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[June, 26 - July, 3] fifteenth week;

[attempt #115] - Hate is such a strong word; |heirs!verse|

"Jung Yunho." He gritted his teeth with his back still facing the man. "And here I was thinking this night could not get any better." With a fake smile plastered on his face he turned around and came face to face with Yunho's amused one.

"Was that supposed to be sarcasm?"

At Jaejoong's raised eyebrow Yunho let out a chuckle. "We should really stop meeting this way Jaejoong-shi," he grinned at the black-haired male. "It's almost as if it's fate-"

"Yunho-shi," Jaejoong cut him off, his voice colored in fake politeness. "If you'll excuse me, I need to get back to the main hall."

Walking past the man, Jaejoong felt as a hand grabbed his wrist and a pair of lips came close to his ear. Before he could react, Yunho whispered softly.

"Bitchy as ever, aren't you," And just as he was about to reply, he felt as the tip of Yunho's tongue grazed his earlobe and he froze mid-step.


[attempt #116] - Transparent; Yunho |neighbor!verse|

After a much needed shower, taking a bottle of soju from the fridge Yunho leaned against the kitchen counter. Droplets of water dripping from his hair onto his naked torso and down the navel; getting soaked into the white towel he had placed around his hips.

Just as he was about to take another sip, there was a knock on the door and with a strong 'Hold on' he made his way towards the sound.

And the way Jaejoong stuttered as he took in Yunho's half-naked wet form after the man oppened the door was more than amusing to Yunho. "I- I got- I mean, I made more food than I could eat so I was wondering if you'd like to eat it with me."

Yunho fought the urge to chuckle as Jaejoong's cheek turned red. He found it utterly adorable.

"Sure thing, come in."

[attempt #117] - Of blowjobs; Jaejoong

There was something about the way Yunho would choke around his cock that made Jaejoong see stars.

[attempt #118] - Stop, it's embarrassingly sweet; Yunho

'Roses are red, prickles are green. I love Jung Yunho's legs and what's in between.'

Yunho reads the message and wonders just when did his 'wooing' skills rub off on Jaejoong.

[attempt #119] - Philia; |phantom!verse|

Jaejoong was not one of those sick, perverted people that loved to be abused. No. He was definitely not like that. He had always wanted a stable relationship where his partner would love him, caress him gently and make sweet, slow love.

And yet, there was something deep inside his body that loved the rough penetration of the stranger he had first encountered almost a month ago.

Name. He wanted a name.

But all he'd get were primal thrusts of the man as he would press Jaejoong's head into the pillows and raise his ass higher up.

[attempt #120] - Chasing Cars; Jaejoong

Jaejoong reads it and his cheeks paint a faint shade of red at the words. Yunho had always been the more romantic one in their relationship and it never failed to warm up his heart or cheeks.

The handwriting is nowhere near perfect but it's uniquely Yunho, and Jaejoong wouldn't want it any other way.

He reads the note once again, and squeals into the pillow.

Oh, sweet, love.

[attempt #121] - Vanity;

It felt strange, sitting on the wooden bench next to Yunho. Jaejoong gazed somewhere beyond the blooming sakura trees, afraid to face the man seated next to him.

Yunho would sometimes glance at the blonde man and hold back a sigh.

Yet, the same question ran through their minds ever since the moment they entered the park and occupied one of the old benches.

'What have we become?'

Neither had the answer.

status: I should have given these up when I had the chance
Tags: length: drabble, pairing: yunho/jaejoong, type: drabbles
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