hearty (kas2umi) wrote,

[requests] ninth;

requested by almond_7961
words: violin, war, snow

He detested rain.

It was melodious, yes. A composition on is own, performed by mother nature, accompanied with dozens of rooftops, windows and asphalt covered streets.

Compared to his violin, it had more soul to it as it spilled the invisible notes all over the ground.

But he despised it. Despised how it mimicked the rhythm of his inner turmoils and bugs, how it mocked the war of emotions and sanity inside his own mind as he's try and play a perfect melody; one after another.

Jaejoong loved snow.

It was quiet and soft; just as were Yunho's lips the last time he had kissed them.

Not the rain. It reminded him all too much of the tears he had spent days spilling over something that was never even there to begin with.

Tags: pairing: yunho/jaejoong, type: requests
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