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[July, 31 - August, 7] twentieth week;

[attempt #150] - Of confessions;

It was not something Yunho was preparing himself for.

Having arrived to their apartment after a hectic day of performances and filming, the members sprawled themselves over the first pieces of furniture they got their tired hands onto.

Jaejoong was in the kitchen, already preparing a meal to help them fight the tiredness when Yunho walked in and sat on the kitchen counter.

As he stared at Jaejoong's back clad in a white t-shirt, eyes focused on the food splayed on the cutting board, it came out as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

"I love you." He spoke with a calm mind and heart, only smiling when Jaejoong turned around and looked at him - shock evident on his face.

"I love you." He repeated as the knife in the pale man's hand hit the hard tiles of the kitchen floor.

"I love you." He felt as tears streamed down his face. He was tired. Oh so tired.

And as Jaejoong embraced him hard and let the man bury his crying face into his shirt, Yunho knew.

And he voiced it out one more time before his lips were pressed against a pair of softer ones.

"I love you."

[attempt #151] - Of clumsy purehearts;

Yunho knew that senpai would never notice him.

He had cheeks that were too chubby, teeth that were too crooked. A messy hair that never seemed to frame his face as heavenly as Jaejoong's hair did to the raven-haired boy's face.

Yunho knew he was not good enough.

But it was the exact thing that had him walking up to the cafeteria table Jaejoong was sitting at with his tall and handsome friends.

It was clumsy and awkward. But it was a confession they'd both remember for life.

"S-Senpai I like you."

[attempt #152] - December 26th, and snowing; Yunho

Damned the car, Yunho cursed mentally as he tried to break through the rush hour in the street. He had left the office late and only few places were left open - he had gifts to buy.

Considering his work hours and the fact that being the executive of a major firm is not a joke, he had barely managed to snatch some time and rush to the other end of the town and buy some gifts for his parents and nieces.

Taking a glance at the time on his watch and realizing he just might still get there before they'd close for the day, he opened the door of his car and made a step out.

Just as he had managed to shut the driver's door and lock the car, he didn't even have the time to realize what had happened; something had crashed against his body and with a yelp he had fallen down on the snowy asphalt.

Groaning, Yunho looked up and froze.

A pair of doe-eyes.

A pair of red lips.

A thick red and white scarf with a matching beanie.

And the most beautiful face he had ever seen.

"Oh God I apologize," the man on top of him panicked. "I was running and I really didn't see you! I am so sorry!"

And as the stranger's gloved palms cupped his head for any signs of injuries, with scared 'Did I hurt you??' leaving his lips, all Yunho did was stare.

It was December, 26th and snowing. And Yunho might've just fallen in love with a Christmas Angel.

[attempt #153] - Even when we're old and wrinkled; Yunho

There was something about the way Jaejoong would pout in his sleep that made Yunho stare at him for hours.

The way that pair of pink lips would purse into the most beautiful curve Yunho had ever seen on anyone's body.

Almost like a magnet, pulling him in until his lips would touch Jaejoong's and his belly would do a somersault.

The raven wouldn't stir but Yunho's cheeks would color red as if it was the first time he had tasted the other.

But it's been years. And more were sure to come.

And Yunho was still in love like the first day his eyes met Jaejoong's.

[attempt #154] - Because he's more than worth it;

Yunho knew that one day, everything they've built might turn into ashes.

All the money and flashes of the cameras.

Their dream, the dream he and Jaejoong had dreamt since they were foolish teenagers with messed up haircuts and chubby cheeks. The dream of becoming someone and doing what they love.

Yunho knew their love could destroy that in a span of a second.

And yet as Jaejoong walked into the bedroom of their penthouse suite wearing only a plain white bathrobe and a breathtaking smile on his lips, Yunho knew.

And as the robe fell down and Jaejoong stood in all his naked glory in front of him, Yunho smiled.

Everything else might turn into ashes, but he couldn't care less.

He had the Life he had always dreamt of sprawled atop white sheets with a wicked smile adoring his lips.

Jaejoong had Yunho, and Yunho had Jaejoong.

It was more than enough.

[attempt #155] - All of your warmth; |neko!verse|

For the nth time in the last fifteen minutes Yunho groaned. The kitten had secured itself in the hollow of the man's throat, its tiny paws stretched wide anchoring its small body against Yunho.

He could feel it trembling; the fast heartbeat, as if a hummingbird was trapped inside the stray's body.

The water felt good against his tired body, muscles relaxing the instant the man had lowered his body into the steaming liquid.

But the tiny animal refused to get soaked any further; the downpour from before more than enough for its tiny beat down body, and had spent the last fifteen minutes mewling against Yunho's Adam's apple.

"You need to get cleaned," Yunho palmed his face while talking to no one in particular. It was not as if the kitten could possibly understand him.

Grabbing the small animal, he pried if off his throat and raised its body.

Those blue eyes stared at him accusingly and scared. Soft mewls escaped that tiny mouth, and Yunho felt guilt seeping inside his body along with the warm water.

Sighing out, he placed the kitten onto his wet chest and the animal was once again back into its cocoon of security as sharp claws hooked themselves into Yunho's skin.

Taking hold of the nearby cup he uses to keep his toothbrush in, he filled it with warm water from the bath and slowly poured a bit by bit onto the kitten's fur.

The animal mewled and started purring, blue-eyes half way closed as the warmth relaxed its worn out body.

Yunho laughed.

"As long as you're secured against me with those tiny claws you're not against taking a bath?"

Kissing the tip of its wet nose, Yunho gave up.

"You spoiled beast."

[attempt #156] - Like a bitch in heat; Jaejoong

Jaejoong was not a sex-addict. No, no way.

But the thought itself of having Yunho buried deep inside his body made his toes curl and heart beat faster. The way the man would pound into his body and snap his hips in experienced thrusts. Those palms gripping his hips, keeping him in place and Jaejoong's eyes would close at the sheer pleasure from getting fucked thoroughly.

No, Jaejoong thought.

He was not a sex-addict. Not at all.

status: something is missing and my emotional state is getting worse...
Tags: length: drabble, pairing: yunho/jaejoong, type: drabbles
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