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Perfection did exist, Yunho mused to himself as he stared at the tall blonde standing in the center of the room.

Raking hes eyes over the beauty's form- he couldn't help but raise an eyebrow at the outfit covering the man's slender form. Tight denim hugging the blondes legs like a second skin and standing ridiculously low on the his hips

White sleeveless top covering his upper body, neckline revealing the dip between his pectoral muscles; a patch of skin inked in fading black visible behind the thin clothing.

A short fur coat covered the man's bare arms, shades of brown mixed together in a soft sensation.

The sight was, lightly put- interesting and Yunho couldn't help but smile.

The blonde was still in the middle of the room, hand coming to rest on his hip as he shifted the weight of his body from one leg to another.

Even though he thought he wouldn't be, he was nervous as hell.

He felt self conscious, confidence still there but not quite, as he avoided the man's gaze that skipped from his one body part to another.

Especially after he find out who the client was.

He was surprised when a brand new car came to pick him up "for a pleasant job". More than 10,000 dollars in cash were handed to him while they had a ride around busy streets of Soul in the comfy vehicle while a man, probably a bodyguard, explained him few 'simple' rules.

'Do as you are told. No answering back, no hesitating and no running away. After you're finished you will be escorted back and paid an appropriate amount of money.'

Even though that wasn't what his job originally was; the most wanted one when escorting services were needed, and which never included nothing more then maybe some touching or casual kissing.

He had cooked an eyebrow back then at the 'no running away' part and more out of curiosity then to get paid he had agreed to the proposition.

Hut he almost wished he didn't after he found out who exactly the client was.

'Mr. Jung will be pleased to know you have accepted, Jaejoong-shi."


He knew who the man was pretty well.

And now, standing in the middle of the room with the latter's eyes scanning his body, he realized just what a mistake accepting the job was.

"I see you're still as thin as you used to be Jaejoong-shi," the tall man spoke with a grin on his face, "Not getting paid enough to have a proper meal?"

The blonde bit his tongue in order not to snarl, eyes still looking anywhere but the man.

"No, Jung Yunho-shi," he emphasized the man's name.

"My clients love when they can circle my waist with their hands," he said with a smirk, that cold confidence slowly coming back.

Yunho's face changed immediately, the grin long gone as he spoke coldly, "No answering back. I think you were told the rules."

Jaejoong locked eyes with him for the first time, mouth open as he gaped at the man, "You expect me to keep silent as you insult me and my job!?"

"This is the lost warning Jaejoong,"

The blonde just shook his head as he smiled ironically.



"Come closer," he motioned to the man as he shifted a bit in the black leather sofa.

Jaejoong closed his eyes for a moment trying to recollect himself and when they opened again his face was a mask; pale porcelan, emotionless.

'He's just another client Jaejoong. Just a client.'

He walked towards the man stopping barely a meter away. Looking the latter in the eyes he tilted his head sideways in a silent 'What now?'

Yunho stared at his face, hungry eyes taking in the softness of the alabaster skin. The blonde's eyes stared back at him and his gaze fell onto the man's lips.

Yunho was determined.

"Sit in my lap. Knees bent next to my sides."

The voice the man spoke with made Jaejoong even more nervous; gulping down he made a step forward.

Yunho placed his hands on the comfy armrest as he leaned back into the leather material. He caught a look of hesitation on the blonde's face and spoke,

"No hesitating."

Jaejoong fisted his palms against his sides and took a deep breath,

'Just a client'

Moving forward another step, he felt it as the soft material of the man pants brushed against his jeans. Lifting up his right leg he placed his palms at the ends of the armrest, almost brushing the man's hands, and he slipped his leg between his thigh and the leather chair.

He was not prepared for the feeling the contact made on his skin, his arms trembling for a mare second before he did the same with the other leg.

Yunho stared at him, arms gripping the armrest as the blonde's legs moved against his sides. Jaejoong was now on his knees, hands limp next to his hips. The blonde's waist aligned with Yunho's face.

"I said, sit."

His voice came out as a command and Jaejoong couldn't help but shiver.

'Just a client' he chanted in his head again. He moved his hands towards the man's face and Yunho was surprised for a moment but then the man placed his hands onto the back of the leather chair, palm's splayed open next to Yunho's head.

Locking their eyes he leaned in slightly before he moved his upper body down.

Yunho cursed himself as the back of the blonde's thighs made contact with his own, slowly at first but then the latter relaxed until Yunho could feel his whole weight.

It was almost ridiculous, the way their bodies fitted so easily; Jaejoong's bottom resting fully somewhere the man's mid-thighs, legs trapping Yunho from the sides.

Before he could remove his hands away from the man's head Yunho stopped him.

"Remove my tie."

Jaejoong's eyes fell onto the black material, hands coming down to grab it.

'Just a client' he tried to chant but the familiarity of the situation they were in made it a whole lot harder.

Placing his hands on the man's waist slowly, his fingers came in the sift material of the shirt the latter wore. Jaejoong flinched at the touch, caught by a surprise, and after an "Go on," from Yunho he started untying the material.

In response, Yunho gripped his sides harder, trying to pull the man, "Come closer,"

Jaejoong obeyed with a shiver, his eyes closing on an instinct as he dragged the back of his legs over the man's thighs.

The friction felt so good and Yunho gripped his sides harder at the feeling.

The blonde's hands slipped with the black tie down the man's chest, landing somewhere on the man's hard abdomen. There was barely any space between them now and Jaejoong breathed out almost shaking.

Their groins almost touching, material-clad arousal's evident after the short friction between their bodies.

Yunho moved his hand's up the man's sides and torso, fingers caressing the skin through the thin shirt as he brushed against a hard nipple.

He grinned at the blonde's closed eyes as he slid his hands further upwards and gripped the collar of the fur coat.

Leaning forward he pressed their bodies closer and his eyes focused on a wall sized mirror covering the wall behind Jaejooong's back. Seeing their tangled forms in it he felt a spark of possessiveness.

With a focused gaze he watched at the reflection as he slid the soft material down the man's shoulders.

Jaejoong shivered, another 'Just a client' chanted in his mind as the coat was thrown somewhere onto the floor.

Yunho leaned back a bit and slipped his hands under the thin shirt and in one swift move he crumpled it above the man's chest.
A tattoo came into view, inked piece a contrast on the pale skin.

Tugging it over the man's head Yunho breathed out against the sensitive skin and he felt Jaejoong trembling atop his thighs.
He placed a soft kiss at the butterfly wings and grabbed the man's, now naked waist.

Jaejoong was breathing heavily, heart beating faster at the small action. His eyes closed as he fisted his palms tighter.
Yunho trailed the kiss softly toward the man's neck, lips barely brushing the skin but still there.

Gripping the man's hips harder he breathed out against Jaejoong's ear, "Jaejoong-ah, please," he groaned,"Please,"

It was what broke the chant in Jaejoong's head, his hands coming up to touch the man's hair. Slowly, he carded his fingers through the soft brown strands and gripped hard.

Yunho smiled against his skin, "I missed you so much," he kissed at the spot on the man's jaw.

All Jaejoong's walls crumbled at that action his eyes shutting close almost painfully.

He gripped Yunho's hair harder and moaned as a wet kiss was placed below his ear.

"Give yourself to me,"

His body went hot at those words. He felt Yunho grip his hips harder and he almost cried out at the man's next words,

"Ride me,"

Tags: pairing: yunho/jaejoong, type: requests
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