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[July, 10-17] seventeenth week;

[attempt #129] - It was raining when I fell in love; Yunho |neko!verse|

'Just my luck to get caught in a downpour' Yunho cursed in his head as he ran towards his condo. His coat completely drenched, the suit equally as wet as he tried to shied his head with a black briefcase.

Just his luck for deciding to go to work by foot.

Quickening his pace, he could feel as the wetness slowly seeped its way into his very bones; this time, he was bound to get sick.

Barely 30 meters away from the condo, he cursed out loud as he stumbled upon something soft but strangely heavy and almost face-planted against the wet asphalt. The briefcase was laying on the drenched ground and Yunho sighed out heavily as his hair plastered against the sides of his face.

Talk about avoiding a cold.

Looking down he searched for the object that almost caused his fall and his eyes widened at the sight in the pouring rain.

A small kitten, with striking blue eyes and multiple scratches on his face, laid curled up on the wet asphalt; his tiny body shaking from coldness.

Not even thinking twice about what he was about to do, Yunho crouched down and took the small kitten into his hands; pressing its body against the barely dry shirt underneath the suit.

He looked down in time to see as the small animal hooked its claws into the material of his shirt, lightly scraping against the skin of his chest. Its eyes closed down as the trembling of the small body never ceased.

Picking up his briefcase, Yunho shielded the kitten with it; his hair long forgotten.

And as he ran towards his condo, Yunho could have sworn he felt as another heart beat in sync with his own.

[attempt #130] - I don't want to lose you; Jaejoong

It's been weeks since the last time he had picked up the book.

Every day was a constant battle between his heart and brain; those foolish things.

'Read it Jaejoong, it's just a book.'

'But he will be gone after you do that. You know it.'

It was one page, one final page until he would touch the hard covers at the end of the book.

The end.

But Jaejoong just wasn't ready to let him go.

The character in that book, his Yunho.

Mole above his upper lip. A scar on his throat. Almond eyes. Tall. Not fond of coffee. And with the most beautiful smile Jaejoong could've ever imagined.

And as he sat down in the sofa and placed a mug of hot chocolate onto the table, he was determined.

'Chapter One', it said.

Jaejoong began reading.

[attempt #131] - The lost ability; Jaejoong

Sometimes, all Jaejoong wished for, was to dream of him again.

[attempt #132] - When you're in love;


"Yes baby?" He snuggled against Yunho's chest.

"Are you Google?"

Laughing at the question he looked up at Yunho. "No, why?"

Yunho's lips stretched into a smile. "Because you have everything I'm looking for."

[attempt #133] - Cocky;

"Yunho," Jaejoong motioned towards the man's crotch. "Your zipper is down."

Grinning at his boyfriend, Yunho shrugged his shoulders. "Ah, the cage is open but the beast is asleep."

After a moment of silence and Jaejoong's dumbstruck face, Yunho continued.

"Wanna wake it up?"

The crystal vase Jaejoong had threw at him was quite heavy, mused Yunho with a blue eye.

[attempt #134] - Of romantic poems; Jaejoong

The concert is over, and Jaejoong feels dead tired. Laying onto the hotel bed, freshly showered, he checks his phone for new messages.

There are five of them, all from the same number.

Starting from the first received one, Jaejoong heart burst into happiness as he laughs; his palm shielding his lips.

'Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I'm using my hand,
But I'm thinking of you.'

Smiling, he types a reply. 'Ha.Ha. Jung Yunho. Very funny.'

Somehow, he doesn't feel as tired anymore.

[attempt #135] - Of snow. Maybe.; Jaejoong

Staring at the message on the screen, Jaejoong shivered.

'I'll be there in five minutes. I want you.'

It wasn't Winter yet, no. And Jaejoong was no weather-man.

But he knew he should be expecting at least good 5 inches tonight.

status: it was damn fun writing these
Tags: length: drabble, pairing: yunho/jaejoong, type: drabbles
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