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[July, 24-31] nineteenth week;

[attempt #143] - First kiss; Yunho

Yunho recalled the way his sister's romance books described a first kiss.

'Your heart will beat fast and your head will spin. It will feel like you are touching a living flame with your fingertips but it will tickle, not burn. And still, you will feel warm as if it's summer and you're at the beach and it will maybe be Winter when your lips will feel another pair pressed against them.'

And he did feel that way.

Jaejoong's lips were soft against his own. He did feel like playing with fire but it tickled. His chest felt so warm and as if under so much pressure. He couldn't breathe. And yet he could.

It was everything those books had imprinted on their yellowish papers. All that and more.

Yunho could have sworn he had tasted universe as his lips touched Jaejoong's for the first time.

[attempt #144] - Dreams;

Jaejoong couldn't help but giggle.

It was an adorable sight; Yunho's head half-way burried into the pillow as he snored lightly. He had been watching him for half an hour already.

Defined jaw. That perfect nose and cheeks, bow-shaped lips and that mole on the upper one that simply begged to be kissed.

Jaejoong found himself leaning in and ghosting his lips over the sleeping man's cheeks, so softly, afraid he might wake Yunho up. It was tempting as he moved them lower just above Yunho's mouth and simply lingered there.

He was trying to control his breathing and the urge to just kiss the man and get lost in the feeling when Yunho parted his lips letting out a soft dreamy sigh.

It was all it took to break that already week wall of control Jaejoong had about Yunho as he pressed their lips in a soft kiss.

[attempt #145] - Of coton candy and inhalers;

The breeze was soft against his skin as Jaejoong laid in the shade of a sakura tree in its fool bloom. The afternoon was quite pleasant, and he and Yunho decided to go out for a walk.

Jaejoong rarely went out when the trees blossomed - the air would make his chest feel heavy as he already had breathing problems. That was the reason Yunho left him to rest as he ran back to get Jaejoong's inhaler in case the man would feel bad.

As he laid, he heard rustling of the grass as someone approached him. Just in the moment he opened his eyes to see who it was - a soft treat was pressed against his lips.

"I thought you might want some cotton candy," Yunho beamed at his boyfriend passing him the inhaler too. "It's vanilla."

Jaejoong smiled with the cotton candy still pressed against his lips and it had Yunho chuckling at how adorable it looked.

"Thank you," Jaejoong spoke with a faint blush.

Somehow the air was not as heavy as before as Yunho smiled back at him.

"You're welcome baby."

[attempt #146] - Strangely yours;

After almost 48 hours of no sleeping and constant planning, Yunho could finally sigh out and smile.

It was ready.

The clock showed 6am and with the first rays of sun as they slipped in through the open door of the balcony, Yunho tiptoed quietly towards the bed in the middle of the room; Jaejoong was asleep and cuddled on Yunho's side.

The sight made Yunho chuckle and with a soft brush of lips he caressed the faint pink skin of the man's cheeks.

Jaejoong stirred, opening his eyes only to be greeted with a blooming smile on his lover's lips.


"Happy birthday baby," the man spoke before connecting their lips. It was a gentle and unhurried kiss, leaving them both a bit breathless as they pulled back.

"I made you a present, it's in the living room,"

Jaejoong shushed him with another kiss as he pulled the other male on top of him. "You are the only present I would ever wish for."

Yunho laughed.

[attempt #147] - So squishy it hurt;

There were times Jaejoong reminded Yunho of tigers and hyenas.

The black-haired male would sneak from behind like a predator, a huge grin plastered on his face waiting a perfect moment to pounce on his lover and steal his prize. And by prize Jaejoong meant Yunho's moobs.

Yunho was sometimes bothered by that. But somewhere deep down, he loved the fact that Jaejoong worshiped his manly chest.

That combined with the pretty male biting the skin of his neck and squishing his moobs.

It felt good. Really really good.

[attempt #148] - Puppy love;

They say true love shines the brightest.

Yunho knew it was a lie the moment his eyes met the raven-haired boy's ones.

[attempt #149] - Gravity; |physics!verse|

Radiate thousands of pulsating stars
and event horizons for my eyes tonight.
It's our last time. Darling.'

Jaejoong cries as Yunho rocks against him, the burn in his lower region painfully sweet. Yunho's fingers are going through his jet-black hair and Jaejoong whispers against his lips painfully slow.

The younger man hears it, and his body shakes at the words.

Jaejoong claws at his shoulders and Yunho knows.

Deep inside he always did.

status: college is like a freaking ZOO
Tags: length: drabble, pairing: yunho/jaejoong, type: drabbles
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