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[requests] seventh;

requested by ✿ serendipitycm
words: umbrella, coat, latte

Jaejoong groaned as he quickened his pace. It was way past 2pm and he sould have returned to work half an hour ago.

Recalling the crowd he had to fight through at the coffee shop, his lips curved into a satisfactory smile.

'As if they had any chance' he smirks, one hand carrying the latte cup, the other one holding a blue umbrella tight above his head.

It was Tuesday, March 31st, and Heaven just might have decided to merge with mother Earth.

Cursing another puddle of rain he barely avoided, Jaejoong didn't see the approaching figure in a long black coat and with a yelp the cup with the warm drink ended up spilling all over the said person's front; steamy liquid staining the fine material, the blue umbrella laying on the sidewalk.

Never being the one to apologize first and considering the fact that the drink he had fought for so fiercely (a lie, he simply flashed his most innocent expression) was now mixed with the pouring rain, his body thoroughly soaked - Jaejoong didn't hold back.

"What the- Would you watch where you're going! For God's sake," he whined as the person across him picked up the forgotten umbrella and lifted it above their heads.

"I apologize but, correct me if I'm wrong, you were the one that ran into me and stained my coat. If only you weren't so busy avoiding innocent puddles on the pavement we wouldn't be having this conversation now, both soaking wet."

Jaejoong raised his head, eyelids forming tiny slits as he was more than ready to tell the man to go to hell, but the face his eyes had fallen upon made him bite back whatever he was going to say.

"P-President Jung, I-" he gaped at the taller male.

Just Kim Jaejoong's luck to spill his afternoon latte on the new president of 'IT Korea'. The company he was currently working in.

And get them both soaking wet in the process.

Tags: pairing: yunho/jaejoong, type: requests
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