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[September, 4-11] 25th week;

[attempt #185] - That one kiss;

Yunho understood the fact that Jaejoong was shy. Hell, he was probably as shy around the other boy, but the no-kiss ban he had received that first time his lips tried to meet Jaejoong's was making him go insane.

While watching a movie, bodies curled on a sofa Yunho would touch the man gently or even kiss and grope him a bit, but as soon their lips would get anywhere each other's Jaejoong would pull back.

Even that one time they went as far as humping on his bed, half naked.

Yunho was slowly running out of patience and control.

With that thought in mind he had cornered his boyfriend in the corner of his dorm room.

"Jaejoong I- can't take it anymore. I want to kiss you! Why are you pulling away each time it's about to happen? Do you not like me, are-"

With a stutter, cheeks a shade of pink, the boy spoke. "No! No Yunho I like you, a lot just, I-" he paused. "I've never kissed anyone before. What if I'm too bad at it and you decide to leave me and-"

Jaejoong was talking but Yunho didn't hear. All he could register was the fact that no one has tasted those lips before him.

His Jaejoong.

And as the possessive side of him came to life he dived in connecting his lips with Jaejoong's soft ones.

Their first kiss.

[attempt #186] - Of highschool crushes;

"Wow." The taller man spoke in awe. "Ageing made you even more beautiful, if that's even possible."

Jaejoong blushed at those words, palm coming up to hide his smile.

"You're not bad yourself," he teased. "Yunho-yah."

"I just can't believe I've met you after almost six years."

Jaejoong laughed. "Me neither. Of all the people I could imagine meeting through my new job, you were quite low on the list."

Yunho clutched at his chest with a pout. "Awnn Joongie, why are you so evil?" Causing the other male to erupt in laughter.

"But I am happy to see you, I really am."

Yunho smiled fondly, an image of a long haired Jaejoong and him years ago appearing before his eyes.

"Me too Jae." 'You don't even know how much.'

Yunho knew he had always been lucky, but to actually meet the person he had been thinking about for the paat five years, that - it had to be something else.

"Sooo, still as gay as you were back then?"

Yunho choked on his drink. "Yah! I was never like that!"

And just like that it was as if those years never passed.

[attempt #187] - Sweet torment;

Jaejoong gasps as one of Yunho's arms circles his wrists and the man's thigh is rubbing against his crotch.

He can hear Yunho's heavy breathing against his ear and the dancer's other palm is pressed flush against his abdomen.

"Don't... Flirt."

Jaejoong moans at the bite on his earlobe.

"Don't flirt with other men. Ever."

It's a hungry pair of lips that descends on his own and the singer is fighting hard to free his arms; he wants to touch.

But Yunho bites at the column of his throat and his palm trails lower - the singer's arousal firmly gripped by the man's hand, and all coherent thoughts are gone.

"You are mine... Jaejoong," leaves Yunho's lips before they are once again colliding with Jaejoong's and the singer is more than willing to moan in approval.

"Ah... Yu-Yunho, p-please,"

And as their gazes lock and Yunho's eyes turn from lustful black to soft brown, Jaejoong mouths a silent 'yours'.

It is more than enough for the dancer as he clashes their lips again and thrusts against the man underneath him.

Jaejoong's arms latch onto his shoulders.

[attempt #188] - So sweet it hurts;

Yunho smiles at the curled up fluffy elephant sleeping on his side of the bed.

He leans closer and hovers above the sleeping man, and chuckles at the look of pure innocence adorning his face.

It's been years, and more are sure to come, but Yunho could never get tired of watching the man he loved.

Especially not when Jaejoong had probably fallen asleep whilst waiting for Yunho to come back from work.

In the fluffy elephant pajamas the man had gifted him with for the first Christmas they've spent together.

He softly removes his tie and unbuttons his shirt. Laying down on Jaejoong's side of the bed, he covers their bodies and wraps his arms around the sleeping man's waist.

"Good night baby."

Leaves his lips before he places a soft kiss against Jaejoong's hair.

[attempt #189] - Life as we dreamt of; |profKim-studentJung!verse| (the end)

"I've often wondered about the meaning of life." It was Yunho that broke the silence. At nearly 2am.

Turning to his side and propping himself on the elbow Jaejoong frowned at his boyfriend. "What do you mean?"

"I mean," the younger male continued, "the meaning of all this." He looked around the room. "This place, you and I. College, work. Life. Just- everything."

Moving closer towards Yunho, Jaejoong spoke softly.

"Did you realize what was it? The meaning, that is."

Smiling like an idiot the younger male chuckled. "I have no idea."

Jaejoong groaned and slapped his head playfully, a tired 'go back to sleep Yunho' leaving his lips before he snuggled his back into the man's embrace.

And as he hugged the man and pressed his lips against that pale skin on the man's neck, Yunho thought that the answer might have been right in front of him for a long time now.

[attempt #190] - Some fall faster; |physics!verse| (the end)

The dome was cold, their bodies nestled underneath a pile of warm blankets; sky devoid of anything but stars. Countless and countless of pale white and yellow dots.

Yunho touched the wrinkled skin of the man sleeping soundly next to him.

His own hands almost the same, and as he kissed Jaejoong's cheek that meteor shower they've missed all those years ago started again.

As he stared, eyes reflecting the falling lights his arm slowly shook Jaejoong's body. "Jaejoong-ah, come see. It's beautiful. I wonder what made us miss it back then." He laughed because he did know the reason.

"Jae-ah?" He calls again and feels the strings of his own heart going cold.

Just as the older man's lips were when he frighteningly pressed his own against them.

The meteor shower didn't cease.

It was a thousand of wishes. Or maybe just a hundred.

But Yunho only had one.

[attempt #191] - It never stops;

They say the first love's flame is the sweetest.

Yunho stood frozen.

A woman walked past him muttering something about him blocking the path and a boy next to her had laughed, but he couldn't pay attention to it.

His gaze was glued to a smile, a breathtaking one, and a pair of all too familiar eyes.
At one point he could feel as his heart picked up its rate and his palms started sweating; as if all those years have never passed.

"Hello, Yunho-ah."

Oh, God.

That voice.

And the lips he used to steal kisses from behind the school the both went to as kids.
"J-Jaejoong-ah. Hello."

They say the first love's flame never dies.

status: that first drabble is basically how I lost my first kiss...
Tags: length: drabble, pairing: yunho/jaejoong, type: drabbles
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