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[August, 28 - September, 4] 24th week;

[attempt #178] - Of cat ears and innocent boyfriends;

Yunho is having a hard time concentrating on his breakfast. Even though he's trying not to pay any attention to the furry extensions adorning his boyfriend's head, his eyes are almost glued to the man's figure as he makes more pancakes.

His legs bared, Yunho's shirt reaching to his mid-thighs, and that damned pair of black cat ears that almost blended in with Jaejoong's black hair.

"Can you please take it off?" He half growls at the man but Jaejoong turns around and his doe-eyes look so wide and innocent, almost as if the puss in boots from Shrek and Yunho gapes.

"Yunho-yah?" He tilts his head unknowingly and bites his lower lip.

It took all of Yunho's self control not to pin the man to the counter and have his way with him.

[attempt #179] - Dangerous; Jaejoong

Jaejoong knows he should not look at the sergeant Jung that way, but he can't help the fire that stirs low in his belly at the mere mention of his senior's name.

He is just an ordinary soldier and sergeant Jung is one of the best men their army has ever had. Not to mention extremely handsome and Jaejoong just wishes to kiss tha-

He sighs with despair. "I'm hopeless."

And he kind of forgot to add just as hopelessly crushing on the younger male.

[attempt #180] - Well, f**k; Yunho |military!verse|

It's a hot day. His boots feel too heavy, the black shirt sticking a bit too much against Yunho's sweaty torso.

"Snap out of it Jung, the new sergeant is about to come," he hears the soldier to his left and sighs audibly.

Yunho hates this god damned heat.


His back straightens and body goes stiff at the command from the senior officer, and each soldier in the row mirrors his position.

"This unit is now under the command of sergeant Kim here," the officer continues.

Yunho's eyes follow the man's hand and land on a uniform-clad figure. He tries not to gasp as he recognizes the man.

"Sergeant Kim Jae Joong at your service. I hope we'll all get along."

Yunho thinks it was probably the heat that had him face-down against the dusty ground, unconscious. Yeah, probably just the heat.

[attempt #181] - Heartstrings; |neko!verse|

Drying the kitten proved to be harder than Yunho originaly thought it would be.

"Beasty, it's not going to do you any harm, see?" The man brought the hair dryer towards his own hair, rufling the black strands in all directions.

The kitten stared at him, its tiny body curled into a ball; claws not leaving Yunho's chest.

Dropping the dryer with a sigh, Yunho sprawled himself onto the bed, the kitten mewling softly at being moved around.

Taking the half-wet towel he used to dry his own hair with, he covered the animal with the soft cotton. Gently rubbing it against the kitten's body, he smiled as the little beast started purrng at Yunho's ministrations.

"What am I going to do with you?" He sighed with a chuckle.

All he got in response was a soft mewl.

[attempt #182] - Reality of confusions; |heirs!verse|

Hearing his name leaving Yunho's lips in such a manner was more than enough for Jaejoong to push the other man away and step back quickly.

"I will be leaving now."

But before he could escape the balcony, his cheeks turning a bright shade of pink, Yunho spoke again.

"I have a feeling we'll be meeting quite often soon Jaejoong-shii. Take care," The man smirked at Jaejoong's retreating figure.

"Not if I have any say in that."

Damn that Jung Yunho. Jaejoong hated his guts.

[attempt #183] - Love never felt so good;

It were the mornings; Jaejoong's head resting on his chest, the man's breath caressing his skin, that made Yunho fall in love a bit more each passing day.

That and the man's lips first thing at dawn against the scar on his cheek.

[attempt #184] - Vanilla;

Jaejoong was never one to be agressive when it came to bed matters, but the image of Yunho's lips parting around the head of his cock paired with those almond eyes looking straight at his own - it was more than enough for him to start fucking his boyfriend's throat over and over again.

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Tags: length: drabble, pairing: yunho/jaejoong, type: drabbles
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