hearty (kas2umi) wrote,

[2/3] Stardust

Title: Stardust - The fault in our stars
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: pg13 (implied nc17)
Genre: AU, romance, fluff, angst

Summary: Yunho stargazed and Jaejoong collided with him, sending a month of research worth papers flying around the observatory. Some say it was a supernova.

part one | part two | part three

There was something in the way the universe is that reminded Yunho of Jaejoong's smile.

Bright enough to fuel thousands reactions of nuclear fusion and creations of pulsating stars.

Pulling him in with a force of a strong magnet, as if his own Event Horizon. A black hole that will suck you in as soon as you step over that one imaginary line.

And when the dark-haired male would beam - it would feel like hundreds of blazars concentrated into a single ray and sliced through the flesh of his chest, straight through his heart.

It hurt painfully sweet.


Yunho couldn't stop thinking about him.

Rolling onto the other side of the bed he tried to think about anything else but the man.

'Oh God, Jaejoong. Fuck.'

He let out a strong sigh and gripped his hair in pure frustration.

He tried to give it a name. That new feeling that had hit him like tons of bricks, but strangely, it didn't hurt.

'He glowed. He freaking glowed. A star maybe?'

"No, not a star," he corrected himself. "A freaking quasar."



"What?" The black-haired man stared through the open dome of the observatory.

Yunho tried to sound serious. "As an astrophysicist you do know that Pluto is no longer a planet?"


"So did you know that there will be another planet less soon?

The raven faced his boyfriend with a shocked expression. "Why? When, how? I mean I haven't heard that. When?"

Yunho smirked mischievously.

"After I am done with Uranus."

Jaejoong stared at his boyfriend for few moments before erupting with rage.



He couldn't wait to see the man.

Jaejoong skipped through the apartment, a smile gracing his lips in glee of finally rejoicing with his boyfriend after a three-day seminar about Stellar nucleosynthesis.

He missed the younger male so much.

Hearing the sound of a running blow-dryer coming from the bathroom he assumed Yunho must have finished showering and was drying his hair.

As he approached the slightly ajar door he was prepared to shout a greeting but all words died in his throat as his eyes fell onto the sight in the bathroom.

Yunho was naked. Butt naked with a running blow dryer loosely gripped in his right hand. Blow drying his dick.

Jaejoong gulped.

"Yunho w-what are you doing?"

At the sound of a familiar voice calling his name Yunho looked up and smiled at Jaejoong.

Jaejoong watched as Yunho fisted his member and turned off the blow dryer. Smirking mischievously at the raven he spoke.

"I kinda had the feeling you were coming tonight so I heated up your diner."

Kim Jaejoong contemplated whether to slap his boyfriend or get down onto his knees.




"I'd give you the stars but knowing you - you would tell me that's not technically possible because they are massive luminous spheres of, what was it again?"

"Of plasma Yunho, held together by their own gravity."

"Yeah, that. So I can't do that even though I want to. But Jaejoong-ah?"

"Yes baby?"

"You be the wind and I’ll be the sails,"


"And you can blow me all night long."

"I hate you."


"Thank you Yunho-yah," Jaejoong kissed his boyfriend's cheek.

"I knew you would love to stargaze with me tonight," Yunho replied with a grin on his face.

He coughed lightly. "Jaejoong-ah?"

"Yes baby?"

Pressing his lips against his boyfriend's ear Yunho whispered. "Can we make love under the stars?"


He couldn't deny that his love for the younger male grew stronger each passing day.

All those puns and jokes Yunho would make, all those sleazy lines that implied not-so-moral activities. The way he would beam at Jaejoong when the latter would get back home from a day at work.

And the way Yunho would fall asleep half-way sprawled on Jaejoong's side of the bed - his arms clutching Jaejoong's pillow close to his chest.

Those things made him fall.

And Jaejoong always thought that, if he could somehow give Yunho a different name - he would call him Gravity.

The center that pulls him hard and fast, a force that keeps him safe from floating away and clashing with some burning stars.

A home.


Yunho didn't quite remember how in the world did he managed to snatch Kim Jaejoong.

But what he knew was, that seeing the man's smile first thing in the morning - was more than worth of learning all that astrophysical terminology and the fact that the estimated mass for Andromeda Galaxy's halo is 1.23 ×1012 M☉.

Almost as much as his love for Jaejoong.


"Do you want me to shower with you?" Yunho kissed his boyfriend's nape gently. Jaejoong giggled at the touch and pressed backwards against Yunho.

"No," He laughed. "You will try to do some inappropriate things."

Yunho smiled against his skin and hugged him tight. "Okay then." He pressed his lips next to Jaejoong's ear.

"But how about I catch the Phi Cassiopeiids meteor shower with my bare hands and spill it all over your body and skin so you can radiate beauty for an eternity?"

Jaejoong's heart fluttered. 'Damn you,' he mused in his head. Turning around he cupped Yunho's face and inched closer.

"How can I not let you do inappropriate things to me Jung Yunho with that sweet mouth of yours," He ghosted his boyfriend's lips.

Picking him up, Yunho smiled at him.

"Let me shower you with love."


"You know how I finally understood the E=mc2 equation?"

Jaejoong turned to his boyfriend and smiled. "How?

Yunho crossed that little space there was between them and pinned the man to the counter. Leaning in, he whispered into his ear.

"The equation is supposedly telling the relation between the loss of mass in stars and the energy they emit, right?"

Jaejoong gulped and nodded his head. This was not going to end well.

"So I figured," Yunho smirked, "You are my star. The energy I give in when we make love and the speed of light I thrust in you with must be the reason you have lost so much weight, am I right?"

Jaejoong's laughter rang in Yunho's ears as the man connected their lips. "Is there anything in physics that you do not relate to us having sex?"

"Not sex baby," he kissed Jaejoong back. "Love."


Kim Jaejoong found the sight of his boyfriends body as he slept with nothing on quite distracting. He had a thesis to submit by the morning and the damned thing was not going to write itself. He would glance at Yunho every minute or so, taking in deep breaths as his eyes would fall onto man's naked ass.

Yunho was oblivious to the stares from his boyfriend, sleeping deeply after an exhausting night. to say so.

But Jaejoong wanted more.

And that was the reason the older male stood up from his work desk, flipped his boyfriends body and wrapped his lips around Yunho's cock.

'Screw you Higgs,' was muffled against the head of Yunho's member. Jaejoong had his own God particles to taste.


"Are you cold? Here I brought a blanket." Sprawling the material on the concrete ground Yunho hugged his boyfriend. The night was colder than usual but Jaejoong insisted on visiting the dome. Not to mention they had sneaked into the observatory the older man is working in just to have a clear view on the impending meteor shower.

"You see there?" Jaejoong pointed towards the night sky with his forefinger. "Somewhere there, light years away, the Pillars of Creation are. Gosh, they are so magnificent."

"The Eagle Nebula is indeed beautiful. But, Jaejoong-ah, you know that the pillars are composed of cool molecular hydrogen and dust that are being eroded by photoevaporation from the ultraviolet light of relatively close and hot stars. They are, extremely dangerous."

Jaejoong gaped at the younger male. "How do you know that? When did you learn more than me about the stars?" He pouted and covered his head with Yunho's winter jacket they had brought with them.

"I also majored in astrophysics, remember?" He laughed at the older male.

"Years ago, there was a young foolish student that got himself a tutor. And that student did everything he could to win the heart of his physics professor. The pick-up lines didn't appear to have worked. So he read many books. Nebulas, electromagnetic fields, neutron stars, red giants and galaxies. He wanted to see what was there so special that made his professor's eyes shine so brightly."

Jaejoong flushed bright red but didn't dare speak a word. Yunho continued as he got under the jacket and pressed his lips against Jaejoong's ear, causing the older man to shiver lightly.

"And he studied. Studied so hard. Because remember what did his professor tell him at the graduation ceremony?"

"I told you to stargaze. It's easier for the heart when you stargaze."

"Exactly," Yunho placed a kiss at the soft skin. "I stargazed Jaejoong. Four years of college and stars and equations. Just so I could see what you used to all those years ago. And then I finally found you. Stargazing we collided. I am sorry you dropped all those papers back then."

They laughed in unison at the memory. Yunho sprawled on the floor at the college's observatory and Jaejoong who came in to file in some research documents.

"And, as you have noticed, my cheesy lines got better over the years."

"I hate your dirty jokes." Jaejoong tried moving further away but Yunho followed.

"You love them," he chuckled as he kissed the spot below Jaejoong's ear. "My cute little pulsar."

The older male's heart skipped a beat at those words. Turning around he pressed his face against Yunho's chest as Yunho hugged him.

"Do you think it's the fault in our stars that brought us together?"

Cupping Jaejoong's face Yunho smiled at his boyfriend. "Fault? There was no fault there Jaejoong. Only you and me. You, my beautiful professor and me, a student that fell for you like those shooting stars we watched few weeks ago."

Bringing their faces closer Yunho ghosted Jaejoong's lips. "Years have passed, and more are yet to come. Just you, me and as many stars as we could ever dream of."

"I love you."

It was a whisper but Yunho heard it.

"I love you too. More than you can imagine. And," he trailed off as his palm traced Jaejoon's lower back. "Kiss me if I'm wrong, but it's been a while since we made love under the night sky."

Closing his eyes Jaejoong shivered. His lips found Yunho's, and he could feel the younger male's lips curving into a smile.

"You mean it's been a while since we desecrated my work place?" He smiled against Yunho's lips and giggled as the younger's hand squeezed his butt suggestively.

Flipping the older male on his back, Yunho stared at Jaejoong's smiling face. He could see as the night sky reflected in the raven's eyes. The dome was wide open, nothing but light years of countless galaxies and magnificent universes. But Yunho could see his universe sprawled on the large blanket a mare brush of fingers away.

Hooking Jaejoong's legs around his waist he pressed closer to the other's face and spoke gently.

"Let's show those stars the glory of your naked body. Let them burn out in jealousy."

Jaejoong laughed and Yunho kissed.

A meteor shower they have been waiting to see started as they got lost in each other.

It was a thousand of wishes. Or maybe just a hundred.

But neither cared.


Tags: fic: stardust, length: chaptered, pairing: yunho/jaejoong
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