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[June, 12-19] thirteenth week;

[attempt #101] - Sweet as sugar I steal from you; |neighbor!verse|

Jaejoong would somehow miraculously run out of sugar at least once a week.

And there he would be - knocking on the door of his new neighbor.

Talk about being subtle.

[attempt #102] - Of bosons and semen; Jaejoong |physics!verse|

Kim Jaejoong found the sight of his boyfriends body as he slept with nothing on quite distracting. He had a thesis to submit by the morning and the damned thing was not going to write itself. He would glance at Yunho every minute or so, taking in deep breaths as his eyes would fall onto man's naked ass.

Yunho was oblivious to the stares from his boyfriend, sleeping deeply after an exhausting night. to say so.

But Jaejoong wanted more.

And that was the reason the older male stood up from his work desk, flipped his boyfriends body and wrapped his lips around Yunho's cock.

'Screw you Higgs,' was muffled against the head of Yunho's member. Jaejoong had his own God particles to taste.

[attempt #103] - Of dry-humping ;

Something about the way the slightly older singer bent down as he tried to pick up some papers, made Yunho's blood rush south.

And before either of them could comprehend what was going on - Yunho had pulled Jaejoong's sweatpants to his mid-thighs and nestled his clothed erection against the singer's bared ass.

Jaejoong gasped at the contact, his hands instinctively grabbing Yunho's palms that were holding his hips as he moaned. "Y-Yunho, what- what the hell are you doing!?"

Yunho groaned as he snapped his hips few times loving the friction of rubbing his clothed member against Jaejoong's ass. "Shh, baby," he whispered as he pressed his lips against Jaejoong's nape. "I want to dry hump you. I want us to come just by rubbing against each other this way."

Jaejoong moaned and clutched Yunho's palms harder. Yunho snapped his hips, moving his erection up and down the singer's ass, grazing against the man's entrance.

It felt too good, Jaejoong thought. The feel of something as it rubbed against him still not penetrating him. And Yunho's next words made him shiver.

"You will beg me to fuck you after I am done with you."

[attempt #104] - Falling, again; |profKim-studentJung!verse|

Kim Jaejoong knew that Yunho being the first thing he would think of after waking up, was not a good thing.

Days have passed since their last tutoring lesson and the guilt was slowly eating him from the inside.

But the most of all, Kim Jaejoong missed the boy's smile as he would secretly stare at the professor.

He missed it so hard.

[attempt #105] - I hate him; Jaejoong |heirs!verse|

"Fuck that fucking fuck. Fuck him."

Kim Jaejoong was pissed, to say so. The diner with his parents didn't end up that well - he gaped at them when they told him that the Jung family had invited them to a charity event that will be hosted in their mansion. To say that he declined with the speed of light would be an understatement. He didn't want to go. Why would he? Not with that fat spoiled motherfucking ass of Jung Yunho being present.

Jaejoong sighed out as he sprawled on his couch.

"I don't want to go," he whined in an almost cute way as he buried his head into the pillow.

[attempt #106] - Of pleasant memories;

There was this one time Kim Jaejoong almost killed his boyfriend.

TVXQ were flying back to Korea, the members exhausted and needing sleep. Yunho had fallen asleep right next to Jaejoong and the slightly older singer alowed him to rest his head in his lap.

But Jaejoong being himself - the forever sex hungry lover of Jung Yunho - was having a hard time with Yunho's head nestled against his growing erection.

And it was the reason Kim Jaejoong decided to use one Yunho's weakness for his own benefit.

Yunho used to sleep with his mouth wide open.

And the black-hair singer couldn't resist taking out his erection as he aligned Yunho's head with it. He pushed past the lips of the sleeping leader, carefully cradling his head as he moved it up and down his cock.

Then came the turbulence and Yunho's head slipped from his fingers, Jaejoong's erection pushing against the back of the leader's throat.

Jaejoong moaned and leader choked.


[attempt #107] - Until you pass out; |bdsm!verse|

Gentle fucking was never quite Yunho's forte. He loved to penetrate his lover hard, fast and raw. Until Jaejoong would beg him to stop and pull out and them clamp around his cock and beg 'Harder, faster,'. He loved the way the other male would shake and shiver from the force of their orgasms and he loved the way Jaejoong would moan as he'd pull out and come against the man's ass, smearing the white substance with the head oh his cock.

Yunho loved to fuck rough and it was quite fortunate that his lover loved to receive it rough.

What a match made in Heaven.

status: /bricked hard/
Tags: length: drabble, pairing: yunho/jaejoong, type: drabbles
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