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[July, 3-10] sixteenth week;

[attempt #122] - Tides of love; Yunho

Whit his eyes closed, the man basks in the warmth of the summer day; legs half way sprawled into the salty water and hair filled with grains of sand.

He feels as goosebumps erupt all over his naked torso as wave after wave clashes against the shore, the water almost reaching all the way to his swimming shorts.

It feels good. Even better than that.

But when he hears a melodious laughter and props himself on his elbows to see where it's coming from - Yunho knows there isn't a place on Earth he would rather be at that moment.

"Yunhoyah save me~" Jaejoong beams as he goes further into the crystal clear water. "I think I might've forgotten how to swim."

And as he jumps up shaking off the sand in his hair and runs into the water towards Jaejoong - Yunho wants that day to last for an Eternity.

[attempt #123] - Forever? Forever.; Yunho

Yunho used to say green was his favorite color.

But then, Jaejoong's cheeks started turning red at his teasing smiles and gentle caresses.

The tip of his nose became red from the biting cold in the winter, as Yunho pressed against it with his warm palms.

Before they kissed for the first time all Yunho saw were Jaejoong's lips. Red and moist.

Red was be the color of anger Yunho felt each time Jajeoong playfully flirted with someone other than him.

Red were the beatings of his heart as they kissed into oblivion.

The red marks on Jaejoong's back and chest. The red hand-prints on the latter's bottom as Yunho would enter him again and again.

The little hearts Jaejoong used to doodle next to Yunho's part of the lyrics.


Red, Yunho knew, would be his bleeding heart if Jaejoong just even dares to leave this world without him.

And Yunho realized, green was never his favorite color.

[attempt #124] - The Big Bad Wolf; Jaejoong

Jaejoong knew the stories. The horror in the villagers' eyes as they told the legends about the Forbidden Forest and the evil that ghosts that place.

But as he stood frozen in place and face to face with it, Jaejoong couldn't understand why didn't anyone know that the Big Bad Wolf was in fact a tall, handsome man - no more than 7 years older than himself.

"Such beautiful things do not belong here," he shivered at the wolf's voice.

And with every step closer towards his trembling body, Jaejoong's heart beat faster.

Death. He could smell death.

[attempt #125] - Of CPR;

As Yunho's name flashes on the screen, Jaejoong answers the phone.

"Jaejoong, Jaejoong-ah please don't panic, I-"

Alarmed he cut the man off. "Yunho?? Yunho-yah is everything okay?!"

"Jaejoong-ah.. baby.. do you know CPR?"

With a trembling voice he speaks. "Yes, Yunho- oh my God are you okay??"

"I'm at the front door, get ready cause my penis just stopped breathing."

[attempt #126] - To play, to play; Jaejoong

Jaejoong loved the taste of chocolate-covered strawberries. He loved teasing Yunho by moving his tongue around the sweet treat , sensually closing his eyes while doing so.

And as the chocolate-mixed saliva leaked at the corners of his mouth, he loved the sounds that would leave Yunho's lips.

[attempt #127] - Shooting star; |physics!verse|

'As I take your hand
and count the beats of your heart against my palm -
Would you beam eternity just one more time?'

Jaejoong smiles tiredly as Yunho hugs him tight.

[attempt #128] - Of two cocks and one hole; |slut!verse|

Jaejoong wanted double penetration.

Yunho would rather kill than share.

That was the reason Yunho's cock was balls deep into Jaejoong's ass next a vibrating strapon custom made according to the measurements of Yunho's dick.

And damn, were they enjoying it.

status: I think I'm crazy
Tags: length: drabble, pairing: yunho/jaejoong, type: drabbles
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