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[poem] Elisabeth


He had a smile like no one else did
and his eyes were always filled with so much heat.
Memories of him - they can only lead
to that growing pain that breaks me to defeat.

His beauty was one that the orchids have
when they bloom somewhere like what Heaven is.
But here's where he sang leaving me in ave;
Here is where we joined, here is where's our bliss.

Those eyes are far gone and his smile of fire.
Everything is gone; he has gone away.
Now some new sounds drown down my desires.
He is now an Angel, but somewhere far away.

Maybe he's in Heaven, where those orchids bloom.
Not here.
Somewhere far away.

                                                                               ♥ Dedicated to Kim Jaejoong (김재중) ♥

Tags: type: poems, ✿ 재중
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