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[ April, 10-17] fourth week;

[attempt #26] - What Jaejoong wants;

The morning was quiet. Warm mugs of mint tea loosely gripped in their hands, the two males sat at the small coffee table in the living room.

Jaejoong played with the rim of his mug - a forefinger slowly tracing the cheramical material, his thoughts running around.

Yunho glanced at the 12th page of an splayed magazine, bringing the mug closer to his mouth.

A single sentence the raven had spoken at the exactly same moment the hot liquid made contact with his lips had Yunho spilling the tea and coughing frantically.

"Yunho I want to top."

It became a not-so-quiet morning.

[attempt #27] - All your perfect imperfections; Yunho

Yunho always thought that the most beautiful curves on Jaejoong's body were the raven's lips.

Oh how he loved pressing against them.

[attempt #28] - He's got that; Yunho

There was something special about the raven's thighs that made Yunho's body heat up within a second.

Pale and slender, warm underneath his palms as he would caress them subconsciously while they laid snuggled on the couch.

Jaejoong would giggle at the action, skin overly sensitive to the feathery touches and Yunho would plaster his lips against the raven's nape and smile.

His hands would wander off a little further, skimming the inside of Jaejoong's thighs and then slowly trailed upwards until he would feel the material of the raven's shorts.

And then Jaejoong would press his legs tight trapping Yunho's palm in between no longer able to withstand the ticklish feeling.

Yunho would groan out into the black hair at the man's nape and the raven would press his thighs harder.

And it all reminded Yunho of the way Jaejoong's legs would trap his head while the raven shook from the sheer force of a blowjob; soft, slender flesh against his equally heated cheeks as Jaejoong would orgasm inside his mouth.

Yunho sometimes thought, that he could live and die forever trapped in between Jaejoong's thighs.

There was something special about them.

[attempt #29] - Of fetishes and cakes; |creamy!verse|

A certain fetish was something Kim Jaejoong developed only after meeting a certain tall male in a downtown Soul "Sweet Heaven" cake shop.

Long, long slender fingers and knuckles.

Something that he imagined having buried inside himself since the very first time he had laid his eyes in them.

Something he would choke around as the handsome male would penetrate his mouth with two or three digits in order to wet them enough for the preparation that would follow.

Kim Jaejoong had a "Jung Yunho's fingers" fetish.

[attempt #30] - One thousand dandelions;



"This time next year let's be laughing together."

"Is that a proposal Mr Jung?"

"You could say so."

[attempt #31] - Jaejoong loved to receive; |slut!verse|

His body felt hot. The feel of Yunho's fingers burried deep inside his body made Jaejoong moan out and shiver in pleasure.

But it was not enough.

"Yunho-yah.. p-put another finger in,"

Yunho stoped thrusting his hands.

"I only have ten."

[attempt #32] - Of love poems; Yunho |profKim-studentJung!verse|

Mr Kim was the reason Yunho became a poet.

"Professor, can I recite a short poem I wrote?" Yunho asked with a shy smile.

Jaejoong's face lit up at the mare thought of his student finally doing something nice and educational.

"Of course Yunho-shi!"

Yunho began slowly.

"Roses are red, the sky is blue. Kim-shi, guess what?"


"My bed has room for two."

The gaping face of his professor was more than enough of an praise for Yunho.

[attempt #33] - Come again?; |physics!verse|

"Jaejoong-ah I just thought about something."

The raven faced his boyfriend. "What?"

"Do you know what would your name be if you were a dinosaur?" Yunho smirked knowingly.

Jaejoong laughed at him, "What?"

Yunho inched closer and whispered into the raven's ear. "Megasorass."

It took a moment for Jaejoong to process the word.


[attempt #34] - Sex me up;

"I-it moved," the raven choked out into the older male's neck.

"What moved baby?" Yunho smirked knowingly as Jaejoong laid on top of him, thights spread open conveniently trapping Yunho underneath; his entrance stretched wide by the man's arousal.

"You moved, inside me," he replied blushing,"It's getting hard again,"

Yunho gripped the raven's ass and kneaded the soft globes.

"What do you think we should do about that?"

The raven smiled against the man's throat. "We should fuck me again,"


A moan.

"Harder please,"

[attempt #35] - Gone; Yunho

Waking up alone wrapped in cold bedsheets hurt even more than Yunho could've imagined.

No smile to be greeted with, no lips to press against his own.

No heat.

No Jaejoong.

The raven was long cold as the bed Yunho would wake up in.

And it hurt. It hurt so damn much.

status: this sucks haha
Tags: length: drabble, pairing: yunho/jaejoong, type: drabbles
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