hearty (kas2umi) wrote,

[oneshot] First time

Title: First time
Pairing: Yunjae
Rating: nc-17 (mature readers pls)
Genre: AU, smut, romance

Summary: Kim Jaejoong - was a sucker for romance. But he would've never imagined that at the age of 25 he would be 'purchasing' the conditions in which his own virginity would be taken away. And yet, there he was. Dressed up in the middle of his apartment and nervously waiting for the 'prince' to sweep him away.

There were times when he thought he will never find true love.

Everyone around him was happily in relationships or at least been in one throughout their lives. And Jaejoong, on the other side,had never been in one.

Every one of those few men he'd tried dating just wanted to have sex with him. And he, being the hopeless romantic, always dreamed of having that one perfect man that will love him for who he was and not just for pleasures there might be.

But at the age of 25, he had realized that things such as true love will never come his way and it hit him like a ton of bricks.

That was the reason that Kim Jaejoong, a successful male in the bloom of his youth, decided to at least lose his virginity in the way he had always wished to.

A female voice answered the call on the other side of the line and Jaejoong gulped.

'Now or never.'

'Chosey Lover Escorting Agency, may I help you?'

Taking a deep breath, he spoke. "Hello, I-I wanted to hire one of your escorts," he cursed inwardly for stuttering.

'Of course. May I just know your gender and preferences about the physical appearance and the occasion?'

"Uhm, male. The physical appearance is not an issue," he panicked slightly as he realized he will need to lie about the reason he was hiring one of their men. "It's a non-formal diner."

Shutting his eyes almost painfully he waited for an answer from the other side.

'Very well. We already have someone so could you tell us the time you require his escorting services?'

He could feel his heart beating faster and faster and just that one word that left his lips made him realize that it was finally happening.


As he spoke the address of his apartment and contact information, there was a strange felling at the tip of his belly. The nervousness was slowly taking control of his body and he had to clasp his hands to stop them from shaking.

As the line went dead, he leaned onto the wall and banged his head against it.

"Oh my god what am I doing,"

Somehow the idea seemed a lot more smarter earlier that morning when he woke up and told himself that he will no longer be a pathetic virgin.

Determined, he had jumped out of his bed and spent the whole day working out the details of his, how he conveniently named it, the 'First Time' project.

After noon, he had spent hours in the spacious bathroom as he tried to make himself as presentable as possible. Not wanting to come off as too pushy he put on a soft V-neck, blue shirt, that barely exposed the tips of his collarbones.

And then came the part of finding someone to take his virginity away.

Prostitutes were out of the question. No matter how desperate he was, he would have never gone that low as to seek pleasure in someone who had probably had dozens of people writhing beneath them.

He didn't want just sex. He wanted someone who could make him feel special and worthy of having. Someone who would be gentle as he explored his body for the first time ever. Someone nice.

And the only solution he had was one of Seoul's elite escorting agencies.

So he called. And now was banging his head for doing so.

Jaejoong's mind was racing. 'What if he's ugly? What if he's rude? What if he leaves after he realizes that there is no diner and I called him for-?' Question after question popped up and he couldn't help but slide down the wall onto the floor.

And after what seemed like an hour in that position pitying himself, the doorbell rang. Not even aware who it might be he got up and slowly opened the door.

Taking in the sight of a tall man in front of his apartment, his mind finally caught on and his eyes widened.

"Good evening," the latter spoke with a polite smile. "Kim Jaejoong?"

Suddenly conscious of his own appearance, Jaejoong straightened up and ran his palm through his black hair.


His heart thumped as the man smiled. "I'm Jung Yunho and I believe I'm your date for tonight."


"Uhm, w-would you like something to drink?"

Jaejoong broke the silence as he fidgeted on the spacious sofa.

Ever since the Yunho came in, the atmosphere was awkward and he was nervous as hell.

"Sure," Yunho smiled. "Whatever is fine."

Excusing himself, Jaejoong got up and went into the kitchen. As soon as he was out of the latter's view, he pressed his forehead against the fridge and screamed mentally.

"Oh God oh God," he shut his eyes trying to calm his racing heart. His body was wrecking with nervousness and it felt like every nerve in his skin was trembling.

His thoughts wandered to the said male and he gritted his teeth at Yunho's appearance - short, black hair, a low black V-neck shirt and almost too tight jeans that hugged his tights. And that smile.

Jaejoong found him perfect.

"Are you okay?" Yunho let out a chuckle at the sight in front of him. The raven was away for few minutes and he got up thinking he might've needed help.

Jaejoong jumped back and accidentally hit his hip onto the edge of the kitchen counter and winced in pain. Forcing a polite smile he spoke, "I'm fine, it's just I've ran out of ice." He rubbed at his hip.

"Did you hit yourself hard?" Yunho reached out to touch his hip but Jaejoong stepped back. "I'm sorry if I scared you."

Shaking his head, Jaejoong smiled. "It's okay really," He continued as he took hold of two empty glasses. "Is water okay?"

Nodding in affirmation, Yunho took the glass and sat behind the kitchen counter with Jaejoong doing the same after a moment. Neither of them said anything and Yunho decided to break the silence first just as Jaejoong was taking a gulp of his water.

"So, what kind of a diner will it be?" Yunho smiled. "When are we leaving?"

That sentence had Jaejoong spilling his water and coughing. Alarmed, Yunho got up to pat his back but the Jaejoong stopped him.

"I-I'm okay," he spoke in between the coughs, "I'm fine."

Fuck, Jaejoong cursed mentally. There is no diner.

Locking his eyes with Yunho's for the first time that night, he gulped. "Yunho-shi, I-" he paused. "I haven't exactly told the truth when I called your agency.

Raising a brow at the man's statement, Yunho eyed Jaejoong. "How so?"

Taking a deep breath Jaejoong clasped his hands. He didn't think about what will happen when he tells the truth earlier when he phoned. Deciding to be honest he started.

"There is no diner." He swallowed as he watched the unchanging expression on Yunho's face. "I, I called- I hired you because-" his heart was beating so fast as the embarrassment of his own request filled Jaejoong's mind. "God I can't do this," he spoke as his head fell onto the kitchen counter.

Yunho watched as the Jaejoong covered his head with his arms, as if shielding himself from him.

"Jaejoong-shi tell me what's the issue," He pressed on. "Raise your head,"

Jaejoong murmured an barely audible 'no' and remained in the same position. "It's embarrassing,"

Yunho caught on. "Did you- I mean did you hire me for, uhm, 'special services'?" He asked as he assumed the nature of the raven's request, it was a common mistake of his clients, and the way Jaejoong trembled at his words was more than enough of a confirmation. Coughing lightly he spoke. "I apologize Jaejoong-shi but that's not what I do." Not taking his eyes off of the male he continued. "Our agency gives simply escorting services and nothing else. I'm afraid that-"

"I will pay you double," Jaejoong cut him off as he raised his head and looked at Yunho. There was no going back now, he thought.

Yunho raised his eyebrows. "You will what?"

With a blush on his face Jaejoong stuttered. "I-I will pay you double than the usual price you get payed for as an escort,"

"Jaejoong-shi I think that you are more than attractive to get someone to sleep with you, not needing such things as to pay for-"

"I'm a virgin."

A minute of silence followed as they stared at each other. Jaejoong felt almost naked as Yunho raked his eyes over his body as if in disbelief. Which the taller male voiced out.

"I find that," he took in the facial features of the doe-eyed male, "Hard to believe."

Blushing like mad, Jaejoong spoke. "Well I am. And I'm tired of it," he bowed his head. "Each guy I meet only wants to have sex me. They don't even care how I feel or what I want."

Yunho listened carefully.

"All I ever wanted was someone that would treat me nice and make me feel special about myself. But no one came."

Meeting Yunho's eyes he continued.

"So I at least wanted to lose my virginity the way I wanted instead of getting simply fucked by someone that cares only for sex. That way, if I got in a relationship, I would have nothing to lose. And the only solution was to pay someone nice enough to do that."

"Why pay?" Yunho asked.

Jaejoong blushed. "I- I have it all planned out."

Yunho found it amusing the way Jaejoong avoided his look. "Planned out what?"

Stuttering like crazy Jaejoong almost shouted. "The way I w-want it to happen!"

"Tell me."

He looked up, "What?"

Yunho smirked. "Tell me how you wish to be taken."

It was more than enough to leave Jaejoong gaping in an attempt to form coherent words. Turning an almost dark shade of red he locked gazes with Yunho. "Why would I do that??" Subconsciously he palmed his shirt.

"Because if you do, I might accept your offer."

Jaejoong paused his motions as his pulse got stronger. Taking the last sip of water from his glass he looked at Yunho.

'Now or never Jaejoong' he chanted in his head.

"I want it to be gentle." He spoke. "I want us to go slow and steady. I want to be kissed gently." Yunho never shifted his gaze from Jaejoong's.

"I don't want to cry, but I want it to feel so good that will bring tears at the corners of my eyes. I want it perfect."

Gulping he heard that chant in his mind again.

'Now or never'

"Can you do it?"

Yunho smirked and Jaejoong could've almost felt it even then.

"I guess we will have to find that out."

It was going to be perfect.


And sure as hell it was going to be awkward.

They sat on the spacious black couch in Jaejoong's living room with more than a meter distance between them. Jaejoong had his hands in his lap, subconsciously playing with an ordinary bracelet strapped around his left wrist. And clearly avoiding Yunho's eyes that haven't left his face ever since the time in the kitchen.

Yunho simply stared.

Jaejoong was more than attractive for a male. And all that combined with the shade of red that graced his cheeks and plum lips just waiting to be savored was more than enough of a reason to accept the offer.

But the way they sat now was certainly not going to take things further.

"Jaejoong-shi come here," Yunho patted a spot next to him, "We should get to know each other better."

Almost clumsily, Jaejoong moved towards Yunho, as if not in his own apartment. Glancing at the taller male he quickly adverted his eyes and stared at a turned-off flat screen of the TV.

Yunho chuckled. "You really aren't familiar with these kinds of things, aren't you?" Moving closer to the raven he grabbed his palms. Jaejoong visibly flinched at the touch but before he could say anything Yunho continued.

"Look into my eyes."

Reluctantly,Jaejoong did, and found himself gulping as he saw the serious expression on Yunho's face.

"We don't have to do anything you don't want to. This night is about you. And if you aren't comfortable with this whole situation we should stop."

Pulling his hands out of the latter's grip Jaejoong smiled awkwardly. "It's just- it's embarrassing." With a light laugh he raised his hand and covered his smile with the back of his palm. "It's really embarrassing."

That laughter had Yunho chuckling along and the awkwardness subdued greatly.

"So what do you do for living?" Yunho asked as he sat closer to Jaejoong; their jean-clad thighs almost touching. Carefully he touched the skin of Jaejoong's palm. "If you get uncomfortable with me touching you just tell me, okay? I'm trying to relax you."

Liking the ticklish feeling of Yunho tracing the skin of his palm he nodded his head. His heart was getting crazy.

"I'm an architect." He began. "I even designed this whole apartments complex."

Yunho raised an eyebrow at that and trailed his hand over the latter's wrist. "Wow, that's quite, astonishing I must say."

Jaejoong blushed lightly at the praise and smiled. "It's something I love doing."

"What about you?" Jaejoong faced him. "How did you end up, uhm -"

"Being an escort?" Yunho finished. "Well, as far as these types of jobs go, this one is by far the most decent out of the rest," he smiled. "And I needed money."

Jaejoong just let out an 'oh' and smiled. Yunho's hand was now tracing the veins of his forearm and he couldn't help but close his eyes for a moment.

Yunho never shifted his eyes from Jaejoong all that time.

"What kind of music do you like?" He asked.

Jaejoong looked him in the eyes and smiled brightly. "I love classical the most but I adore jazz," he beamed. "I am particularly stuck with one song recently,"

"Which one?"

"All of you by John Legend. You know it?"

Yunho laughed and got up, pulling Jaejoong with him. "Come here,"

Jaejoong found himself following the man until they were in the midst of the spacious living room. Yunho never let go of his hand, simply stepped closer and asked.

"Would you mind dancing with me?" Not giving time for Jejoong to answer he continued with a smile. "Well your hand is in my hand already so I'll take that as a yes."

Jaejoong laughed but as soon Yunho pressed closer his heart was beating faster. Yunho splayed his right palm at the small of Jaejoong's back and he flinched at the touch. "Put your left hand on my shoulder,"

Jaejoong obeyed and stepped closer until their bodies were almost pressed together.

"Follow my lead,"

Jaejoong did.

Yunho guided them across the living room, no sound escaping their throats as they danced to silence. And then Yunho began reciting.

"My head's underwater but I'm breathing fine," spinning him once he continued. "You're crazy and I'm out of my mind."

Jaejoong blushed as he heard familiar words of a song that had plagued his mind for days. And hearing it being recited felt even better than when it was sang.

"I can't sing,"Yunho spoke with a chuckle and Jaejoong laughed along.

"That's makes the two of us,"

Getting bolder, Yunho placed both his hands on Jaejoong's waist and pressed them closer, "Put your arms around my neck."

Suddenly nervous, Jaejoong did as he was told and he gulped as their faces were now barely few inches apart.

Their eyes locked as Yunho moved their bodies slowly. "You have beautiful eyes,"

"T-Thank you," he smiled as his heart fluttered at the compliment. He suddenly let out a yelp as his lower back was pressed against the kitchen counter and Yunho pressed closer.

His hand trailed upwards the man's spine and Jaejoong shivered as it came to a stop at the hair on his nape. As Yunho gently sank his fingers into Jaejoong's black hair, he parted his lips.

"You have beautiful lips too," Yunho watched as Jaejoong shut his eyes enjoyed having his hair caressed. Leaning in, he barely ghosted his breath over Jaejoong's jaw. Spotting a dark mark bellow his chin as the latter tilted his head gently, he couldn't help but to lightly touch it with his lips. Jaejoong's eyes opened at the action and he spoke. "Y-Yunho-shi,"

Yunho pressed closer; his one hand in Jaejoong' hair while the other one rested on the small of the man's back.

Moving his lips from the man's throat Yunho aligned their faces with a gentle grip on his hair.

Their eyes locked. "Jaejoong-shi?"

Jaejoong tried to calm his racing heart. "Y-Yes?"

Ghosting his lips over the raven's the taller male asked, "Can I kiss you?"

'Now or never' that tiny voice still chanted.

"Yes, please," he breathed out against Yunho's lips and the latter chuckled.

"Tonight you will not beg for anything because everything will be given to you," he spoke before he slowly pressed their lips together.

It was gentle,the way their lips connected into a kiss; simply pressed against each other. Jaejoong closed his eyes at the contact and subconsciously tightened his arms around Yunho's neck as Yunho pressed their faces closer by a hand on Jaejoong's nape. Parting his lips slightly, Jaejoong's upper lip fell in between Yunho's, and he found himself pressing closer.

Yunho angled his head a bit, wanting to take the kiss deeper, and he could feel the way Jaejoong trembled as his tongue shyly licked at the man's upper lip. Sliding his hand out from his hair, Yunho circled the back of the his neck and gently pressed closer.

Jaejoong couldn't hear his own thoughts over how hard his heart was beating inside its rib-cage. The kiss was so soft and gentle,and he couldn't help but melt into the man's embrace.

Yunho was going slow as he had requested and it made his stomach flip nervously.

Breaking their press of lips Yunho left barely an inch of distance between their mouths, feeling the way Jaejoong breathed in and out needing fresh air. His tongue traced the man's pout and Jaejoong trembled against him.

"Your lips are so soft," he ghosted them once more. "Are you okay?"

Jaejoong smiled dreamlike and a little breathless. "Yes," It was the furthest he had ever went with anyone before.

"Good because I plan to keep your mouth busy for the rest of the night."

Yunho clashed their lips harder this time and Jaejoong couldn't help but let out a soft moan at the way those lips melded with his own. Fisting the man's hair, Jaejoong pressed their faces closer just in time as Yunho moved his hands to rest at the rise of his rear. He whimpered into their kiss as palms were splayed on his ass; Yunho firmly gripping the soft globes pulling Jaejoong closer. It made his belly warm. So warm.

Moving his right hand lower onto Jaejoong's thigh, he pulled it up motioning for Jaejoong to hook his legs around his waist, which the latter did. Suddenly he could feel Yunho's body against his own; a hint of defined muscles beneath the thin material of the man's black shirt.

As Jaejoong circled his waist firmly,Yunho's hand's were back into his hair and neck as he tried to angle their faces needing to deepen the kiss.

Yunho moved backwards, Jaejoong holding onto his neck for support as he walked through the living room with the black-haired male around his waist. His heart beat faster as he realized what is going to happen next and breaking their kiss for a moment he spoke against Yunho's lips.

"Second room on the left," he breathed out. Yunho mouthed a silent 'are you sure' against his lips and Jaejoong nodded his head.

"Now or never,"

Yunho smiled and connected their lips once again. And it remained that way until Yunho pressed him against the door of his bedroom.

Both breathless, they stared into each other's eyes as Yunho opened the door and entered. He wanted to turn on the lights but a trembling hand on his own stopped him.

"Don't, please," Jaejoong spoke. "It's embarrassing."

Yunho switched on the light. "Your first time won't be in the dark as you hide yourself," he stared at Jaejoong's face. "You are beautiful, and I will show you that tonight."

Jaejoong couldn't take it. His whole body was shaking as Yunho unhooked his legs and put him down,barely a meter away from the bed. Taking a step away from the man, Yunho started undressing himself slowly. Jaejoong watched.

"Do you want to do it?" He asked as he watched the way Jaejoong was staring at him. Jaejoong stepped closer. Taking his's palms, Yunho placed them onto his own chest. "I'm yours," he said. "Do whatever you wish,"

Jaejoong shivered as he slid his palms down the man's torso. Never had he been this close with a man before. Fear racked his veins but then the anticipation of what will be would emerge and he found himself not being able to form words.

Gripping the hem of the black shirt he pulled it off of Yunho in one move, and stared.

Yunho was perfect. Standing half bared with his lips set in a reassuring smile, he was perfect. And Jaejoong couldn't help but to trace the dip between the man's pectoral muscles all the way down to his jeans. He gulped.

"Can I undress you?" The taller male asked as Jaejoong lifted his head. Yunho pressed closer against him and placed his hands onto Jaejoong's hips.


"It's okay," Yunho spoke. "I will go slow."

Pressing his lips against Jaejoong's throat Yunho gripped his waist. Jaejoong tilted his head backwards; his eyes blinking repeatedly as his mouth were wide open. Slipping in his right hand, Yunho traced the skin of Jaejoong's stomach gently before moving further up. Jaejoong was breathing heavily, his hand coming up to rest on Yunho's shoulder as the man explored his abdomen with gentle touches.

He moaned out as the latter's hand brushed against his nipples, the feeling so foreign yet familiar.

"Do you like that?" Yunho spoke against his throat as he raised the hem of the latter's shirt to rest on his chest. Jaejoong whimpered as the cold air made contact with his skin.

Slowly removing the blue material from the Jaejoong's body, Yunho pressed their upper halves together. Jaejoong latched onto his neck as their nipples brushed against each other. "Oh God,"

Softly squeezing Jaejoong's ass Yunho asked. "Oh God what?"

"I feel so strange,"

Smiling against the pale throat Yunho moved forward causing Jaejoong to move backwards. As his legs touched the bed Jaejoong breathed into Yunho's hair. Lifting the the man's legs, once again he hooked them around his waist and slowly, with Jaejoong holding onto his neck, laid him atop the white sheets. With his body conveniently trapped in between Jaejoong's thighs,Yunho pressed closer until a moan Jaejoong let out told him their arousals were pressed against each other's.

Gently spreading his legs further, Yunho placed his lips onto Jaejoong's belly button and sucked.

"O-oh God Yunho-shi," He moaned as Yunho's tongue trailed his hipbones and further up and came to a stop on his chest. He didn't dare look at the man, his whole body trembling in anticipation of what's about to come but then Yunho's lips encircled his nipple and he cried out clutching the man's hair.

It felt too good.

Yunho teased the erect bud, as his hands slowly skimmed Jaejoong's sides. Gently sucking it, he then circled it with the tip of his tongue enticing a moan from the latter. Moving one hand lower, he traced the hem of the man's jeans; playfully slipping a finger in then out. Kissing the latter's chest he then moved lower, his tongue making a wet trail on the raven's abdomen.

Jaejoong was lost. His whole body was on fire. His lower part burned with desire and need to be touched and he couldn't stop his mouth from saying 'please'.

Yunho obeyed and slowly unzipped the man's jeans. Gently hooking his fingers at the hem,he pulled them to his mid-thighs, exposing Jaejoong's briefs-clad member. Pressing his lips to the man's thighs he couldn't help but suck lightly, making Jaejoong moan at the action. Moving his lips higher, he gave no warning as his mouth engulfed Jaejoong's clothed member making the latter buck into his mouth.

"Yunho, Y-Yunho-shi ooh god a-ahh," he grabbed the man's hair and pressed in need to feel more. Yunho trailed his tongue over the whole length and in a swift move, removed the man's jeans and briefs simultaneously.

Jaejoong was now completely bared. His legs pushed apart as Yunho ghosted the head of his cock playfully before finally taking in the leaking head.

It was the first time he had ever felt anyone's lips around his cock. Jaejoong felt high.

Yunho's eyes fell onto the nightstand and a small bottle of what he assumed had to be a lubricant. He slowly took it, not wanting to alarm Jaejoong.

Yunho teased his length, tentative licks at the head and the slit at the tip had Jaejoong moaning shamelessly as he bucked into the man's mouth. Yunho bobbed his head and with a strong grunt, took him all in until his nose was at the base of Jaejoong's member, enticing a cry of pleasure from the man. Pulling back he released the leaking length, slowly licking all the way down down to Jaejoong's balls, sucking them into his mouth.

Jaejoong opened his mouth gaping at the space above him at the sparks of electricity that ran through his body as Yunho started sucking his balls. It felt better than he could have ever imagined. He felt a wet finger slowly trailing down his ass until it was pressed against his entrance. Yunho barely pushed in - gentle teasing press against the tight muscle ring had Jaejoong's mind racing in panic. It was happening.

But then Yunho took in his cock at the same time he pushed in his finger and Jaejoong was unable to tell where the pain ended and pleasure began.

"Am I hurting you?" Yunho spoke around the head of his cock. Pushing his finger half way in then pulling out he listened to the raven's breathing. Giving his cock one last suck, he moved up towards Jaejoong's face; his finger still slowly penetrating the man. "I took the lubricant from your table,"

Shifting atop the doe-eyed male, he pressed a kiss on his Adam's apple, pushing in further this time.

He cried out as his hand's circled Yunho's neck. The man kissed him gently and spoke against his lips. "Are you okay? Tell me if I'm hurting you, I will stop,"

"N-No it's just," he moaned as Yunho nipped on his jaw and pushed in at the same time, "I feel weird, I-"

"Shhh," Yunho kissed him deep. Pushing his tongue into the latter's mouth he curved his finger experimentally which had Jaejoong opening his mouth impossibly wide and moaning into their kiss. Pulling out completely he joined two fingers and pressed them against Jaejoong's opening. The tight muscle ring clenched around nothing as it was previously spread, and Yunho pushed in.

Jaejoong bucked into his mouth, his eyes wide open staring at Yunho's black ones, as if accusing him of promising nothing but gentleness when it hurt.

His whole body shook at the intrusion as Yunho's fingers pushed in completely.

Kissing his face gently Yunho tried to relax him, "Shhh Jaejoong, relax," he kissed the corner of his lips and moved his fingers in a scissor-like motion.

Jaejoong moaned and clamped around his fingers and Yunho groaned out at how tight it was.

Pulling out completely he took off his jeans and briefs and positioned himself in between Jaejoong's legs.

Alarmed, Jaejoong latched onto his neck pressing their bodies close. "I c-can't, it will hurt Yunho I can't,"

Yunho embraced him and spoke slowly. "We don't have to do anything Jaejoong-shi, I am not here to force you," Slipping his hand in between their bodies he took hold of both of their members and pumped them together. Yunho's skin erupted in goosebumps and Jaejoong moaned. "If it hurts hold onto me, and if you can't take the pain tell me and I will stop,"

He searched the covers for the discarded bottle of lubricant. Calling for Jaejoong he spoke, "Give me your hand,"

He did as he was told and Jaejoong watched as Yunho poured a generous amount on his palm. Guiding Jaejoong's hand lower he moaned at the feeling as that palm enveloped the head of his length.

Jaejoong watched the way Yunho's member twitched as he fisted it experimentally, and he blushed at the mental image of it being inside his own body.

Yunho moved him to sit in his lap, Jaejoong's tights aside Yunho's much stronger ones. Cupping the his face, Yunho locked their eyes.

"You are beautiful. Every man would've wished to have you like this, pure and untouched by anyone else," Jaejoong blushed at those as his stomach flipped, "And yet here you are, trusting yourself to me not to hurt you and give you what you have always wished for," He traced his lips with his fingers.

"You will get that," he pressed their lips close. "Even if I don't get to feel a single bit of the pleasure your body can give, you will get your perfect night."

Clashing their lips for a moment Yunho took hold of his member and fisted it few times. Jaejoong's heart was beating like crazy, as if wanting to jump out and he closed his eyes breathing in.

'Now or never'

Opening his eyes he saw Yunho, a random stranger that agreed to give him something perfect in exchange for that innocence that will never come back. He saw a man that had done nothing but made his hear beat crazily and his cheeks paint a deep shade of red ever since he stepped into Jaejoong's apartment.

"Please," he spoke as he felt the the tip of Yunho's arousal against his butt cheeks. Their lips connected and Yunho pushed in.

The first thing Jaejoong felt was pain. Excruciating pain of being stretched so wide for the first time as Yunho moved inside him. Tears pooled at the corners of his eyes and he latched onto the man's neck.

"Y-Yunho aa-ahh," It hurt so bad.

Yunho cupped his face with one hand and slowly kissed his lips. "Hold onto me Jaejoong,"

Pushing in completely Jaejoong cried out against his neck and it took all his willpower not to thrust hard into the tight heat. Pulling out slightly he pushed back in, softly telling Jaejoong to relax.

Jaejoong shut his eyes as he focused onto the lurking sparks of pleasure of being penetrated in the most intimate of ways. His whole body trembled as Yunho repeatedly pulled out then pushed back in.

The pain was slowly fading away and he moved his hips in a circular motion that had Yunho burying his head beneath the raven's chin. "Oh God," he moaned out as Yunho thrusted in slowly.

Placing his palms at the small of Jaejoong's back, Yunho pressed lightly urging him to move. Jaejoong did that, slowly rocking his body with Yunho buried inside him.

The pleasure was there, Jaejoong could feel it, but Yunho didn't move. "P-please Yunho-shi, m-move ah"

Yunho thrust in hard and Jaejoong screamed as he felt Yunho pushing against something inside him.

"Oh god oh god," He moaned, "Y-Yunho-shi please,"

Yunho complied to the plea as he slowly laid him back onto the sheets. The angle changed and Jaejoong trembled as he was penetrated deeper; Yunho's lips latching onto his birthmark.

It felt so good, as if his whole body was on fire and ice at the same time, as Yunho slowly pulled out and pushed back deep in. He gripped the man's biceps as Yunho started rocking his hips slowly, the man's lips now sucking on Jaejoong's nipples. Trailing his hand down he traced Jaejoong's leaking member and started pumping it slowly.

Aligning their lips , Yunho locked their eyes.

With each thrust of Yunho's hips Jaejoong got lost in his eyes. He would pull out slowly and rub the tip of his member against Jaejoong's entrance and then push back in painfully slow past the tight muscle ring. Jaejoong gaped at him, his mouth wide open as he lost himself in the pleasure of having his prostate hit dead on each time Yunho would snap his hips.

Their lips connected and Yunho sucked on his tongue as Jaejoong gripped his biceps harder.

"You are so beautiful," Yunho spoke,breathless. "You can't even imagine how much,"

Snapping his hips faster few times he continued, "You have no idea how happy I am to be the first that had you," he sucked on Jajoong's upper lip. "No idea,"

Jaejoong blushed and moaned at the same time, getting lost in the pleasure that rocked his body.

Yunho was deep inside him as their tongues danced together. It felt so good to be had in that way. His eyes burned at the upcoming tears and he gripped Yunho's arm's harder.

Yunho's hand traced the pale abdomen as he slowly fisted Jaejoong's member. Pumping it fast he swallowed the moans the raven let out into their kiss.

God it felt so good. He felt Jaejoong clenching around his member and he slowed down, wanting to prolong their joining as much as he could. Jaejoong laughed as tears fell from his eyes and Yunho kissed them away. "Hold onto me,"

"Oh God Y-Yunho, please," he begged the man to go faster but Yunho didn't do it. He pulled out then pushed in slowly while fisting Jaejoong's member. Jaejoong was so close.

Not being able to take it any longer, Yunho snapped his hips hard and kissed Jaejoong deep. He moved his hips in a circular motion as he pushed in hard and Jaejoong cried out as he hit a spot inside him.

Cursing out loud, he urged the man to go faster. "Fuck Yunho, oh God aa-ahhhh f-fuck," Yunho's hips snapped fast and his hand was fisting his member in sync. He could feel the man clenching around him and with a loud scream, Jaejoong came inside Yunho's palm.

Jaejoong's whole body shook from the force of his orgasm; eyes shut and mouth wide open as he trembled. His hands gripped Yunho's shoulders as he spoke, "Do it please," tears made way from his eyes, "Please.."

Yunho leaned in and traced his lips with his tongue while fighting the urge to snap his hips as Jaejoong clenched around him in his post-orgasmic haze. "What? Do what Jaejoong?"

It was soft, barely audible the way he had said it, but Yunho caught it. And it was all that took him to thrust his hips fast few times and come undone.

"Come into me."

Jaejoong moaned at the feeling of something warm inside his body as Yunho gently laid atop him. His hands circled the man's neck and Yunho felt something wet on his skin.

Alarmed he lifted his body up and stared at Jaejoong as the latter cried. "Are you okay? Did I hurt you? Wha-" Jaejoong cut him off.

His eyes looked even more beautiful as tears pooled in his eyes.

"I'm okay, more than okay," he spoke as he hugged Yunho and whispered in his ear. "I could never express in words how happy you made me tonight."

"You are beautiful," Yunho began. "And don't let anyone else give you less than what they expect to receive from you. Never."

Jaejoong smiled through the tears.

It indeed was perfect.


He woke up to the feel of something warming up his back. Opening his eyes lazily, he saw that the blinds were lifted and sunbeams were falling onto the bed where he laid. Moaning in appreciation, he arched his back but stopped as soon he felt an ache in his lower part. And that's when the memories started flooding in.

Escorting agency. Yunho. The dance and the kiss. Him naked on the bed splayed in front of the man and 'Please' that left his lips so many times. And the way he had fallen asleep in Yunho's embrace.

Jaejoong buried his head into the pillow and screamed.

He had made love. He was no longer a virgin. And it was perfect.

Lifting his head a smile bloomed on his lips but he frowned as soon as he saw a post-it note on the second pillow.

Taking it he slowly began to read.

'First thing I want you to do is to open your phone.'

Jaejoong furrowed his eyebrows but did as the note said.

Swiping the pad of his phone his eyes widened at the image that greeted him.

He was asleep as Yunho kissed the corner of his lips. Sliding fast through the camera folder he saw at least 20 more similar one's.

Yunho kissing his neck. Yunho kissing his cheeks. Yunho hugging him close.

He blushed a deep shade of red and continued reading the note.

'I took them while you slept. I couldn't stop myself. Keep them as a reminder of something I hope was a pleasant night.' Jaejoong smiled.

'I'm sorry I had to leave before you woke up but I thought it would be less awkward this way.'

There was a small arrow that pointed to the other side of the note. He continued.

'I hope I gave you your perfect night. I know the circumstances were not the best and that we are two strangers that met last night, but please don't think of this as only a job.'

'I did that because I wanted to and because I couldn't let some asshole ruin your vision of a perfect first time. I will not accept money for that. You will not pay for losing something pure and innocent.' He felt his heart beat faster at Yunho's words.

'But I am willing to accept you paying for a diner if you wish to, sometime soon ;)"

He lauged.

'P.S: I hope I didn't hurt you... P.P.S: Oh and if anyone ever hurts you in any kind of a way, just show them one of those pictures and say - I have the hottest boyfriend ever, he will kick your ass.'

'P.P.P.S: You are beautiful. With much love, Jung Yunho.'

Kim Jaejoong - had always been a sucker for romance. And he could've never imagined that at the age of 25 he would have 'purchased' the conditions in which his own virginity will be taken away. And yet, there he was. Splayed across his bed with a grin on his face. Remembering the 'prince' that had swept him away.

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sumi's note: shout out to my wizzaal (you have a spot in my heart), aaaaand a big hug for yuniquekimchi that is once again back in our wonderful fandom <3 vanilla cupcakes for shizukanai because she convinced me to post this xD
Tags: lenght: one-shot, pairing: yunho/jaejoong
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