hearty (kas2umi) wrote,

[oneshot] Stars align

Title: Stars align
Pairing: Yunjae
Rating: pg/r
Genre: AU, heavy angst

Summary (from my poem):

Remember that night?
I held you close with a shaking heart.
You said, everything would be fine.
That night the stars were about to align.



It went on. As if mocking the silence of the small space inside the cabin. The smell of an old oak tree lingered in the air as the man constantly cut into its edges - but so soft and barely audible and all could be heard was the wall clock.

The old piece of wood was almost carved completely, a hint of a face imprinted onto its inner layer as the man blew softly dusting it off.

The clock was his enemy.

Those passing seconds would turn into minutes and then slowly melt into hours. Hours he didn't have.

Gently carving the dip in between the lips Yunho smiled. He could almost feel them. Soft, so soft and barely there underneath the pads of his fingers. He could almost feel the laughter erupting behind them. That same laughter he used to breathe in every morning. He felt tears forming in his eyes.

He had to hurry.

Stars would align soon.

Pulling his selves further up his arms, Yunho began carving the cheek bones. He regretted having them so plain and almost colorless. They were always blushed in a beautiful shade of soft red.

'The stars will align in two nights,' he recalled the story the woman had told him. 'It is so rare, it might never happen again.'

He had to hurry. The moon was bright in the sky, and the night was as black as the void.

"Please," he begged as small pieces of wood got under the skin of his palms. His hands worked fast, experienced fingers dancing across the small wooden figure.

'You need to be right on time,' the story continued. 'Powers this holds are far greater than what you could've ever imagined. You must be ready to pay the price,'

Shutting his eyes Yunho clenched his fists. His chest felt heavy under the burden of sadness that made home inside the now empty hollow where his heart beat. He couldn't bear it anymore.

'I will do anything,' he had replied few days ago looking the woman straight into her eyes. 'Anything, please,'

The clock ticked continuously.

As a smile flashed behind his closed eyelids Yunho's lips trembled. He would do anything. Anything to see him again.

Quickly carving few small lines he blew his breath against the object in his hands.

It's time.

The clock said so too.

Opening the window he placed the wooden carving onto the table which allowed the moonlight to fall all over it.

Standing few feet away he glanced at the wall clock.


One more minute.

Closing them, tears fell from his eyes.

In the back of his mind he could hear him. He could hear Jaejoong. He could see his pale face and lips that stretched into a gentle smile as they held hands. He focused hard chanting inside his head.

'They will give him back to you,' he remembered.

"Please," was all he managed to let out before the clock ticked the last second of the fourth minute.

Universes stopped. Galaxies ceased spinning. And his heart beat faster.

All he could feel was dead silence of expecting the unknown before he heard a voice coming from the direction where the open window was.

"Yunho, what have you done,"

His heart stopped at that voice. Eyes widening he stared at the form leaning onto the edge of the table. He could taste tears at the corners of his lips.

The man was crying. "What have you done Yunho," he sobbed into his palm as he watched his lover standing immobile few steps away.

As if breaking out of a spell Yunho crossed that little distance there was between them and cupped the man's face. Their eyes locked and all he could think of as he felt the heat of the flesh against his palms is that he was real. They gave him back his soul.

Perfectly in sync their lips met in a desperate kiss, hands holding each other's faces as their tears mixed.

The more the kiss lasted, the more Jaejoong cried as Yunho pulled his lower lip in his mouth, pressing their faces closer.

He broke the kiss.

"You don't know what you've done," he cried against his lovers lips, tasting them after so much time of being trapped in a void they called Death.

"I don't care," Yunho spoke against his lips. "You are here now."

The clock ticked.

'You will have one night, and one night only,' the voice reminded and he pulled Jaejoong up clashing their mouths harder.

"Please, baby" he cried, "Please I need you,"

And all Jaejoong could do is cry as their bodies joined again after so much time. And as Yunho rocked into him his soul came shattering piece by piece knowing the consequences of the act upon the stars.

And when their eyes locked and Yunho's tears fell into his own eyes, Jaejoong knew.

'You will forget him,' a voice suddenly said and Yunho froze his moves. The truth dawned upon him and he stared at the pale face of his lost love.

And it seemed as those minutes melted as fast as the chocolate he used to place on Jaejoong's tongue as they kissed next to a fireplace.

The clock ticked and it started spinning.

As they shook from the force of their lovemaking Jaejoong smiled through tears,"I'm sorry I left you," he cried. "And I forgive you."

Yunho just held him tight, so tight, as his heart broke once again. He held him against his body until all he could feel were Jaejoong's heartbeats slowly dying away once more.

And he screamed and Jaejoong smiled and they kissed.

It was like sipping from stars.

Damned stars that stole everything again.




Those eyes.


An open window and goosebumps all over the man's body.

His eyes scanned the room in a sleeping daze as they fell onto a small piece of wood on the table.

It was familiar, but Yunho couldn't place it.

Pulling up the covers he breathed in the scent on the pillow. It burned no more.

The clock was silent under the sounds of his own breathing.

But it could be heard.



Stars aligned baby.

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Tags: lenght: one-shot, pairing: yunho/jaejoong
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