hearty (kas2umi) wrote,

[3/5] Hide and seek

Title: Hide and seek
Pairing: Yunjae
Rating: pg/nc-17
Genre: angst, romance, mpreg!warning

Summary: You can run, but you can't hide.

part one | part two | part three | part four | part five + epilogue

Jaejoong was sobbing in his arms, pleas of wanting to be let go of escaping his trembling lips but Yunho couldn't do it. He tried to convince himself that he had wanted Jaejoong back by his side only because of the child the man was expecting. Their child.

When the man had left him those five months ago - it was a hell for both of them and Yunho would have never imagined that Jaejoong would one day just say that he wants a divorce. And it was exactly what had happened.


Yunho had went home earlier that day, his presence was not required in the office and he wanted to spend more time with his husband. But what had greeted him instead of a warm diner Jaejoong would always make was a post-it note on the diner table.

'I am not coming back. You will be hearing from my lawyer. Yunho - I want a divorce.'

And as if his whole world came crumbling down in one second, Yunho knelt onto the floor and simply stared at the small piece of paper. He read it over and over again, thinking his eyes must be playing tricks on him. And when he realized that the note was indeed real, and that it indeed was Jaejoong's handwriting - he got up and ran to their bedroom. His lips couldn't stop asking for the man, a broken pleas of 'Jaejoongie please come out this is not funny anymore' escaping his lips as he checked every room in their home. But they were empty, their walk in closet was empty. Every single belonging of Jaejoong's had been cleared out and it was as if the man was never in the house.

Running out through the front door, Yunho didn't even bother to lock it. Entering his car he had called few numbers, a clear 'find him' leaving his lips as he started the engine. He needed answers. He needed to know what had happened, why did Jaejoong decide to leave him. Everything was okay that same morning when he had went for work and -

His mind stopped as he re-played the events from that morning once again.

After waking him up Jaejoong had made breakfast and brought it into their bed. They ate while talking and chuckling about simple things and Yunho remembers that Jaejoong smiled. The only thing that felt suspicious to him was the fact that Jaejoong had kissed him deeply just before he was about to leave the house. He had kissed him like back in those day when they first met and Yunho's heart clenched as he finally realized what that kiss was.

A goodbye.

His thoughts were broken as his phone went off and his hand rushed to answer it. "Y-Yes?" His tone was hopeful, thinking it might be his husband and he couldn't help but groan out as the voice of his bodyguard greeted him from the other side of the line.

'We have searched the east side of the city. He is nowhere to be found Sir -'

"Then search the whole fucking Seoul if you have to but find him!" He shouted and slammed his hand against the wheel.

'I understand Yunho-shi.'

The line went dead as Yunho pulled over needing to calm himself. Staring at the phone he typed in Jaejoong's number, praying inside that the man will pick up. "Come on Jaejoong! Please don't do this to me."

He was a second away from throwing the phone through the window when even after the 3rd ring the man didn't answer - when the line was picked up.

"Jaejoong?! Jaejoong is that you? Please, Jaejoong please talk to me don't hang up -"

'What do you want Yunho? I thought I made myself clear.' His voice was cold as he spoke.

"Jaejoong what's going on? Where are you? Please tell me I will come and get you so we can go home -" He was cut off.

'Home? What home Yunho? That house we used to sleep in? That same house you did your dirty job in? That same house that was for God knows how many times filled with bodyguards and filthy gangsters as you discussed your work? No Yunho. That was not a home.'

Yunho paused for a moment and took in a deep breath. "Jaejoong that is my job. You knew that very well. That is who I am, I can't change that -"

'I know you can. That's why I am leaving.'

His breath hitched. "What do you mean leaving? Out of the blue? You can't just leave me a fucking post-it note saying that you want to divorce me!" He shouted into the receiver.

Jaejoong closed his eyes as he fought back the tears. 'I am leaving you Yunho. You can't stop me. You won't.' Not giving the man a chance to speak he continued. 'I am not going to spend the rest of my life with a cold blooded man that doesn't even blink as he gives horrible orders to his men. I am not going to continue sleeping with a man that might have previously soaked himself in the blood of his opponents. I am not Yunho. Not anymore.'

Yunho was stunned at the words that left Jaejoong's lips, his own mind knowing how true they are but he had never thought that Jaejoong would use them in a such way.

'Because who knows how little time would pass before you get back home one night either angry or drunk and you take it out on me.'

What was Jaejoong talking about?  "You know I could never do such a thing! I love you for God's sake! You are my life Jaejoong, please,"

Placing his palm against his belly Jaejoong blinked his eyes trying to fight the tears that were threatening to fall down. He knew that Yunho could never do something like that. And it was the reason he used it as an excuse.

'One day it would eventually get to that. I am leaving before you get a chance to make it happen. And please don't look for me.' He couldn't allow his unborn child to be born in that kind of a world, to grow up in that kind of an environment. He was doing what was the best for their child. Even if it meant hurting Yunho in the process of dong so.

"Are you cheating one? Is this why you are pulling all these excuses on me Jaejoong? So you can escape with your pretty lover and get the fuck away from me?"

Jaejoong's heart clenched painfully at the accusation that left his husbands lips, his chest aching under the pressure of overwhelming emotions. He felt himself breaking inside with each word that has left his lips.

'I don't love you Yunho. I never did.' Lies.

Yunho's eyes widened. "Jaejoong please, don't -"

'The only thing that had made me stay by your side was the fact that you are a powerful man. You have money. You have everything I would have ever needed.' Lies.

A tear made way down Yunho's cheek as he gripped the phone. His eyes were black, all those words his parents used to tell him that some day he will fall and get burned rushed back into his mind.

'And the fact that you are good in bed. But let's be real Yunho -' Jaejoong tried not to break his voice at the words he was about to say. This was it. He was finally going to lose Yunho.

'Who could love a murderer?'

The line went silent for almost half a minute before Yunho spoke.

"I see." His voice was ice cold as Jaejoong remembers it to be while Yunho gave orders to his men to wipe off an entire clan in Japan.

"So people were indeed telling the truth as they called you an ordinary slut and a cockroach. To think that I have defended you as I do my life." Wiping off the tears from his cheeks Yunho spoke in a sharp tone. "You will pay for this Jaejoong. I will make you suffer so hard for this betrayal that you will beg me to take you in once again. Because you do know me, my dear husband. You do know how I deal with those that betray my trust."

Jaejoong shivered as he recalled few times Yunho had done some things. But he couldn't back out now. It was too late.

"Run. Run, Jaejoong. But I swear I will find you and you will regret the moment you had decided to play with my feelings. And we will see was it worth all his."

The black haired male shut down his phone with trembling hands as Yunho spoke his last words.

"Because remember - you can run but you can't hide. Not from me."


It was anger that pushed Yunho forward each passing day of the last five months. It was the hatred he had developed towards Jaejoong when someone anonymously sent him pictures of Jaejoong in a restaurant with another man. It were the rumors someone had spread about his husband sleeping around and laughing behind Yunho's back. And finally, after five months of searching for him, Yunho had found him in a small house near the outskirts of Seoul.

He had wanted to kill him, he had wanted to torture him and make Jaejoong feel all the pain he had felt for the past months. But now, standing there holding his husbands hands as Jaejoong sobbed and begged him to let him go, Yunho realized that most of that pain and hatred vanished in a span of a second as his eyes fell onto the man's rounded belly.

His child.

"Please, p-please don't take her away from me, Yunho I beg you to let me go," He freed his hands and fisted Yunho's suit. "You have no right to do this to me!!" He screamed. "Please,"

"You will come with me Jaejoong. Home. I will not take her away from you as long as you promise you will stay there. We will raise her together." But Yunho knew it won't happen that way.

Jaejoong panicked at Yunho's words.

"No Yunho please she can't grow up like that please, no I beg you," Jaejoong cried.

"No one will lay a hand on her Jaejoong. I promise."

"Please.." he had tried to say but everything after that went black. He remembers Yunho calling his name and carrying him in his arms. He remembers the feel of soft sheets being wrapped around his body and a faint 'he will be alright' that someone had spoken. Everything else faded to black before he had opened his eyes to find himself in an all too familiar room.

"Welcome home," Yunho had spoken as he stood at the doorway and watched as Jaejoong tried to get up but laid back down again.

And Jaejoong's heart had hopped that maybe everything was going be alright as Yunho took care of him for the following month. But he had realized how wrong he was as Yunho showed up with their daughter in his arms after Jaejoong had given birth to her and spoke coldly.

"I told you I would make you suffer. I told you I would make you pay. And take a good look at her Jaejoong, our daughter," he moved closer to Jaejoong but stopped out of the man's reach.

Jaejoong furrowed his eyebrows. What was going on? "Yunho? Give her to me,"

"Take a good look at her because this might be the last time you will ever lay your eyes upon her."

Jaejoong thought that the sound of his heart falling to pieces and the scream of his voice that reverberated throughout the ward of an private clinic was enough to make him die in spot.

Yunho had taken his daughter away.

The play of hide and seek was over.

Tags: fic: hide and seek, length: chaptered, pairing: yunho/jaejoong
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