeared in tears as you ask for more. I want to fuck you Yunho, please, give it to me."

[attempt #92] - Love; Yunho

Sometimes all Yunho did at night, was stare at Jaejoong's sleeping form.

The way the man would breathe.

Just that.

status: horny haha
Tags: length: drabble, pairing: yunho/jaejoong, type: drabbles
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