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[ April, 3-10] third week;

[attempt #15] - No, just no; Jaejoong

Jejoong knew it was love because there wasn't a person in the world he'd wanted to kill more than Yunho.

[attempt #16] - I love a certain Jungdiot ; Jaejoong

Jaejoong's heart skipped few beats as Yunho ran into his room - all breathless, fear evident on his face.

"Yunho, Yunho are you okay?!" He ran up to the dancer obviously worried.

Yunho straightened up and grabbed the raven's shoulders, holding him in place.

"Jaejoong I- I need your help I-"

"What Yunho what?!"

Yunho took a deep breath and locked his eyes with Jaejoong's. The raven shivered in fear of what the dancer was about to say.

"Jaejoong-ah, FBI is looking for my penis. Can I hide it inside you?"

[attempt #17] - Of clipped wings and pleasurable heats; Yunho |sin!verse|

He had a soft spot for that scar that graced the raven's shoulder blades. He loved to watch the fading print of his teeth as he would bite the pale expanse of skin.

Fingers would dance over the raven's back, soft butterfly kisses against the black ink of the tribal tattoo.

The Marked One.

The one he had stolen from gardens of Eden and submitted him to his will and desires. The one whose wings were broken and cutt off for not defying the codex of The Pale's, the Angels.

The one that became The Marked One for giving his body and soul to the Devil itself.

Jaejoong, was Yunho's fallen angel.

[attempt #18] - The CEO's secret;

"You need to give me at least five legit reasons why do you love me,"

With his tights conveniently trapping his boyfriend's hips on the queen-sized bed, Jaejoong played with the CEO's silky tie. Yunho watched him with an amused smirk on his lips while absent-mindedly caressing the flesh of the raven's legs.

"Why would you need a reason? I just do -"

"Nuh huh," the raven cut him of pressing the tie against Yunho's lips. He inched his face closer and stared at the older man's eyes. "I need a reason. And better think carefully before answering."

Straightening up, he continued fondling the silky material a playful 'you have a minute Yunho' escaping his lips.

The CEO chuckled at the other's childish behavior. "Five reasons you say? Let me give you five reasons."

Jaejoong yelped as he was flipped on his back and Yunho hovered above him. His wrists were encircled by Yunho's left hand while the other one held his chin.

"I love you because you are you. The playful brat that never thinks before he speaks. I love you because your eyes are the only thing I wish to drown myself into. I love you because you are the only person that can yell at me telling me I'm wrong. I love you because I have never been as happy as when the two of us just lay together on the grass after a shitty day at work and talk about where the Universe begins."

Yunho inched closer and ghosted the raven's lips.

"And I love you because of the way you beg me to have you on the kitchen counter, the way you cling to me when I enter you, the way you scream as I push you over the edge as we lay tangled in this bed."

"Now tell me, Jaejoong. Why do you love me?"

Jaejoong smirked against Yunho's lips. "I love you because you have money you old geezer,"

Yunho laughed shaking his head.

"You sly little vixen."

Their lips connected.

[attempt #19] - They belong to me!; Jaejoong

Jaejoong worshiped Yunho's man-boobs.

The latter used to feel embarrassed when the blonde male would grab his chest without any warning, as if his hand would materialise itself on Yunho's moobs out of thin air.

Squish. Squish. Kyaaah. Squish.

Jaejoong, he really worshiped Yunho's man-boobs.

[attempt #20] - Roses are red, violets are blue; Yunho |profKim-studentJung!verse|

Yunho used to think that if Jaejoong were his homework - he would slam the raven-haired male on his table and do him all night long.

Too bad the Professor Kim never shared the same opinion.

[attempt #21] - I once knew an angel ; Yunho

"You will be fine," Yunho spoke in a trembling voice. Jaejoong's hand was turning cold in his own and he rubbed it wanting to warm it up.

A faint smile graced the raven's lips as he looked at Yunho.

"Please just stay by my side. Just a bit more."

A tear fell down Yunho's cheek as he squeezed the raven's hand harder.

"Sleep Jae. I will be here."

[attempt #22] - Blow me away ; Yunho

"For fucks sake Jaejoong," Yunho rubbed at his forehead with a sigh.

"No Yunho! I am not going to let you do that!"

"Do what?! Blow you?!" The taller male all but shouted, "Jaejoong we have been together for almost a year now and you stil haven't let me to-"

"Don't say it! It's disgusting!"

Yunho facepalmed.

"It's a normal occurrence in any relationship where partners are sexually active. It will happen soon or later."

"No," the raven stressed. "I will not let you do that."

Yunho moved closer to the raven, his face red with anger.

"THEN FREAKING BLOW ME!" He shouted in Jaejoong's face. "Give me a blowjob if you don't want one!"


Yunho cornered him against the wall.

"You will either blow me, or let me give you a blowjob. You have ten seconds to decide."

Jaejoong gulped.

[attempt #23] - Red ;

It was what the raven wore when Yunho saw him for the first time.

It was the color of his cheeks, a bright contrast against pale skin.

It was the color of his lips as he traced them with his tongue, a habit Yunho thought.

It was what his heart was when their hands touched for the first time.

It was again on both their faces in the cold night tasting each other's lips for the first time.

It was the shirt Jaejoong bought Yunho for his birthday.

It was what Jaejoong wore on a date where Yunho proposed to him with 10 red roses.

It was the ribbon Yunho split in two and tied it around Jaejoong's wrist in case he got lost, because the raven had started to forget.

It was the color that Jaejoong loved the most.

[attempt #24] - Becoming; |profKim-studentJung!verse|

"Professor Kim," Yunho spoke as he watched the raven. Jaejoong lifted his head up and adjusted his reading glasses.

"Yes Yunho-shi?"

Yunho licked his lips subconsciously. "That shirt is very becoming on you."

Jaejoong traced the white material, a blush blooming on his cheeks. He was suddenly self-aware. "T-thank you, I guess,"

The student smirked while leaning in above the library table.

"Of course, if I was on you, I'd be coming too."

It took a moment for the flushed professor to process the words and make a connection.

And then,


[attempt #25] -Lovers;

Jaejoong loved the way Yunho's fingers would push into his body first thing in the morning.

Waking up moaning surely had it's perks.

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Tags: length: drabble, pairing: yunho/jaejoong, type: drabbles
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