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[August, 14-21] 22nd week;

[attempt #164] - Of chubby beasts and sensitive princesess;

"Oh no you won't, come here," the dancer's laughter rings as he traps Jaejoong underneath his own stronger frame.

"Awn did our Yunniebear become stronger?" Jaejoong pouts mockingly at the man. "Or is it just fat that's-"

"You did not," he dives in and kisses the singer's throat, his hands pinning Jaeoong in place.

"Oh my God it's tickling, Yunho!" He laughs as the man's lips tickle his sensitive skin. "Yunho s-stop hahahahaha,"

"Awnnn," he imitates Jaejoong's mockery from before. "Looks like our beautiful princess is still as sensitive as a rose petal. How cute,"

He smiles against Jaejoong's lips as the man speaks with an equally as wide smile on his own lips. "I'm not a princess,"

"You are. A beauty. And you love it when I call you like that."

Their lips connect as Jaejoong's laughs.

"And you are my chubby beast. Mine only."

[attempt #165] - Of suspicious instagram posts;

Jaejoong chuckles lightly as he lays down on his bed. The notifications are popping up, fans on instagram liking his most recent photo but all he can focus on is the man currently tucked underneath the thick blanket.

Yunho has his face resting on a big elephant plushie and Jaejoong almost melts at the look of pure innocence on the younger male's face.

The lights are out and even though he can barely make out the shapes and sizes of objects in the room, Jaejoong leans towards the sleeping man and whispers softly against his lips.

"I love you so much." Escapes his mouth before he steals a soft kiss from Yunho's heart-shaped lips.

The phone is long forgotten as he sneaks beneath the covers and presses his back against Yunho's chest, the younger's hand subconsciously sliding to rest on Jaejoong's abdomen.

[attempt #166] - Let's make a baby;

"Jaejoongie," Yunho voiced out with sleepy eyes.

"Yes baby?" The man turned around and faced his fiancee, his fingers caressing the scar underneath the man's eye.

Yunho smiled at the touch and inched closer towards Jaejoong.

"You know that I love you, right?"

Jaejoong's lips stretched into a smile. "Of course I know baby, what's wrong?"

Pressing his face against Jaejoong's chest Yunho half-whispered.

"I know you don't want to do anything before marriage but," he whined into Jaejoong's shirt. "I want to make a baby."

Jaejoong's heart skipped a beat at those words.

"Let's make a baby Jaejoong-ah."

[attempt #167] - A love to kill;

His body feels as if on fire.

Wrists pined to the wall, Jaejoong can't help the moan that escapes his lips as Yunho's cock rubs against his own.

There's a pleasurable burn in his lower part as vibrating beads hit dead against his prostate; his legs shaking and he's barely standing.

Yunho bites the flesh of his throat and tightens the grip he has on the man's wrists, as Jaejoong encircles his waist with his trembling legs.

One by one, thuds are heard as anal beads hit against the floor and Jaejoong moans as his entrance clenches around thin air.

"We should fill you up again," the man growls against Jaejoong's lips and the latter shivers.

"Yes, p-please,"

Yunho is more than happy to obey as he rams inside the raven haired male.

[attempt #168] - Of pouty kittens and chubby bears;

Jaejoong pouts while he stares at the photo, the giant bear as if mocking him and he can't stand it any longer.

After having arrived home, the photo of the giant fluffy bear Yunho had bought for his friend's coffee shop was the first thing he saw online and it was more than enough to curve his lips into a pout.

"What about me," he mumbles as he stares at the bear. "Why didn't he get it for me?"

And it's exactly what he types down and sends to an all familiar number.

Even after an hour, there is no reply and with a huff Jaejoong storms into his room and buries himself under the soft covers.

A little past midnight soft footsteps echo inside the man's room but Jaejoong doesn't stir, his breathing even and lips forming a natural pout.

Yunho smiles as he sees the phone in the sleeping man's hand and climbing onto the bed he hovers above Jaejoong.

It's a soft whisper and Yunho is sure Jaejoong didn't hear it but it's that and a kiss on the sleeping beauty's lips that has Jaejoong molding against Yunho's body.

"Because you have your Yunniebear you silly fool."

[attempt #169] - To tease, to tease;

Yunho facepalms for the nth time.

"Dear Jaejoong-ah, you do know people thought I was Yunho's girlfriend back in the days?" Heechul smirks as he checks his fingernails.

Jaejoong is almost fuming mad. "Years ago Heechul, years ago. And you do know that every single fan out there wants me and Yunho together?" He bites back.

Heechul chuckles. "Of you mean those a hundred or so YJ shippers? Whatever floats your boat."

"Heechul-ah I think you should-"

Jaejoong cuts him off. "Heechul-ah?? He is your hyung! Why are you calling him that way??"

Heechul smirks once more. "You know our relationship goes way beyond the junior-senior one Jaejoong-ah."

Jaejoong gasps and Yunho groanes.

"What. Was. That."

[attempt #170] - Happily ever after;

As soon as he steps inside the man's penthouse, Yunho is greeted by an obviously angry Jaejoong.

Fingers are carding through his hair as the older male ruffles it beyond recognition.

"How the fuck do they dare to dye your hair to this?" He stresses out at the color of his lovers hair.

"Are you a freaking unicorn Yunho?" Not giving the man a chance to reply he continues, now gently caressing Yunho's locks.

"Gay you are but not a unicorn."

Yunho can't stand it anymore and he is laughing against the blonde's lips.

"It's hair chalk Jaejoong-ah. Don't worry."

The pout on his lover's lips could have brought a whole country to its knees.

status: I'm so tired
Tags: length: drabble, pairing: yunho/jaejoong, type: drabbles
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