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[June, 19-26] fourteenth week;

[attempt #108] - Burnt out; Yunho

Yunho tried to remember the feeling of a familiar pulse beating against the tender skin of his palm.

His fingers tried to grab hold of a warm hand.

Oh, he remembered. He wasn't there.

[attempt #109] - Subtle ways of you and I; Yunho |neighbor!verse|

It was amusing to Yunho. The way Jaejoong would think of all kinds of excuses and knock on the door to his apartment with a blooming smile on his lips.

Ever since he had moved in, Jaejoong was the one that offered help with anything the taller male would need but also, Jaejoong was the one that needed help with the silliest of things quite often as Yunho had noticed.

'The door to my bedroom got stuck Yunho-shi please help me' and cue in the quivering lips.

Yunho found it quite interesting.

[attempt #110] - Do it for the charity; Jaejoong |heirs!verse|

As far as formal events go, the one Jaejoong was at the moment had to be the worst ever.

Taking a glass of what looked like champagne from one of the silver platters the serving boy's were carrying around, Jaejoong exited the main hall into a spacious balcony that overlooked the beautiful garden of the mansion.

The evening was slightly chilly but anything was better than being trapped inseide, he mused in his head.

The attempts of evading the charity event were futile. His parents didn't want to hear a word about it. At the end, with not much choice, he stopped whining and got dressed up.

The only thing that was keeping him from going crazy was the fact that he hadn't met that rich ass of Jung Yun-

"Well well, isn't that Kim Jaejoong?"

'-ho. Oh God.'

Jaejoong cursed inwardly.

[attempt #111] - Hide; |phantom!verse|

Jaejoong moaned at the feeling of the stranger's cock rubbing against his butt cheeks; the head pushing forward just enough to graze against the clenching entrance.

It was the third night already.

Third night of being fucked by a complete stranger - no name, no voice. Just a throbbing manhood penetrating him over and over again until tears of pleasure would slide down Jaejoong's cheeks.

Trying to recall the way it all began Jaejoong arched into the man's touch; the stranger's lips kissing the soft skin of his neck.

All he could remember was a shadow in the nightclub, a shadow that followed him as he went home.

And a shadow was all Jaejoong saw as he laid in bed before his sweatpants were pulled down to his mid thighs and his head buried into the pillows.

A stranger fucked him nights ago, and that same stranger was sensually penetrating him third night in the row.

[attempt #112] - Sweet sweet;

There was something about  Jaejoong's lips while the man was deep asleep that made Yunho kiss them over and over again.

And perhaps bite here and there.

[attempt #113] - When we're seventy;

Jaejoong was old now and barely able to move, so Yunho wasn't able to sweep him off his feet like in their twenties.

But as their wrinkled fingers intertwined and the corners of their lips morphed into soft smiles, Yunho knew he didn't need to do that anymore.

[attempt #114] - Oh, you have raindrops on your heart; |highschool!verse|

Jaejoong remembered the way his heart was beating hard inside his ribcage as his eyes met with the other boy's almond ones.

The rain was pouring harder each passing second but the younger boy didn't seem to care; his eyes taking in the slightly wet hair of the older boy as they shielded themselves beneath an gray umbrella.

It was Tuesday, raining, and Kim Jaejoong just had to bump into his highschool crush.

status: new verses; hmm
Tags: length: drabble, pairing: yunho/jaejoong, type: drabbles
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