hearty (kas2umi) wrote,

[oneshot] No pain, no gain

Title: No pain, no gain
Pairing: Yunjae
Rating: nc-17
Genre: post lawsuit, smut, slight angst

Summary: Yunho's performance incident went viral among the fans on internet. When the news reach Jaejoong via Junsu, Yoochun's sacrificial lamb, the singer finally loses it. He will do anything to hear the man and make sure he is okay and is surprised when he finds the tall dancer leaning on a wall next to his doorstep.

Junsu paced through the room having absolutely no clue on how he will tell Jaejoong of the horrific news. He knew that Jaejoong would be sleeping by now since as the singer suffered from insomnia. Yunho's stage accident was everywhere and fans all over Twitter were expressing scenes of paranoia.

Junsu was “forced” by Yoochun to be the one that will deliver the news because Yoochun has rejected ffearing the singer's wrath. Finally grabbing his phone, he started ringing Jaejoong.

The singer picked up, answering the call in a half-sleep daze, “Junsu-yah," taking a deep breath he replied, "Hyung, I’m sorry to wake you up, but I have some news regarding Yunho hyung,"

And at that moment, he knew something was not quite right. The tone Junsu spoke in frightened him, and thinking about what have might happened to Yunho sent shivers down his spine.

His mind clearing immediately, sleep long forgotten, heartbeat increasing every passing second as he finally found strength to ask the man on the phone "Junsu-yah... H-he...Yunho… Is he alright? Please... Su-ah..."

Junsu could sense Jaejoong's fear building up - clearing his throat he decided to be all honest with the pale singer who was on the verge of breaking down.

"He fell off some good feet, swinging in the air and landed right on the ground. They say he has been unconscious since then and cancelled the concert already. They're refusing to disclose any more info regarding his status now,"

And then it happened.

His heart skipped a beat, clenching tightly in his chest as his mind struggled to take in the news Junsu told him. And as if his world crumbled down in a split of a second, salty liquid made its way down his cheeks, eyes staring at the space before him, completely striped of emotion.

He knew one thing; those heartbeats would be useless if he lost his reason to living. No second thoughts. Gaining some strength, with a cold voice he demanded "Tell me where he is. Now!"

Before Junsu could utter a word, he caught the sight of Yoochun running his way breathless, "I managed to speak with their manager after long hours of trying to dig up his phone number. He said Yunho recovered his consciousness and only suffers from a minor back injury. They landed in Seoul an hour ago," As soon as Jaejoong overheard Yoochun, he hung up on Junsu and started frantically dialing Yunho’s number.

Yes he was relieved. Even if it was only a little, his heartbeat slowed down. Letting out a breath he didn't know he was holding, his fingers typed the number he knew by heart, praying inside that the man will pick up his call.

He needs to pick up. He needs to know from his mouth that the man is ok, that he didn't break something. He needs to hear his voice reassuring him, telling him it's not a big deal, he has had it worse.

He needs it all. He needs his voice to shake him out from the fear that consumed his entire being, thinking that he has lost his reason for life. He needs him. Not wanting to waste any second, he dialed the number and waited for the man on the other line to pick up.

Yunho who was resting on his bed, trying to wrap his mind around today's incident that almost cost him his life. Grabbing his phone he noticed that he had an incoming call, flashy numbers indicating a call from a person he hasn’t seen in months. His heart clenched as he realized that Jaejoong must have heard about his injury and been worried sick since. Taking a breath he picked up, "Hello Jaejoong…"

Hearing the other’s man voice lifted that worrisome stone that burdened his soul. His heart picked up again, anxious to know the state his lover was in, but somehow he couldn't utter a single word.

Sensing the other man's hesitation he decided to just talk, reassure his lover who was sure to be on the verge of hysterics that he was ok because knowing Jaejoong and the tantrums he used to throw when he would even have an ordinary fly, he was worried sick. Inhaling in a worn out breath he was sure the man on the other line has heard, he wanted to start but was cut off with a frantic rambling from the other side of the line.

"Are you okay? I... I heard the news and almost lost it ...Yunho, are you really okay?" Jaejoong's spoke in a shaking tone trying to keep up with the fast pace of his heart, "I just needed to hear your voice and get assured you're alright...I just couldn't ...it almost broke me not being there with you.." He continued until it really hit him that Yunho could have died today due to a staff's mistake. He felt anger seeping through his entire body that he found himself instinctively reacting, “and what the actual fuck were they thinking not insuring the ropes! The fuck Yunho, you could have died! JESUS!"

Now that was more like the Jae he knew. His heart warming up at the worry in the man’s voice and a small satisfying smirk flew past his lips. His little vixen could turn into a blood thirsty beast in the blink of an eye, and he was a witness of many times Jaejoong yelled at the staff or his friends because of Yunho. He knew it was not the appropriate time but fuck, angry Jaejoong was a big turn on, and the months he has spent in celibacy away from the heat of the singer’s body took a tool on him. But that can wait.

"Jaejoong-ah I'm okay, don’t worry. The rope broke and it wasn't that high," He knew he was lying but how the fuck can he tell him his back and legs hurt so bad without making Jaejoong feel even more angrier at the staff and himself for not being able to be there with him.

"I can feel your pain from miles away Yunho. I know that you're in so much pain that is almost killing me being away from you right now, not being able to do anything about it…" Yunho at the other end could feel that Jaejoong was holding back his tears, "Jae, its okay. You need to stop panicking because it will hurt me even more,"

Jaejoong took a long suffering breath before he muttered the next three words he felt consuming his entire being "I love you... Yunho-yah I love you so fucking much ...I miss you.."

"I know baby... I miss you too. I'm so cold at night without you to warm me up. I miss that" His heart ached. It hurt him to talk on a phone like this, especially in these kinds of circumstances, not being able to just hug the singer tightly and tell him that it's ok, that he is okay and is not going anywhere.

He especially missed the way his hands would find their place on Jaejoong's hipbones, tracing different patterns as he nuzzles his head beneath the singers chin, mouthing that dark birthmark. He misses it all. His love, body and heart and he can't wait to give the same to his lover.


Jaejoong flinched as he was shaken out of the daze he fell into after spending the past five hours just lying down on the couch with his phone placed over his chest, when he heard the doorbell ringing. He hurriedly got up, a black V neck shirt and sweatpants on, dragging his feet to the door without a slight knowledge of the person visiting - his mind was already wandering off to Yunho and the phone conversation they had hours ago.

As he opened the door, he was surprised to see the man that has been occupying his thoughts for the past hours resting his back on the wall.
Seeing the other man, barely standing there injured warmed his heart in a very special way knowing the man has come to see him. But his heart ached as his eyes trailed his long body noticing the tired state the dancer was in. As the other man lifted his head and their eyes locked he felt safe. Reassured knowing that he is not left alone and that the man is ok, as much as he can be considering the situation.

Not wanting to waste any more time they will have for that night or the next day, he crossed the little distance between them and wrapped his arms around the man’s torso, slightly pushing him into the wall. With a single tear trailing down his cheek he whispered the words into the man's neck "I missed you... I thought that I lost you and my heart crushed. Don't you dare to ever leave me, ever..."

Taking Yunho's arm around his neck and supporting him, Jaejoong walked them inside his luxurious penthouse and closed the door using his leg, "My poor Yunho, you must be so tired. If I had been there with you, none of this would have ever happened,"

He kept muttering as he was leading Yunho to his master bedroom. As they got inside the room, Yunho acted like he had been familiar with the place since forever, he simply walked next to the bed and fell slowly on the mattress, "There is nothing you could have been able to do Jae, it was meant to be and accidents like that are prone to happen every once and a while - I’m just glad that I’m not in a coma."

Approaching his injured lover he helped him taking off his shoes and then laid down next to him on the bed. "You know, I know how clumsy you tend to get while performing on stage that I have to keep myself from panicking every time you go on stage - it's been really hard you can't even realize ..."

Scooting closer to Yunho he started running a hand through his long locks “You don't realize how much you mean to me Yunho… I know you might have your moments of doubts about that but rest assured that I can't breathe into this life without you." Yunho locked glances with his anxious lover as Jaejoong lent closer to capture Yunho's lips in his.

A spark of electricity shoot through their bodies, the nerve endings tingling at the familiar sensation as a knowing pair of lips covered his. They were as he remembers them to be. Soft plumpish flesh with a faint trace of coffee lingering on the pink pout and his. Yes only his.

Leaning in to kiss back he felt how his heartbeat has increased a lot, hard thumps in his chest he feared the other could hear. It took all his strength and will not to flip the pale singer on his back into the mattress and have his way with him. Rough. Because god knows how much has he missed the heat of his lover’s body, trashing underneath him and moaning his name.

He can have that later. Because if there is a thing he missed more than that it would be moments like these, when they shared the warmth of their bodies only with their lips, breathing into another, breathing each other.

Jaejoong laid his body on top of Yunho's, all smooth and slow as their tongues clashed in a hot collision. Yunho wrapped his hands around Jae's waist while the other was breathing into his mouth, tasting every bit of it, and as he led the tip his tongue to lick the upper lip, all way to Yunho's beauty mark.

When Yunho broke the kiss for air, he looked into the eyes of his lover, out of breath and dazed look of love mingled with lust - Jaejoong rested his forehead onto the dancer’s one and rubbed their noses together, " It seems that this - you and I together in our own world is what have been occupying my worn out heart and mind since the last time we met. You don't know what wonders you could do to me Yunho - you make feel more alive than anything. When I’m together with you, I give in with my entire soul and being - I'm yours and nothing in this entire fucking world would rip you apart from me. Not SM, not anything. You're my only love.."

Hearing those words from a man on top of him, a man that holds the strings of his heart like a puppet master, felt strangely satisfying. He is the only one that can see him like this; he is the only one that can make him a moaning mess just with a one kiss.

Pushing back he kissed the singer hard and needy, their teeth clashing in a frantic way. Slipping in a tongue he caught the singer by surprise, the latter moaning into the kiss. Oh god how long he waited for this. One hand gripping his nape the other one slowly sliding down the singers back until he reached the dip of his spine. Lifting the thin material of a shirt Jaejoong stole from him after one of their “I want you to fuck me hard butt slow" sessions he felt how the man on top of him shivered as his fingers touched the heated skin.

Jaejoong was a trashing mess. His mind clouded, his only thoughts filled with love, satisfaction and need, pure lust as his tongue fought for dominance in their heated kiss. He needed him. He needed to feel the heat of Yunho's body in friction with his own, the curves and dips of their bodies fitting like pieces of puzzles.

In a synchronized rhythm, they rubbed their bodies together - so hot and so smooth. In one flip, Jaejoong was in Yunho's place while the other hovered on top of him. Their lips intertwined, sucking, licking and nipping. Slowly, Jaejoong worked his hands under Yunho's shirt to feel the softness of his mushy belly he enjoyed sleeping on in his many of sleepless nights. His hands slipping further to rub the man’s pectoral muscles while kissing him harder as Yunho moaned and whimpered into his mouth.

He felt the dancer’s clothed member poking him as he in a one swift move, undressed Yunho from his shirt. Feeling the heat of the moment suffocating his lower part, Yunho placed his tongue on the dark birthmark and let it wander around his lover's neck as he let his body fall in between his spread legs, leading their hard members into more heated thrusts, "Oh.. Yu- Yunho... “Jaejoong moaned out as Yunho’s slowly took Jae's shirt off and took in one nipple in his mouth while Jae's hand found itself slipping inside Yunho's boxers to cup his ass cheek while their synchronized humping continued, “I missed this ... the taste of your skin … the feeling of you.. You're mine," Yunho uttered these words finding it strong to concentrate taking in Jaejoong's form , laying all sweaty, needy and breathless under him. They kept rubbing their clothed members as Jaejoong spread his legs further apart and started to moan loudly while Yunho nibbled his nipples with teeth, "I can’t... Yunho I can't... any more, now. I need you,"

"I am still not done with you... I waited months for this," he sucked harder on the aroused nipple, circling the numb with his tongue while the man beneath his moaned in pleasure," so we're doing it my way,"

Jaejoong was lost. Lost in the mix of lust and need as his hips bucked harder into the dancer ones, needing more friction. His hand still in Yunho's boxers, he kneaded the soft flesh, his nails digging in making the latter moan in pain." Yunho-yah... baby... Please," he breathed out moaning as Yunho trusted harder and their hips met, their arousals bucking into each other "Yun... pl-please.... I need you in me,"

There was so much pleasure he felt at that moment he felt like bursting. His arousal painful, needing release and that part of his soul wanting the man deep inside him, stretching and filling him until he finally loses himself in the bliss. But he knew he won't get that so quickly.

He could feel that the man on top of him won't let him get away that easily, not before he drove him crazy with his kisses and hips. And Jaejoong knew what those hips were capable of, he will get that later. For now he had to endure the painful pleasure of his lover kissing his way up and down his chest as his hips thrust so hard against his.

Yunho behaved like he took an oath to tease his lover underneath him who was bucking up to Yunho's member spreading his legs further out. His hands that were desperately roaming around every inch of Yunho’s tanned skin and he started to unbuckle his pants slowly while Yunho enjoyed sucking his hard erected nipples. The need to feel him inside of him was growing by the second that he grew impatient as he wanted to get Yunho out of his pants and underwear. As his hands started finding their way through the boxers to the dancer’s hard member, Yunho stopped Jae's hands, grabbing both of them and placing them above the singer’s head as he continued his teasing.

"Ahhh… aaaah" Jaejoong moaned out as he felt Yunho's unclothed member rubbing against his burning skin and around his bellybutton - Yunho was adamant to leave the man completely spent before entering him completely.

He then kissed closer to his lover's face as Jae almost bit his lips wanting to feel every inch of Yunho in him. Lost in his daze, Yunho let go of Jae's hand as the other took the chance to move his hand and lay a strong grip on Yunho's hard member. Instinctively, Yunho started removing Jaejoong’s pants and underwear revealing his member all full and begging for attention.

At the feeling of Yunho's skin on his own, Jaejoong screamed with a loud moan, "Are you trying to kill me tonight...I want you in me so bad... I want to feel you," "Tsk ,tsk, " Yunho smirked as he licked all the way from the singer’s neck till he reached Jae's cock and started to lick the at tip as the man’s body began to shake uncontrollably.

It was that musky scent of his lover that drove him insane as soon as he started mouthing the head of Jae's swollen member. Slowly placing his lips around it he pressed in, the tip entering his mouth as his lover moaned. Jaejoong's hands found their way to Yunho's hair, his fingers entwining with the man’s soft locks as he gripped them hard wanting to press his lover's head to take in his erection.

It was too much. The feeling of the man's lips on his member, his lips slowly touching the overheated skin, he felt like crying. And cry he did. Frustrated to the point of breaking he bucked his hips into the man, his cock sliding in with ease and as he hit the back of the dancer’s throat he felt so close.

Gripping the singer's hips he pressed them down on the mattress, taken by surprise at the thrust in his mouth. Holding tightly, he licked the shaft of Jae's member, from the base to the tip of the head, his tongue pushing in at the pout on top. The latter's hands gripping tightly on his hair, his hips trying to buck into his mouth.

Deciding he teased him enough he slipped the whole member in his mouth. Moving his head up-down slowly and then quickening the pace, his ears taking in the hard pants and moans of his lover beneath him. Bobbing his head up and down, he traced his long fingers over the man’s sac as the latter screamed in pleasure.

Everything was so overwhelming. His body on fire, his mind blank, his eyes full if lust and his heart bursting from the immense love he felt for the man between his legs.

As he released Jae’s member, Yunho traced his lips over the singer's hipbones, teeth sinking into the hard flesh marking him as his. Jaejoong’s hands never leaving his hair as if he needs it as a safe place while he loses himself in pure overwhelming pleasure. Tracing his tongue over the singer's navel he felt his muscles constrict under the touch, his flesh covered with goose bumps. Trailing his eyes over the man's abdomen and chest, he admired the beauty of his muscles: not so strong but quite defined and he felt a tug of pain taking in how the man has lost a lot of weight for the past few months. He is sorry for not being there to make him eat enough even though he knows all those moments would end with this or him between Jaejoong's legs on the kitchen table.

Everything was too much. Hooking his legs around the dancer's waist, their members rubbed against each other, both releasing a moan at the friction. Instinctively, Jaejoong started rubbing his feet on the man's ass, trying to bring them closer, but when a moan that escaped Yunho's mouth sounded more like one of a pain than pleasure, he stopped immediately.

"Baby are you ok? Oh my god did I hurt you?!" Worry evident in his voice, he released the man's hair and cupped his face to look at him. "You... you just hit the spot where I fell," smiling a little at the worried look on his lover's face Yunho responded, " It's not a big deal, it just hurts a bit," "Oh my god how selfish can I get!? You are here; almost died today and I want you to fuck me!" Jaejoong released Yunho's face and grabbed his hands " Are you ok?! I am sorry Yunho-yah, we will stop you need to rest."

Yunho couldn’t believe him.

There he was, making him horny and needy and wanting to be fucked senseless one moment and the other one he wants to back off? Oh no he isn’t. Sensing Jaejoong moving underneath him to get out of the bed he quickly grabbed his face and clashed their lips into a rough kiss, slipping his tongue into the singer’s moist cavern.

His eyes widening in fear for the dancer's injury he pushed Yunho off shouting at him "Are you fucking crazy?! Do you want to die you idiot?! Why would you risk getting yourself hurt while havi- mpfh…" his voice was muffled by another kiss and this time he had no strength to push the man off. But Yunho did it for him, holding his head in place as they looked into each other’s eyes,

“I was away from you for months, without being able to touch you or feel you, only hearing your tired voice over the phone. Today I fell and all I could think if were you, you and how worried you will be about me that you will forget to eat. And then you called me, your voice breaking as you asked me if I was okay and I had to come and see you, " a small tear fell down Jaejoong cheek as he listened to his lover," to tell you I'm ok, to hug you and kiss you... Have my way with you. And now after all of that and the things we dif for half an hour or more you tell me we need to stop? Kim Jaejoong, is not my ass you should be worried about because after I'm done with you, you'll wish you never called me today,"

With a smirk on his face he kissed the older man as the singer wrapped his arms around his neck. Drawing back for air he said “Never baby... I will never regret calling you, you are my life... And now fuck me so hard I will be able to feel you for weeks."

Clashing their teeth they lost themselves in the moment, lust, need and passion taking over their bodies and something more, something so important.


Smirking into the kiss, their breaths deep and quick, Yunho moved his lips and mouthed Jaejoong's earlobe before whispering, "Your every wish is my command," he slowly bit on it enticing a moan from the pale singer, " but you should be careful what you wish for because your wishes might come true," tracing his tongue bellow the man's ear he smirked " Princess..."


His breath still hitched.

His body still shivered.

His heart still beat fast.

It felt as if morning came too quickly. The sun high up in the sky, rays falling down on the tangled mess of naked limbs and soft sheets in the master bedroom of the luxurious penthouse. The whole place wrapped in absolute silence, apart from a pair of breath intakes from the occupants of the bed.

But somehow as if the walls still echoed the moans and the grunts that stopped barely few hours ago. The moans that left the lips of the pale singer as he was fucked hard into the soft sheets like the younger man have promised.

Princess... The word still lingered in the older man’s mind. He actually got a bit angry at that. He was no woman. He is a guy for fucks sake! He was so mad that he tried to flip the younger man and tie him to the bed as he teased him.

Keyword - tried, and failed miserably.

Having woken up almost half an hour ago, the singer laid there, his body pressed against the younger ones, their legs intertwined under the covers leaving only their feet exposed to a slightly chilled air in the room. The man had done nothing else but stared at the sleeping dancer, just like a child taken to the fair for the first time. And to him it felt like that.

To him every time felt like their first one, just because he knew he fell in love over and over again.

His doe eyes trailing across the features of the tanned man, his gaze lingering on the man’s chest until it finally stopped at the big purplish mark in the dip in between, his teeth still visibly engraved into the soft skin. He felt his cheeks blushing as he started recalling the events that followed, his body warming up at the thought of the man's teeth digging hard in between his shoulder blades as he thrust his hips at an animalistic speed.

God it felt so good. After months of masturbating and phone sex, he was finally filled, he finally made love to Yunho. Yes, love. No matter how rough or hard their sessions were, he would never find another word to describe it than that.

Yes he loved it hard. Yes he loved it being pinned down, his ass in the air as the younger man had his way with him. Yes he loved that.

But only because it was Yunho. Only because the man spoke the "I love you"s with every single thrust inside his body; because the man told him how beautiful he looks with his legs parted like that, ready to take him all way in. He loved it because as much as it was rough or gentle, the amount of love the other man gave him in those moments was always multiplied by ten, fifty, hundred.

Because he knew that with every thrust into his core, the younger man fell in love with him a little bit more.

Tracing his fingers over the dancer's exposed abdomen, he felt his muscles twitch under the touch and he tried to move it softer in order not to wake the younger man. He loved this. These moments when Yunho was asleep and he watched him, drinking in his every feature, every wrinkle and imperfection as the other laid there motionless, in deep slumber.

He has always loved the man. From the moment he laid his eyes on him he knew. He knew he was trapped with no way for escape, and he didn't care.

Yes it was hard. Confessing. It was hard at the beginning. It was hard even as the time passed, but he still didn't mind. He wanted this man sleeping next to him. He needed his. And he would not have it any other way.

Moving a little closer to the his face he arched his neck into a soft press of flesh, lips to lips as his heart started beating so fast he thought it would wake the younger man.

And it did.

Sensing something soft pressing against his lips, Yunho opened his eyes and his heart jumped as his gaze was locked with a pair of big doe eyes, the melted chocolate orbs boring into his soul. The melted chocolate orbs making their way to his heart once again.

"Oh sorry, I woke you up..." Jaejoong withdrawn but was stopped when a hand was wrapped around his nape, the grip strong but not painful "Yunho-yah? Are you oka-" Shutting up the older man, Yunho clashed their lips into a heated lip lock, his own heart beating faster and faster with every taste of the older man.

Even though he was caught by surprise, Jaejoong quickly gave into the kiss, his lips now responding as eager as Yunho's. It was all they ever needed. Their lips joined into a kiss, sometimes rough and other times soft or small tentative pecks that knew to last for hours as they lay in the shared bedroom of their old dorm. Sensing that Jaejoong is not going to draw back this time, Yunho slid his hand down the singer’s neck settling it at the dip between his shoulder blades.

He allowed the older man some control of their kiss letting him take his lower lip in between his own as he nibbled on it with small bites. That allowed him to take Jaejoong’s upper lip in the same way, both stroking the soft flesh of their lips in almost synchronized movements. Their eyes half closed, dazed with love and a familiar feeling creeping up their spines.

The kiss continued for few more minutes until Jaejoong finally broke it, needing some fresh air as he started to feel dizzy. "Uh... I mean wh- are you okay?" He asked the younger man as he tried to regain control of his breathing, which proved to be a lot more easily said than done as he could feel the obvious arousal growing in his boxers. "Yeah I'm fine, why?" amused by the state his lover was in, Yunho smiled. "Are YOU ok?"

"I'm... I'm fine, just... you surprised me I thought you were asleep," Jaejoong was embarrassed. He was caught in one of his "OMG Yunho is so cute sleeping like this, I will kiss him and maybe even rape him because I know he is a hard sleeper" acts and he knew he will be teased for it. Luckily for him, Yunho let it go, not wanting to tease his lover any longer.

"So... Good morning then," flashing a big smile towards Jaejoong, he tried to get up from the bed but stopped as pain shoot through his lower back and legs.

Yunho's sudden moan of pain struck like thunder shaking Jaejoong out of his hazy momentarily lust. He slowly got off his lover and walked his way to the wooden stand next to the wardrobe and leaned against it. On his way there he grabbed a pair of black sweatpants that lay next to the bed and Yunho’s oversized shirt. He closed his eyes and gritted his teeth as though he was in an immense pain while the clueless dancer stood up in bed immediately upon seeing the fog clouding the scene.

In a suffocated tone, Jaejoong finally spoke to give sense to his sudden visible trauma, “I can't take this anymore Yunho. I can't do it. I can't really do it."

A look of terror formed on Yunho's face as his lover's sudden outburst of words began to translate and decipher in his dazed mind that it was a breaking up attempt. He felt the world reeling from around of him as his heart beats started thudding in a racing pace that he could barely muster the coherence to utter any word, confused as hell "Are you breaking up with me?"

Yunho's unexpected question caused the angry singer to flinch as he opened his eyes, "No! Why can't you get it Yunho? It's too much! This is too much for anyone to bear! I can't seem to understand how I am supposed to live like that for much longer."

It was definitely too much for Yunho's brain to absorb because he couldn't come up with any reason to why in hell Jaejoong was making absolute no sense "Jaejoong, what is it? You’re freaking the fuck out of me right now!"

"Well, good! Maybe this will make you understand what I exactly have to go through every time they announce that you have a concert. It's a concert, after a concert after another freaking concert! Who does that Yunho? Who in hell does that? You barely get any breather! Can you tell me was it the last time you had a day off?"

Still dazzled by his lover's sudden meltdown, Yunho had no could do nothing but to stutter and try to appease his angry lover “Jae …"

"How about NEVER! They keep squishing you in these painstaking schedules trying to use every single drop of your sweat so that they make their amounts of money reach the higher of skies. They're killing your youth slowly Yunho and you never seem to object." Jaejoong's body was shaking heavily that he turned around to face the closet and support himself with his hands leaning against it.

"But this is how we do it Jae, you know this! If I didn't work hard, if I didn't bust my ass out not being much of a help to Changmin, then all of these things we willingly or unwillingly have given up for TVXQ would fade into thin air; it would mean a naught! If I want to protect our dream then I'm going to protect it with everything that I have, even myself."

Yunho didn't know how he mustered the strength to face his lover who seemed to be going through one his crazy panic attack episodes; nevertheless, he had to make him comprehend that sentimentality was no longer sufficient – he chose to stay and he had to be a man enough to bear the consequences.

"Your life? You're a willing to give your life for that! Then fuck that Yunho, fuck everything! Fuck TVXQ if it's going to take you away from me. If it's going to be the end of you." Jaejoong screamed now that he turned around to face Yunho who had got out of bed and stood next to him by the closet; he suddenly grabbed Yunho's face with his hands smashing their foreheads together – he took in a deep breath and continued, "I know that the stage is your life, that TVXQ is your life but Yunho, that doesn't mean that they have to be the end of your life! I love you God damn it. Every time you go on stage I feel like this could be the end of me… You can't keep doing this to yourself and to me.. You need some rehabilitation, you need to tell them that protecting TVXQ doesn't mean you getting no time for sleep that you kill yourself in bone crashing routines to slip and get yourself killed."

Yunho wrapped his hands around Jaejoong's waist and started running them on his back trying to make the man relax. They just stood there lost in the moment, nose to nose and forehead to forehead. Deep down, Yunho realized that he couldn't escape the reality of what Jaejoong said—he knew that he was being selfless putting TVXQ before anything ; he also had come to realize that his world didn't solemnly revolve around being a TVXQ member, he was a son, a brother and a lover. It has been ages since the last time he saw his sister - his own flesh and blood ,and that it almost cost him the thing he cherishes the most — his relationship with Jaejoong. He realized that maybe he wasn't controlling the wheel of his life any more, that although he was shining the brightest as U-Know, he was fading to black as Jung Yunho.

He slowly opened his eyes taking in the view of Jaejoong's worn out face; he cupped it into his hands as he slowly inched their lips closer, “I'm sorry. I'll tune it down, okay? I love you."

Jaejoong found his lips voluntarily taking Yunho's into his as they both sunk in a long lingering kiss that promised of a lifetime of love. And even after a lifetime.

Yunho broke the kiss in need for air, "How about we take this to the shower, huh? We stink."

Chuckling at the older man the dancer kissed him once more fully on the lips before he turned them around as they made way towards the big bathroom.

Their hands intertwined, smiles on their faces and love in their hearts.

Jaejoong thought he will never need anything else. Let’s just say he THOUGHT that. But Yunho was about to prove him wrong.
Entering the spacious bathroom, they stopped in front of a big mirror. Their hands joined on the singer’s belly as Yunho was hugging him from the back. Admiring the beauty of the man he had in his arms, Yunho’s heart fluttered and he could swear he felt those little butterflies at the pit of his stomach.

He was his. Only his. And he would never have it any other way.

Catching the smirk of the younger man in the mirror, Jaejoong’s whole body shivered at the words he spoke next, the demanding tone promising so much pleasure he felt his skin turning into goose bumps. Oh god how he loves that voice.



“What are you waiting for?” He said with a serious voice, their eyes never breaking contact, “I said strip.”

Jaejoong didn’t move. He just stared at the almond eyes in the mirror, his body growing hotter every second as he tried to find strength to utter a word.

God how he loved when Yunho takes control.

Releasing the singer’s hands he let them fall limply to his sides, “Ok. If this is how you wish to play, then be it.”

Jaejoong could only watch as Yunho’s hands started moving over the soft fabric of his shirt. His eyes trailing the man’s long fingers tracing the dips and the curves of his body through the soft material as his own heart started beating faster, the anticipation for what’s about to come building inside his chest.

The feel of the younger’s hands on his body have always been one of his favorite things. He remembers the days they just lay on the couch and Yunho would trace different patterns on his abdomen or back. They used to play that childish game “Guess what I wrote now?” and Yunho would sometimes confuse him by writing an English word he had hard time guessing. He would get angry and then the dancer would kiss it away, until a smile bloomed on his face once again.

Now they stood there, in front of a mirror with their eyes locked and it was no longer childish. They were no longer kids that feel in love years ago; no longer those teens that spent all their free time cuddling and hugging each other. Those times are far gone and all that’s left is a pleasant memory that sometimes brings tears to their slightly wrinkled faces.

Yunho no longer has his crooked teeth; he no longer has that long raven hair. Their faces are long robbed from innocence and wide smiles as they watched their members fight over a can of ice cream. Those times are gone.

They were men now.

Two men that once fell in love. Two men that still love each other like the first day.

With a wide smile stretching over his face Jaejoong never broke their eye contact saying the next words, “I love you.”

He felt his eyes getting wet from the emotions currently flowing through his body, but he didn’t care. This was Yunho. This was the man he chose so long ago and the man he loves with his whole heart and being. His tears are the dancer’s too.

One hand still lingering over the singer’s abdomen, he traced the other one towards the man’s face; a finger touching the drop of salty liquid that fell from Jaejoong’s eye. “You’re so beautiful. Even If I was given 10 lives to live them with you, I could never stop telling you that. You are beautiful. And I could never tell you enough, how much I love you, even if I spent all those lives saying it,” he placed the finger on his lips, his tongue tracing the salty tear as he never stopped talking, “I love you Jaejoong. More than my life.”

It was all that took Jaejoong to turn around and place his lips on his lover one’s, barely a soft press of flesh as he cupped the dancer’s face.
It was a slow kiss, their lips moving in a synchronized manner as they shared the heat of their bodies pressed flush against each other.

Tightening his grip of the man’s face, Jaejoong deepened their kiss; his tongue tracing Yunho’s lower lip as he coaxed the other man to open up.
Slowly, their tongues met, and what started as an innocent press of lips grew into a heated lip lock, as the leader grabbed Jaejoong’s nape and slipped his tongue further down the singer’s throat.

God it felt so right. Kissing those plum red lips as the singer moaned in his mouth. Sharing the same breath; breathing into each other. He traced every corner of the other man’s mouth, their tongues now fighting for dominance, and he knew he won when the singer let out a pleasured moan as Yunho sucked on his tongue.

The smirk that covered the dancer’s face when he broke the kiss for air was one of victory as he took in the state of his lover; panting mess with his eyes half lidded, lustful. And the thing that gave him so much satisfaction and possessiveness was that he is the only one that can make the older man like that. He is the only one that will ever be able to see him like this - flushed and breathless, his cheeks pale pink as his hands gripped the hard flesh of Yunho’s biceps asking for more, begging for more. He and no one else.

He remembers the first time he saw Jaejoong.

Out of place, a beauty he thought to be a girl. Long raven hair, pale smooth skin and oh god those big doe eyes. His face so innocent and a wide smile exposing his perfectly white teeth. His heart got stuck in his throat.

Later when he saw Jaejoong as a trainee for SM, he smiled thinking it must've been faith.

The first time they hugged his breath hitched. First time the singer kissed him on a cheek, his smile widened showing his crooked teeth. The first time their lips touched his heart skipped a beat. And when they joined for the first time, he remembers.

He remembers tears. Big shiny tears flowing down the singer's face because it hurt. Tears falling from his eyes on Jaejoong's face because his heart hurt for the older man's pain. And kisses. Lots and lots of kisses he placed all over the singer's face hoping to relax the man beneath himself. And oh god he remembers those moans that left Jaejoong’s lips as he hit that spot deep inside.

Every single moment is still vivid in his mind as if it happened last night. All those memories from the times they were young with dreams big as the night sky.

And now after all those years, his heart never stopped loving the singer nor did it love him any less.

“Yunho-yah…p-please…” Jaejoong was caught in the love-lust daze after the kiss. His body growing hotter and aching for those slender fingers to trace every spot of his skin; all he could do was cling to the other man as he begged once more, ”Yunho, please… I need you.”

There was something so fragile about the way he clung onto him and spoke those words. Something fragile and addictive. And like all the times before, Yunho fell once again.

“Hold on tight, I don’t want you to fall,” grabbing his lovers legs and securing them around his waist, Yunho made his way towards the spacious shower at the middle of the bathroom. Their clothes being removed in the process by a very impatient Jaejoong and he couldn’t help but chuckle at his lover.

As soon as they entered the shower the singer ducked under the steaming water, his hands spread as he supported himself on the cold tiles.

The first gush of water was cold. The second one felt strange but with the third one sensation flooded his body as a pair of hands started stroking over his hardened nipples and chests. His tongue coming out, licking at his lower lip as his mind wished the dancer would clash their mouths once again into a much wanted heated kiss. He felt a hand roaming over his stomach, long fingers tracing the ridges of his abdomen and tracing the edges of his hipbones, fingernails digging into soft milky flesh. He was breathless. The glass walls fogged with steam of the hot water and their own burning bodies, the want of Yunho so overwhelming he felt like going crazy.

And when Yunho traced his fingers over his shaft, he really did feel like going crazy. Crazy from pleasure.

The dancer’s hand then stroked at the heft of his shaft, rolling the loose skin. He was going crazy but when the man opened the bottle of shampoo and the vanilla spice of the dancer’s favorite soap filled the steamed shower he lost it and turned around clashing their teeth in a rough kiss. He could feel the metallic taste on their tongues as they fought for dominance and as he sucked on the younger man’s tongue. Not having strength to wait any longer; the ache to feel the man inside him so strong he took hold of Yunho’s member and smirked to find that the man was apparently as hard as he was.

“No prep. No teasing. I want you,” he took the shampoo from the man’s hands and dribbled a thread over his fingers and the dancer’s member, his palm slowly spreading the liquid, “Now.”

Yunho didn’t have to be told twice.

Hooking the singer’s legs around his waist he gently positioned his member at his entrance, the tip slowly pressing into the pink pout. And even though they made love last night, nothing could prepare Yunho for the onslaught of pleasure as he slowly pushed in, the tightness enveloping his member too overwhelming.

Jaejoong’s fingers digging into his biceps, gripping hard as his lover’s length split him apart. He ached for the feel of the younger man deep inside him, so deep that there would be nothing left of him, nothing left of them. He felt the touch of Yunho’s mouth on his own, the tip of a tongue slipping past his lips and he was lost.

Lost in Yunho and the immense love he felt for the younger man.

Soon Yunho started thrusting harder, slowly sliding out until only the head of his member was in and then thrusting hard and rough forward, scraping that spot deep inside his lover that made him see stars. Their moves becoming synchronized, as the leader rocked into Jaejoong’s body pressed on the cold tiles of fogged shower walls. His hands’ gripping the man’s flesh as his prostate was hit repeatedly.

Yunho felt the rising pulse of his body from his shaft threading upwards. His stomach clenched, muscles tight and convulsing under pleasure and it the moans of the older man were anything to go by, the singer felt as good as him if not better.

The slickness of the shampoo eased the rough thrust of the dancer’s hips into his body, the sound of skin slapping echoing under the steamy water spray.

Grabbing a fistful of Yunho’s hair, Jaejoong felt the man’s teeth digging into the soft flesh of his throat; his tongue circling the spot and then sucking on it leaving a red bruise. He could feel Yunho’s lips trailing the dips of water down his chest and when he felt the man’s lips closing over a hard nipple he let out a cry, the pleasure building so fast he feel his head spinning.

Yunho felt his legs nearly buckled beneath him, the strength fading out as he had to hold the older man. Droplets of sweat mingled with water as he rocked hard into his lover.

God it felt so good. The heat of his lover’s body surrounding him as their bodies pressed flush in a heated lovemaking session. The singer’s hands gripping his hair and flesh as he writhed in overwhelming pleasure of having his prostate rubbed continuously and the world exploded too quickly as that pleasure became too much.

Jaejoong came with a loud moan, his muscles clenching over his lover’s sex bringing the other man to his release. Twitching from the pleasure he smiled in the man’s hair as he felt himself being filled with his lover’s seed, the warm sensation almost tingling. Yunho was panting, his legs aching from the additional weight as he embraced the singer’s body harder.

Not moving an inch they just stood there, Jaejoong flush against the tiles, hooked on Yunho’s waits as they hugged each other trying to regain their breathing, neither noticing that the water has become cold long time ago. And Yunho could have sworn he felt their hearts beat at the same time.

Jaejoong was the first one to break the silence. “I love you Yunho. So so much. I love you.” He gripped the man possessively against himself as he rested his chin on top of the dancer’s head. Yunho’s cheek was resting on Jaejoong’s chest, taking in the only melody he would not get bored listening to as long as he is alive.

Returning the embrace with an equal strength Yunho smiled into the man’s skin, “I love you too. So so much. Forever.”

And Jaejoong could’ve sworn he felt their hearts beat at the same time.


“I won’t let you leave until you promise me something.”

They were standing in the hallway of Jaejoong’s apartment as the younger man was getting ready to leave, his schedule not allowing him to stay any longer. And Jaejoong being Jaejoong aka “you must eat well, you must sleep well, you must rest a lot, ask Minnie to apply ointment on your back and leg, don’t do any dangerous stunt moves, oh and eat a lot, if I see some pictures of you with girls ima castrate you, and oh NO FUCKING STUNT MOVES, I love you, oh you look sexy, rest a lot” , could not help but worry about Yunho and his state.

“Anything baby,” Yunho loved this Jaejoong. He truly did. All flustered and babbling about taking care and eating well. He never liked to worry Jaejoong but times when the man felt that way for him felt strangely satisfying. And not to mention how cute he looked threatening with that finger. Oh God.

“You won’t to those back flips again. My heart jumps out every time I go on Twitter and fans freak me out into thinking you died or lost a leg. Please don’t do that anymore,”

“You know I have to. It’s part of the choreography Jaejoong and what kind of a dancer I would be if I don’t do that?”

“Ok then.” He was determined. “For every next flip you fail you will be cut on sex for a whole month,” Yunho tried to cut him but the singer raised a hand, continuing.

“I’m not done Jung Yunho. But if you succeed them I will give myself to you in any way,”

A smirk.

“Any time,”

A raised eyebrow from Yunho.

“Any position you wish,”

And the dancer could feel something at the pit of his stomach,

“Rough or gentle. Your call.”

Flipping his heart and mind as he saw the smile on his lover’s face.



Nissan Stadium. 75.000 people feeling their breath hitch as U-Know Yunho does another back flip.

75.000 people letting out a breath when he succeeded.

And no one missed a smile that formed on the man’s face after that, as if a child given a cotton candy for the first time.

Little did they know his candy was waiting in a room of a nearby hotel, waiting to be bent, stretched and licked in every possible way Yunho could imagine.

But only few caught the smirk on the maknae’s face as if he knew the reason behind his hyung’s constant back flip practices for the whole past week.

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sumi's note: fetus writing days xD I know it sucks xD
Tags: lenght: one-shot, pairing: yunho/jaejoong
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