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[August, 21-28] 23rd week;

[attempt #171] - Checkmate;

Yunho smiles against Jaejoong's birthmark, his lips ghosting the tender beauty mark.

Jaejoong's laughter rings in his ears and his palms skim the man's sides, their bodies pressed flush beneath the covers.

"You are so cheesy," Jaejoong's lips are stretched wide and he cards his fingers through Yunho's hair.

"You're wrong," the dancer showers his pale throat with butterfly kisses as his hand sneaks into Jaejoong's pajama bottoms; gently gripping the singer's ass.

Jaejoong jerks at the action and laughs while slapping Yunho's naked back but it only makes Yunho squeeze his ass tighter.

"Oh God I hate you," Jaejoong gives up and pulls Yunho by the hair, aligning their faces.

Lips connect in a soft kiss and twin laughter resonate.

"I love you too, Jaejoong-ah."

[attempt #172] - Of jealous boyfriends; Jaejoong

Jaejoong pouts while he stares at the photo, the giant bear as if mocking him and he can't stand it any longer.

After having arrived home, the photo of the giant fluffy bear Yunho had bought for his friend's coffee shop was the first thing he saw online and it was more than enough to curve his lips into a pout.

"What about me," he mumbles as he stares at the bear. "Why didn't he get it for me?"

And it's exactly what he types down and sends to an all familiar number.

Even after an hour, there is no reply and with a huff Jaejoong storms into his room and buries himself under the soft covers.

A little past midnight soft footsteps echo inside the man's room but Jaejoong doesn't stir, his breathing even and lips forming a natural pout.

Yunho smiles as he sees the phone in the sleeping man's hand and climbing onto the bed he hovers above Jaejoong.

It's a soft whisper and Yunho is sure Jaejoong didn't hear it but it's that and a kiss on the sleeping beauty's lips that has Jaejoong molding against Yunho's body.

"Because you have your Yunniebear you silly fool."

[attempt #173] - Innocence;

He's mesmerized by the way the other boy's wet shirt is clinging to his body, as if a second skin.

Their fingers are intertwined as droplets of rain make their way down their arms; both shivering.

Yunho smiles as he moves a strand of hair that's plastered on the slightly shorter boy's face and tucks it behind the beauty's ear, a caress so soft it makes the other close his eyes.

The sound of rain is getting almost deafening, but neither care.

And as they pull each other close and their lips collide, the downpour increases.

But it's okay. It's more than okay.

[attempt #174] - When Jaejoong is sad;

Yunho closed his eyes and shivered at the sensation. Cupping the other man's nape he brought their lips barely an inch apart. "What do you want me to do?"

"A-ah," The dancer moaned as the man on top of him bit rather harshly at the skin of his collarbone, Jaejoong's soft hands unbuttoning the shirt further. Yunho gripped his hair, pulling him in impossibly close until they laid flush against each other.

Jaejoong moaned against the other's skin as Yunho sliped his right knee in between his legs; the man's slender thighs comming apart atop the dancer.

"How sad are you?" Yunho smirked against Jaejoong's ear as the man continued attacking his neck with hungry lips.

"Really sad," he moaned as he cupped Yunho's member. "I'm really sad, make me happy again."

Their lips connected in a gentle kiss at first, growing hotter and messier each passing second. Jaejoong fell on top of Yunho's body; his hair gripped by the other man's hand. A palm gripped his jaw, coaxing him to open up wider; allowing Yunho to deepen their kiss.

Jaejoong moaned when the hand from his nape trailed downwards; a feathery touch marking his spine all the way to the rise of his ass.

"Make me yours," he moaned breathlessly against Yunho's lips once they broke apart. "Make me happy again," He licked the other's lips with the tip of his tongue as their eyes met.


[attempt #175] - Of soft sheets;

Yunho slowly hovered above him and inched closer. Jaejoong's breathing was getting harder with each passing second.

"How should I undress you?" He grinned against the singer's lips. The latter just trembled atop the white bed sheets while he clutched them firmly in his palms.

"With your mouth," he managed to voice out before their lips connected in a rough kiss.

It was all he had ever wished for, and now he was finally feeling it.

Yunho moved his hands to cup Jaejoong's face as he lightly nibbled on his tongue, enticing a moan from the older man.

Jajeoong's whole body shivered, goosebumps covered the pale skin of his body as those hands moved lower, trailing the soft column of his neck and chest.

He gasped into Yunho's mouth as the man's hand slowly slipped inside his shirt, those fingers lightly brushing against the erect nipples.

Breaking their kiss Yunho smiled against the singer's lips at the moan that left them.

"What should I do next," he said as he lightly caressed the dip between his pectoral muscles, his lips ghosting a hair's breadth away from Jaejoong's.

The older's eyes were wide open, his gaze never breaking with Yunho's as he tried to press closer against him; his spine arching to fit into the latters muscular frame.

Yunho's lips were suddenly on the low V of Jaejoong's chest and the man moaned, "P-please Yunho,"

The dancer smirked against the singer's skin as he placed his palms against the man's sides, gripping harshly it would surely leave marks.

"How gentle?" He whispered.

[attempt #176] - Itsumademo; |physics!verse|

'And as I take your hand
and count the beats of your heart against my palm -
I beg you.
Beam eternity for me.
One, final time.'

It took him years. Years of looking for and gazing at countles giants in the night sky.

But Yunho realized, no star or galaxy could shine as bright as Kim Jaejoong's smile.

[attempt #177] - Of curious first times; Jaejoong

It was nothing like he had ever felt before. Another man was touching his body, another pair of soft lips clashing with her own wet ones.

Opening up, he moaned as Yunho's tongue covered his own, the sensation tickling his senses in the most sensual of ways.

Jaejoong's back met the hard wall before a hand made its way into his hair, gripping hard and bringing their faces impossibly close. Another palm trailed down his collarbones and over the tender flesh of his nipples and he moaned as Yunho sucked at the tip of his tongue.

The kiss was broken and as he stared into the dark eyes of the man having him pinned against the wall, Jaejoong trembled.

The palm was now trailing lower and lower until Yunho sliped it into his underwear.

Jaejoong's lips parted in a slow moan; eyes rolling back in their sockets.

Lips descended on his neck and all he knew was that if felt too good.

He was about to have sex with a man.

status: dying and giving up
Tags: length: drabble, pairing: yunho/jaejoong, type: drabbles
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