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[August, 7-14] 21st week;

[attempt #157] - We all have something to lose; Jaejoong

Jaejoong can't fight the tears in his eyes.

A cold palm is tightly grasped in his own much warmer one, as he stares at Yunho's pale face.

He is afraid of loosing him. Jaejoong is afraid that if he even just blinks the man's heartbeat will slow down and die out.

He is afraid of loosing Yunho.

Not like this.

He can hear Changmin's sobbing and it does nothing to calm his own trembling body.

"You need to leave now Kim-shi, the patient must rest."

His moves are lifeless, robotic even as he stands up and grabs the door handle.
He is desperate.

"What if I don't get to tell him I love him even after all these years?" He asks Changmin with tears sliding down his cheeks.

His body is wrapped into a firm hug.

"He knows. He always did."

[attempt #158] - Of Shibuya kisses;

Yunho knows everything could have crumbled the moment Jaejoong's lips connected with his own.

He can hear whispers from the passerbys and is thankful that a hoodie is shielding them at least a bit from the curious eyes.

His heart is beating fast and he knows Jaejoong must feel the same too, as their tongues met and lips caress.

It's crazy, they are crazy he repeats in his head but Jaejoong needs it and it's more than enough for Yunho as he cups the older's face and deepens their kiss.

Jaejoong smiles.

[attempt #159] - Dandelions;

"You see, I'm a good boy." Yunho smiles as he arranges his shoes neatly. He hangs his coat and scarf and is met by an amused Jaejoong inches away from his face.

"Only because this place is brand new and I'd just moved in," he laughs as he places his arms around Yunho's shoulders.

Yunho pecks him on the lips. "Well," he rocks their bodies as they walk into the empty living room. "It is brand new. And empty. And with a lot of free space for all kinds of activities and-"

"Ha.Ha." The older man cuts him off. "Funny and not going to happen." His lips are tracing the scar underneath Yunho's eye.

The kicked-puppy whine that escapes Yunho's lips almost crumbles Jaejoong's walls.

"Because we're having a candle-lit dinner and then we will watch some romantic movie on my brand new TV."

"And after that?" Yunho asks with hopefulness in his voice.

"And then you can kiss me until the Sun comes up."

Yunho's smile bloomed at those words.

"Deal Mr. Kim."

[attempt #160] - Brotherly love;

As soon as the front doors are closed and their parents are off to their romantic diner, Yunho pins Jaejoong to the wall and presses his knee against his brother's crotch.

"We have until midnight," he smiles against the older's lips and laughs as Jaejoong slips his hand underneath his shirt.

"That's plenty of time dongsaeng," their lips are barely touching but Jaejoong is a mess already. "What do you want to do?"

Yunho licks the older's lips. "Hyung," their eyes are closed as he speaks. "Can I fuck you on the kitchen counter?"

Jaejoong loses it then as he connects their lips in a hungry kiss.

"Yes, little brother, you can." He palms the younger's clothed erection. "Fuck your hyung hard."

Yunho wouldn't want it any other way.

[attempt #161] - Backseat;

"J-Jae, wai-wait a second, argh," Yunho moans as the door handle jabs into his back. "Let's switch, okay?"

The man does not speak a word as he flips their positions, his lips connected to the scar on Yunho's throat.

Jaejoong's thighs are trapping Yunho underneath, his perky ass resting dangerously close to the man's crotch as he dry humps his lover.

"Oh God," Yunho moans as his lips clash with Jaejoong's and the man's fingers fist his hair.

"Yunho-yah," Jaejoong whispers against his lips as their gazes lock.

Yunho's palms slide into the man's underwear and he's kneading Jaejoong's buttocks; the older man's lips sucking at the tip of his tongue.

With a moan they part and as he's gripping those soft globes, Jaejoong starts rocking faster against him and Yunho's lips part in a moan.

"Gonna fuck you on my backseat baby~"

The raven-haired vixen sings with a smile on his face as he throws his head back, their erections rubbing one against the other.

"Yes, oh God y-yes Jaejoong,"

Their lips connect in a fierce kiss.

[attempt #162] - The Chosen One; |slave!verse|

It's just tradition, the tall man repeats to himself as he enters a spacious hall; four of his most trusted bodyguards following suit.

He hears murmurs and hushed voices of kneeling slaves and Yunho knows they are trembling; praying not to be the chosen one.

He's at the age to either marry or get himself a male slave, and Yunho is more than sure in the choice he had made.

He halts at his 16th step and gazes at the mop of black hair, the slave's head almost kissing the floor.

"Name." He orders in an icy tone and the slave's head raises at Yunho's voice.

"Kim Jaejoong."

Their eyes lock and something snaps inside Yunho and before he could even realize what is happening, his palm is fisting Jaejoong's hair as he bites out.

"You were not allowed to raise your head, much less look me in the eyes." But Jaejoong's gaze never falters. "This will be your first and last mistake. Understand?"

Jaejoong shivers at the look in the man's eyes and closes his own.

An obedient 'Yes, master' escapes his lips and Yunho smirks.

"This one will do."

[attempt #163] - Now and forever;

"Hey, don't cry" a voice soothes him from the other side of the line. "Don't be silly baby. Okay?"

The older male holds back a sob as he nods his head. "I'm tired Yunho-yah, I'm so tired." As he glances at the clock on the nightstand his heart clenches. "I'm sorry baby it's almost 3AM, I- I shouldn't have called you, you should go rest. I will-"

"Jaejoong." Yunho cuts him off firmly.


"Are the front doors locked?"

Turning to his side, Jaejoong replies confusedly. "No, I mean, I don't know. I came in late and just went straight to the bed. Why?"

As Jaejoong hears the click of the lock and footsteps approaching his own bedroom, more tears slide down his cheeks and he ends the call with trembling hands.

The door to his bedroom open and shut and he buries his head into the pillow as a pair of strong arms make way around his waist, a warm body pressing flush against his own.

"Please don't cry. My heart hurts when there are tears in your eyes." Yunho kisses the skin of his shoulder and hugs him tight.

"Why did you come? Y-You shouldn.t have come Yunho-yah I just-"

"You were crying Jaejoong, for almost half an hour. I had to come to you."

Jaejoong leans into the man's touch and presses Yunho's palm flat against his own chest.
"Thank you."

It's a soft whisper and Yunho barely hears it as he hugs the man with more force.

"Sleep baby, rest. I'm here." He kisses the birthmark beneath Jaejoong's chin.

"I'll always be here."

status: strugling with the college life and yeah, this is the only outlet
Tags: length: drabble, pairing: yunho/jaejoong, type: drabbles
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