hearty (kas2umi) wrote,

[1/2] Melted away

Title: Melted away
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: nc17
Genre: AU, implied BDSM, smut, romance

Summary: Jaejoong is an employee at one of Japan's finest hot-springs. Cue in a hot Korean businessman and a quite unusual request which will lead to an interesting turn of events, and what Jaejoong thought would be just another day at work.

part one | part two

Sighing out audibly, the man rubbed his forehead; the circular motions doing nothing to ease the impending headache. A half-empty glass of Whiskey laid untouched on the table in front of him.The day was quite a long one it appeared to him, as he had been in the office for good 10 hours already.

Ever since he had arrived in Japan one week ago, each passing day was a constant routine of 10% sleep, 85% work and 5% of simply deep intakes of air. The contract between his and the the company in whose building he was currently in was a major one, something that would bring billions of won of pure profit. And just few minutes ago Jung Yunho had signed it.

After almost 6 months of negotiations and re-written contracts, Jung Yunho had bought 70% of Japan's biggest chain of hotels and hot-spring resorts.

A smile spread on the man's face as he leaned into the leather chair. Tugging at his tie, Yunho loosened it a bit before taking a sip of the branded drink. The taste of alcohol was strong on his tongue, but it was nothing he hadn't used himself to in a decade of owning one of Korea's largest companies. And today after his work in Japan was officially done - Yunho could finally take much deserved rest.

"Yunho-shi," the secretary interrupted as she entered the ofice carrying a stack of documents. "Here are all the records of Takahashi hot-spring resorts you asked for."

Acknowledging her with a polite smile, she left after placing the papers on the desk.

Yunho eyed the pile and whistled softly. "It didn't appear this much while we were discussing the contract," he laughed at himself and flipped the first ten-or-so pages. Evidently not in the mood to read all of it, he grabbed what looked like half of the pages and flipped them on the opposite side. A big "Aiichi Prefecture, Nagoya" greeted his eyes.

Scanning the page a bit he nodded in confirmation. 'This will do.'

The sound of the dial-pad could he heard as he typed in one of the numbers displayed on the page.

"I would like to make a reservation." He spoke in fluent Japanese. "Yes, for one night. The name is Jung Yunho." After a short pause on the other line Yunho smiled. 'The news are already out?' "There is no need for special treatment, even though I am the owner. Just make sure I will be undisturbed and well attended while I'm there." An almost scared 'Hai Jung-sama' was heard before the line went dead.

Taking another sip of his Whiskey, Yunho closed his eyes.

"Nagoya it is."


"Jejung-san! They asked for you in the main office, hurry up and go!"

Raising his head the man wiped the sweat off his forehead. His bangs were too long and the clip that was keeping them in place had fallen somewhere in one of the springs; but he didn't find it in himself to care too much.

Wiping his hands against the kimono, Jaejoong smiled at the older woman. "Why are they calling me?"

There was still a lot of work left to do before he could move onto his first customer for the night. And if you'd ask him, Jaejoong loved scrubbing the stone tiles of hot-springs more than scrubbing and massaging old men. But it was a job that paid well and he couldn't complain about that.

It was never his 'dream' to start working as a massaur in one of the hot-springs in his hometown, but Jaejoong had to admit it was not all that bad either. After all, with his degree in pharmacy and specialization in therapeutic massages what else could he do? The original dream was a hospital and better working hours, but one can never get all they desire. 'At least I have a job' he'd often say to himself.

"I don't know. But hurry up Sato-sama looked quite nervous."

Jaejoong ran towards the main office, stopping in front of the bamboo-framed paper doors as took in a big breath and fixed his work clothes. Stepping in he bowed.

"Sato-sama you asked to see me?"

The man motioned his hand for Jaejoong to come in and sit down, his phone pressed against his ear obviously in a conversation.

Jaejoong did as he was motioned to and kneeled in front of the traditional table. The line went dead and the man faced him.

"Jejung-san we will have a very important guest tonight and I want you to be the one to attend to him." As he saw that Jaejoong was listening carefully, the man continued. "No need to know who he is, just know that there must be no mistakes." Handing the younger male a key of some sort the man got up. "The whole west wing will be reserved for tonight and at the guests' disposal. The food and the rest of the things will be prepared by others, of course."

Ushering Jaejoong out, the older man smiled. "Jejung-san, you are the only one of the employees here with a degree that big and politeness as big as the Pacific Ocean. I have faith in you." After a short pause he continued. "And you will be paid quite gracefully."

Smiling in return Jaejoong left to the massage room. It was just another rich old man asking to be pampered for a night, he thought. Exotic food and even more exotic massage oils as they would fall asleep snoring. Nothing he haven't done before.

Or so Jaejoong thought.


"Do you need anything else Yunho-sama?" One of the lady workers asked politely as she handed the man a traditional kimono. Yunho smiled at her.

"No, thank you. I will take a quick bath." Taking of his shirt he grinned as the woman looked down. "Will the massage room be ready? I could really use one, my body is dead tired."

"Everything is prepared Yunho-sama." She bowed and excused herself.

Taking off the work clothes he flew in to Nagoya, Yunho took his time undressing himself. The air was warm as the steam of a hot-spring rose from the surface of the water and into the room where he stood in. He nearly moaned at the feeling of warm water as it made contact with his skin; his muscles and body relaxing instantly.

Sinking in he wet his hair and face and let out a content sigh. The edge of the pool was warm against his back as he leaned into it.

Closing his eyes, Yunho couldn't help but trail fingers down his abdominal muscles and lower until he could feel the flesh of his member. The pent up tension of having not had sex for almost a month was slowly seeping into his body and Yunho groaned at the mental image of someone's lips wrapped tight around his cock.

It was going to be one long night.


Fixing his kimono for the nth time already Jaejoong walked slowly through the west wing. He had been notified that the client was already in the room - waiting, and he quickened his pace a bit.

No matter how boring the job was, he had to leave a good impression. Fixing his hair a bit he put on a big smile and silently walked into the room.

The client was already on the table, his upper back exposed slightly as the kimono was pushed aside. The room was illuminated by around 20 candles of various sizes and colors and it created an exotic atmosphere as the scent they released while burning out filled the room.

Walking up to the table, Jaejoong bowed even though the client was clearly not looking in his direction. "I apologize, my name is Jejung. I will be attending to you for the night."

When the client said nothing in reply Jaejoong continued while taking hold of the kimono and pulling it lower, exposing more of the man's back.

"Should I massage the back first or-" Jaejoong trailed off as he stared at the traditionally done tattoo on the client's back, mentaly flinching in recognition. Mafia.

"The back."

Flinching slightly at the voice Jaejoong shifted his gaze. Nothing good will come out if he angered this one. "I understand. Could- uhm could you raise your hips up a little bit so I could remove the garment to your waist?" He asked tentatively.

Yunho did as the man asked and made a push-up like motion as he lifted his body off the table.

Jaejoong watched as his muscles strained and the way his shoulder blades almost connected on his back and gulped. 'This one is not so old I guess'.

Sliding the fabric down he stared in amazement at the man's body structure - muscled but in an almost elegant way. Jaejoong wet his lips subconsciously.

Shaking his head he mentally cursed himself; it was neither the time or the place to be having inappropriate thoughts. As the client laid back on the table, Jaejoong took a bottle of massage oil from the table.

He dripped the liquid slowly over the man's back and placed the bottle back in its place.

The moment the man's palms connected with his skin Yunho relaxed and sank further into the soft material that covered the table. Jaejoong moved his palms in a skillful manner; adding more pressure as he moved them lower and then barely even touching him as he moved back up. It was relaxing and it was exactly what Yunho had needed after the stressful time spent working.

Jaejoong found the feeling of the man's muscles underneath his palms strangely intoxicating, the way Yunho's body would flex at every touch and squeeze. He had to admit that this client (apart from being painfully rich it appeared) was quite handsome - if the back view Jaejoong had was anything to go by.

And when his hands would move to the man's sides and even lower as he gripped his hips, Jaejoong could have sworn his member twitched at the sounds that would escape his client's throat.

Yunho was having some quite inappropriate thoughts. After the little time he had spent fisting his member in the hot water of the spring he had left without finishing himself off. And now, as Jaejoong was sliding his palms oh-so-skilfully down his back and his sides, Yunho realized what a bad decision that was.

That combined with the scent of the candles and-

'The candles.'

Yunho groaned.

"Is everything okay? Did I hurt you or-"

Yunho cut him off and Jaejoong gulped at the low tone of the man's voice. "I have a special request." Yunho didn't even realize he was speaking in Korean. "Can you do it for me?"

Jaejoong raised an eyebrow and his body flinched nervously as the man spoke in Korean. There was something about his voice that made Jaejoong's heart beat faster. That and the request he was yet to hear.


Jaejoong's nervousness multiplied tenfold as the client rose from the table and sat on it while facing Jaejoong. Black almond eyes and a bow-shaped pair of lips. That and sculpted pectoral muscles and a faint trail of hair leading downwards towards the man's crotch hidden behind the kimono. Jaejoong gulped. It was a more than a pleasant sight.

Yunho did not expect a face like that, a pair of pink lips and doe eyes that scanned his body over and over again. He did not expect that his masseur was a young Korean male that was obviously more than skilled with his hands and-

Taking one of the nearby candles Yunho couldn't suppress the shiver that ran up his spine at the mental images that started flashing through his mind.

The molten wax was hot against his skin as he dipped in his fingers. He saw Jaejoong gasping at the action and it made him grin.

"How important is this job to you Jaejoong?"


sumi's note: so with this little thing, the hiatus is officially over ^o^ comments are more than loved, it's been a year since i last interacted with you all! and, i must ask, should this become a two(three, four?) parted fiction or we leave it like this?
edit: this will be a two-shot!

Tags: lenght: two-shot, pairing: yunho/jaejoong
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