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[oneshot] Stargazing

Title: Stargazing
Pairing: Yunjae
Rating: pg
Genre: angst

Summary: And after so many years of searching the galaxies, you realize that person became your stargazing point.

"Jaejoong-shi, you are turning 28 this year. Tell us. Has there been any love of yours you are not able to forget?"

The interviewer smiled as she asked the man sitting across her in a leather chair. To be quite honest, she was more than just curious about the singer’s love life and it felt as if asking that question was more for her than the broadcasting station she worked for.


The singer smiled brightly at her. "To be honest I don't know."

The woman gaped at him all but shouting, "Eeeh?! Come on Jaejoong-shi there had to be someone,"

"You know, as a kid, I used to stargaze a lot. Just sitting on a bench in an nearby park, eyes fixed on the night sky, made me happy,"
The woman was a bit confused but didn't interrupt him.

"As kids we find happiness in the simplest and ordinary things. Growing up, such things slowly start fading away from our minds and become replaced with serious thoughts and stern faces. But you know, somewhere here," he said touching his chest, "those kids still lay and wait, jumping out in situations where life starts squeezing you, shaping you as an adult, with a serious face, set goals in mind and nothing else."

"Those are times when you, an 25 or 30 year old, are going back from work and pass by that same old park and sometimes tugs at your heart. You know it's not pain you feel and you know you are not sick, so it must've been that kid, knocking to come out."
"And you can't resist him, you give him the control and go there to stargaze again. After so much time. And your heart wants to burst from happiness because everything seems so much easier that way, lying on the grass with your hands crossed under your head."

She was confused.

"What does that have to do with love?"

He smiled at her.

"Sometimes that kid doesn't have to be you. Sometimes that kid is someone else; with the same look in the eyes you had years ago. Someone with a smile brighter than galaxies you used to stargaze at. Someone that made your heart pick up with a single touch of a hand. A person that crossed your mind a hundred times a day and that thought itself made you smile like an idiot. Someone whose hug made you feel as if you walked near the sun. You smiled when that person smiled. You cried when that person cried. And you shared so many moments together that if you counted them, they would take up half of your life."

There was a smile on his face as he spoke those words, barely even stopping to catch a breath. And then it flattered; the corners of his lips falling slightly as he continued.

"But then, there are times when that person leaves your life, or you are to be blamed, doesn't matter, and you realize you miss your heart beating fast"

"I had a person like that. Thinking about it now, half of my world revolved around that person. But then, people change and people leave. They make mistakes,"

His eyes were fixed on the host, but his look was lost, somewhere deep in the past. He took a quick breath and continued, "And after a year, three, ten, you realize you miss that smile, those hugs, the moments you shared together just talking about nothing. And you realize you want to turn back the time to do few small, simple things you were scared to death of doing back then."

What she wanted to ask when he stopped but then the singer continued.

"A kiss,” he smiled again, “just a light press of lips in which all your affection is knitted into. Or a simple, barely audible I love you as you stare at each other under the night sky,"

"And then, there you are again, walking home after a day at work, passing that old park, and you feel that person knocking from inside your chest wanting to make you a kid once more. And you allow it, because that person is the only one that can do that to you. So you just lay on the grass, hands under your head. The sky is slowly getting darker and darker until first stars show up. And then you stargaze. For seconds, minutes, hours, until you feel the kid in yourself alive again."

She was at loss of words. The singer just smiled at her with somewhat sad look in eyes as they stared at each other.

"So was it love?" she asked almost whispering.

"Maybe it was love. Love can be that way."

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Tags: lenght: one-shot, pairing: yunho/jaejoong
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