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[September, 11-18] 26th week; #200thdrabble special

[attempt #192] - Never again;

And just as his lips clashed with Yunho's, Jaejoong's thoughts drifted back to words he spoke the last time he had seen the man.

'Never again.'

The raven-haired male mentally congratulated himself. At least he lasted a full week this time.

[attempt #193] - Seeing red;

He first time saw red as his boyfriend's lips were pressed tight against another man's. It was also the first time he had felt red dripping down his knuckles.

Yunho hated seeing red.

But it was the colour of Jaejoong.

Whether it was the scarf around the man's neck or his thoroughly kissed lips.

[attempt #194] - Pitbulls don't bite;

"Look at this idiot!" Two highschool boys laughed as they blocked the path, a slightly smaller raven-haired boy halting his steps.

A thick rope was gripped in his hand and Yunho's eyes darted towards the ground to realize it was tied around a rock.

"It's that weirdo from D3 with his pet rock again," the taller of the two spoke and punched the boy in the shoulder.

Yunho was about to interfere as the boy spoke.

"Please stop bothering me. Or else my dog will attack you."

The boys laughed at the weird sentence and stepped closer but before any of them could make any further advances against the boy, the said male picked up the rock and raised it up to his chest.

"Down boy! Don't bite!"

And with a silent 'what the fuck' Yunho watched in sick fascination as the boy beat the bullies up with his 'pet'.

It was that exact moment Jung Yunho had fallen in love with their school's number one weirdo.

A long-haired boy, Kim Jaejoong.

[attempt #195] - It's a Wonderland; |neko!verse|

"For a stray cat, you sure are picky with your food." Yunho jokingly growled at the tiny kitten as it once again refused to eat.

Surprised at the sudden sound and proximity of the stranger that had taken him off the streets, the tiny animal jumped and stumbled off the counter, tiny claws hooking onto its edges.

The man laughed and the kitten mewled.

He picked it up, fingers enveloping the small body as the animal's heartbeat was going haywire. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you off." He scratched the top of its head.

The kitten let out a soft mewl at the caress as its tongue licked Yunho's arm lightly.

"You sure are a smart beast."

Chuckling, the man undid the zipper of his hoodie just enough to secure the small animal against his chest. It's tiny head was peaking out, paws hooked onto the zipper.

"Come on beasty," he spoke as he walked towards the bedroom. "It's been a long day."

There was no mewling in response, the stray's eyes closed as its breathing rhythm matched that of the man holding him against his body.

Long day indeed.

[attempt #196] - No mercy; |heirs!verse|

As if the night he was oh-so-forced to spend at the Jung's charity event was not bad enough, they were invited to a dinner few days later.

And by they, Jaejoong meant himself as his parents had to fly to Osaka to attend a shareholder's meeting of one of their branch companies.

Just his luck, he cursed at the universe and about a dozen Greek Gods as he fixed his hair for the nth time.

As the bell rang once again unanswered, he all but yelled.

"Will someone please open the door?"

His plea falling on deaf ears, Jaejoong exited his room. Jumping a few flights of stairs at once he ran towards the main entrance.

Fixing his hair a bit more he opened the door with a smile just as the man on the other side was to ring the bell again.

A smile which turned into a tight press of lips as he tried controlling the urge to slam the door in the man's face.

"Looking positively ordinary, I must say." Yunho gave him a once-over and grinned.

Jaejoong didn't even bother to hide the displeasure written all over his face.

[attempt #197] - Of dystopian tales;

"So this is how we stay young these days," the man spoke, his voice coloured in disgust. "Through murder and suicide."

The boy kneeling at his feet tried his hardest not to budge an inch, it would be considered as disrespect. Punishments were severe for that.

"What would you rather do to maintain that pretty face," he asked lifting the boy's chin up to meet his eyes in a cold gaze. "Kill or be killed?"

Jaejoong smirked.

[attempt #198] - Bitter silence;

Jaejoong didn't expect to hear nothing but silence and even breathing rhythms as he asked the question.

"Do you even love me anymore?"

[attempt #199] - A moment in time;

All Yunho wished for was to feel it again.

He didn't know why, or how. He just had that feeling buried deep inside his old, beaten up body as a constant reminder he had to feel something.

Perhaps it was at some point in time he had loved or yearned for someone.

He didn't know. Couldn't know.

But as the nurse handed him the afternoon pills, he spoke softly. "I think I must have forgotten something." The nurse smiled fondly but didn't reply.

And for the nth time, the cycle repeated itself.

All Yunho wished for was to feel it again.

[attempt #200] - Oh, you have love-struck written all over you; |highschool!verse|

It was the following Friday Jaejoong had realized the library could never be his 'safe spot' anymore.

And as he followed the way the other boy's lean legs moved through the row of the fantasy section, his heart picked up and probably skipped a few beats.

It was funny how he used to spend almost all of his free time drinking in the stories written inside the library in order to keep his thoughts off a certain tall boy.

"All the other tables seem occupied," he didn't notice the boy until it was too late. "Do you mind if I sit here?"

It was that late afternoon Jaejoong realized his each 'safe spot' would feel much safer with Yunho by his side.

status: guess who's back, back again.
Tags: length: drabble, pairing: yunho/jaejoong, type: drabbles
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