hearty (kas2umi) wrote,

[3/?] Galaxies we've lost

Title: Galaxies we've lost - Whirlwind
Pairing: Yunjae
Rating: pg13
Genre: angst, AU, romance

Summary: As silly as it may sound, Jaejoong falls for the boy in front of a flower shop.

Three Years Ago

Kim Jaejoong had always wanted love. Someone to claim as his own.

Selfish as it may sound, he had wanted that.

Someone who will leave kiss marks on his throat, his collarbones, his heart. A love that would consume him whole - both his body and soul until he just wishes to just crawl underneath his lover's skin and stay there forever.

Jaejoong had always wanted a relationship where he would be able to say "you are my universe".

A love where they will be able to love hot, hard, gentle, fast, slow, angry. A love where he and the person that will trap his heart will be them. Two stars colliding, creating fireworks.

Jaejoong always imagined that kind of love where he would get pinned down and then gently caressed. Smile. Then kiss like there is no tomorrow.

Maybe a love where two of them would stay up until dawn just sitting on the floor next to an open fridge eating junk food and chocolate ice-cream. Kiss and kiss. And then kiss some more. Perhaps swim together in the nearby lake or river and laugh while doing so.

Ever since he was old enough to understand what love is, Jaejoong wanted a love where his lover will lay on his stomach with his back bared to him as Jaejoong would tattoo his body with cheap permanent markers; maybe a dragon, or a butterfly or even his name.

He also craved love where they will go out at 6PM in the hot summer days and lay down on the high grass and just talk. "I had a shitty day" "Mine was also fucked up" and then laugh and talk how they would go to the Andromeda galaxy one day and live there - just the two of them.

Jaejoong wanted love where his lover will get jealous - and then cup his face and kiss Jaejoong hard and ask him to say "you will only ever love me, say it" and Jaejoong would probably smile and kiss his lover as hard and passionate as he could and they would get lost in the whirlwind of emotions rocking their bodies. And then in the morning, he would be woken up with kisses being trailed up his spine and shoulder-blades, and then his neck.

And once again, Jaejoong will fall.

Jaejoong always imagined love where they will shower together but his lover wouldn't look at his body; it's embarrassing. So they will just stand under the stream of warm water and chuckle awkwardly.

A love where they will sit and talk about nothing or everything. Just be who they are.

But the most of all, Jaejoong wanted someone to love the scars on his legs and arms. The one on his left palm and the one on his upper lip that stopped him from smiling like he once used to. Someone to kiss it and say "please smile, you are beautiful when you smile."

Someone to love his mild ocd's and weird habits. If Jaejoong counts the steps he makes - that someone will add a beat and they will sing to it, and if he gets the urge to bite the skin of his arms as Jaejoong was used to doing for years already - his lover will give him his arm and tell him to bite. To let it all out.

Kim Jaejoong simply wanted someone who will make him feel that the real world is better than the one he has in his head, and will give him his hand and pull him out from the parallel universes he'd trapped himself into.

Simply saying 'I love you'.

And for the first time in forever, Jaejoong's heart will skip a beat even though his electrocardiogram tests are perfectly fine and it's just his family that says he dreams too much.

But Jaejoong knew, that all his dreams and wishes came true as his eyes fell onto the form of a tall, young boy with a mole on his upper lip as he passed by one of their town's flower shops.

Tags: fic: galaxies we've lost, length: chaptered, pairing: yunho/jaejoong
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