hearty (kas2umi) wrote,

[2/5] Hide and seek

Title: Hide and seek
Pairing: Yunjae
Rating: pg/nc-17
Genre: angst, romance, mpreg!warning

Summary: You can run, but you can't hide.

part one | part two | part three | part four | part five + epilogue

6 Years Ago

The man walked fast, almost running, as he approached the room he had dreaded to get in. The orders were clear, and he was a second away from fulfilling his task - but then he saw it. And with that, complications interfered with the simple job his boss had given him. He shivered at the memory.

'I want you to bring him to me. Find him. I don't care how,  I don't care when but I want his heart to stop beating as it clenches in pain. Am I clear?' The man had paused then, his eyes conveying nothing but pain and pure anger. 'He needs to learn that no one walks out on Jung Yunho. No one.'

"I need to see Mr Jung. It's an emergency."

The bodyguard bowed his head in respect and opened the door. Walking in the man was greeted by the sight of Yunho staring through the big glass wall, his gaze lost somewhere in the distance. Coughing lightly to get his attention, the man apologized. "Yunho-shi, I apologize for interrupting you -" before he could continue Yunho faced him and asked.

"Is it done?"

There was something on the man's face as he asked that question. Fear. And anger. His fists were clenched tight as he looked his employee in the eyes. "Tell me, is it done?"

Taking a deep breath the man spoke with his head bowed in respect. "That's why I'm here Yunho-shi. I have found him but- He-" the man paused. "Jaejoong-shi, he-"

"What? Speak!" Yunho raised his voice as he approached the man.

"There is something I think you need to see first." Raising his head slowly the man took out the brown envelope from his breast pocket and handed it to his boss. "Please Yunho-shi. You need to see this."

Taking the brown object Yunho walked towards his desk and sat down. Opening the envelope he asked the man, "What is this? I don't need to see anything if it concerns Jaejoong, I think I made myself -" but before he could continue his eyes widened as he saw the contents of the envelope.

There were pictures. Dozens of pictures of Jaejoong - his husband that had left him, escaped from him. A husband that once was his all world. But something was different.

"W- what, what is this, is- is this some kind of a joke, I- "

"No Yunho-shi," the man spoke. "After I have had some people track down his whereabouts they handed in these pictures. And I have checked it sir. Many times. Kim Jaejoong-shi is pregnant. "

Yunho simply stared at the photographs of Jaejoong. The black-haired male had a smile on his face, one of those smiles Yunho had adored to watch each day of their lives in the past. He was holding a hand on his belly - a rounded belly that clearly indicated that something, that someone, was growing inside it. Leaning back into his chair, Yunho's hands trembled as the realization seeped in.

"Jaejoong... he's carrying a child."

Tears pooled at the corners of his eyes as he realized that he was almost about to punish his husband. He was almost about to kill their child.

Standing up abruptly, Yunho ordered the man. "Prepare the car and bring few men with us. We are leaving." With the photos tightly grasped in his palm, Yunho exited the office, his bodyguard following after him.


Jaejong was beaming as he moved swiftly through the house, but nonetheless with precise and careful steps. His right hand was resting on his belly, slowly caressing it as the smile on his lips radiated even brighter than before.

'Everything was going to be alright,' he thought in his head as he approached the plastic table near the pool in the backyard. Balloons were spread everywhere, colorful decorations on almost every step as he was touching up the final details for the small celebration he was throwing.

He had come back from the doctor that day, and the news that he was going to give a birth to a daughter were more than enough of a reason for a celebration. Those of the few friends he could trust promised to get there and in about an hour everyone would gather.

He stopped in his tracks as sharp pain shot through his body, his hands coming down to caress his belly. "Yah you little devil, don't punch that hard," he pouted and chuckled as his daughter kicked him once again.

But before he could say another word, his body froze at the all familiar voice coming behind him.

"Why didn't you tell me?"

It was firm and authoritative and he found himself spellbound to turn around and face the man he had escaped from almost five months ago.

As his eyes meet Yunho's, his whole body panicked and he took few steps back. "W-What are you doing here? How did you find me?"

Yunho ignored his words, his mind only registering Jaejoong's hands as they shielded his rounded belly and he found himself stepping closer to the man.

"Stay back! I swear to God Jung Yunho if you don't stay back I will kill you."

Yunho would have laughed if the situation was like one of those from months ago when he would chase Jaejoong around the house and the latter would threaten to kill him through fits of laughter. But those days are gone now.

"I will ask once again Jaejoong, why didn't you tell me? Why did you hide something like this from me!?" Jaejoong gulped as Yunho raised his voice and stepped closer. He stepped back at the same time and winced as his hips came into contact with the edge of the table.

"Why did you hide the fact that you are expecting a child of mine?!" Jaejoong shut his eyes as Yunho trapped him against the table and slammed his hands onto it's surface.

"WHO TOLD YOU IT'S YOURS?!" He found himself shouting back. Their faces were barely few inches apart and he couldn't help the words that flew out of him mouth in anger. "For all you know this child could be anyone's!"

Yunho instinctively grabbed the man's arms and gripped hard. "I had been told that another man has laid his hands upon your body and I was going to kill him. Kill you. And I was going to. Just few hours ago I had given the order for them to bring you to me," he shouted into Jaejoong's face and the latter found himself gaping at his husband, 'Yunho had wanted to kill me? But I never -'

"But how could I when you are in this condition? So I had it checked Jaejoong. Your doctor was more than willing to give me all the information as one of my men pressed a gun against his forehead. This child is mine." Jaejoong winced as Yunho's grip became stronger. "No matter with whom you have slept after you had left me - It was me you had slept with eight months ago. Remember? Because I do. I remember how you have given yourself to me on our anniversary Jaejoong."

Tears fell don Jaejoong's cheeks and he couldn't help but cry. He was tired. Tired of everything. What was Yunho talking about?  "What do you want Yunho?" He sobbed. "Please let me go. Please let me be, please.."

Yunho's heart skipped a beat at the sight of a crying Jaejoong. He eased his hold of the man's arms and spoke as nicer he could. He couldn't have Jaejoong having complications at this moment.

"You will come back to me. I don't care if you don't love me anymore," he paused for a moment. "I don't care if you don't like the life I live but you will come back to me. We will raise this child together."

Jaejoong looked him in the eyes and shook his head through the tears. But the next words that left Yunho's lips left him scared with widened eyes.

"Or I will take our child away from you and you will never see it again."

Tags: fic: hide and seek, length: chaptered, pairing: yunho/jaejoong
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