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[June, 5-12] twelfth week; #YunJae7thAnni special

[attempt #93] - I fell for you; Jaejoong

His heart beat fast.

There he was, standing alone in the middle of the stage surrounded by thousands of screaming fans as bright LED words flashed on the huge screen that faced the audience.

"You know who I am. Deep down there you know." the first line said. The audience screamed louder and louder but he couldn't hear a thing.

"I love. I always have. And forever will."

Jaejoong took a deep breath trying to hold back the emotions that threatened to explode inside his chest.

"I want you today, tomorrow, and next week, and for the rest of my life."

His hands started shaking.

"So I ask," the screen went black for a moment and then the next words made his breath hitch.

"Kim Jaejoong, will you grow old with me?"

Jaejoong could have sworn his heart skipped a beat.

[attempt #94] - Like a shooting star; Yunho

"You know," Yunho broke the silence. "When we were younger, I used to wonder is this worth all the pain we were going to go through."

Jaejoong panicked at those words but before he could say anything, Yunho continued.

"But then, I see your smile. And I know. Kim Jaejoong, I know."

"Know what?" Gulping he locked gazes with Yunho.

"Your smile only, is worth years of pain. And your love - for your love I would burn in the fires of Hell for an eternity."

Cupping his lover's face Jaejoong connected their lips.

"Forever baby," he whispered against Yunho's lips. "You and I and eternity beneath our feet."

[attempt #95] - With the speed of sound; Jaejoong

"I wish time could just stop when I'm in your arms."

"We don't need it to stop Jaejoong. Remember," Yunho whispered. "We have eternity."

[attempt #96] -  Your gravity pulling me in; Yunho

"Why are being cheesy all the time," Jaejoong slapped Yunho's butt playfully. "Please refrain from telling me 'I love you' so many times a day." He loved it, but damn could it be embarrassing. "You're making it a habit."

Yunho rubbed his butt, the sharp slap, no mater how playful it was, stinging a bit. "When I tell you I love you, I don't say it out of habit," he smiled against Jaejoong's nape as he pressed against the man and whispered.

"I say it to remind you that you are the best thing that has ever happened to me."

The blush that spread over Jaejoong's face at that moment could have put any sakura tree to shame.

[attempt #97] - I fell for you; Yunho

"I want to love you twice in my lifetime." Yunho whispered against Jaejoong's throat as he thrust into the man. Jaejoong moaned underneath him, and Yunho playfully bit the white expanse of skin.

"Now and forever." He spoke as he rocked inside his lover, Jaejoong's hands gripping his biceps.

"F-Forever?" Jaejoong half moaned as Yunho picked up the pace.

"Until all stars fade away."

[attempt #98] - And when we clashed; Jaejoong

"Give me five reason why you fell in love with me and why do you love me," Jaejoong smiled as he bit into the strawberry Yunho pressed against his lips. They laid on the grass in the backyard, sakura petals slowly falling down like in those manga.

Taking his chance, Yunho traced Jaejoong's lips with his fingers, getting them sticky from the sweet substance in the process of doing so.

"If I had to count the reasons why I love you and why am I in love with you I'd have to count forever."

Jaejoong laughed, his palm coming up to hide the smile.

"But like you said, Yunho-ah," he grinned at the slightly younger male.

"We have eternity. So you better start counting now."

Yunho's smile couldn't have been more beautiful.

[attempt #99] - I could have sworn I've felt; Yunho

There was that one moment when Yunho simply knew.

Their lips fused together, the kiss both rough and gentle at the same time and he had felt it.

The moment their hearts beat in sync.

It was that moment he had fallen.

Fallen fast like a shooting star.

[attempt #100] - As you breathed in the stardust of my love; YunJae

Much like the sun and the moon, they were destined to follow each other until the end of the time.

And when they met - stars aligned and the universe closed its eyes as the Moon and Sun collided in the sky.

status: I love them
Tags: length: drabble, pairing: yunho/jaejoong, type: drabbles
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