hearty (kas2umi) wrote,

[1/3] Wuthering hearts

Title: Wuthering hearts
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: pg to nc17
Genre: AU, romance, smut

Summary: Have you ever been sexually attracted to a voice?

part one | part two | part three + epilogue

There it was again.

The rhythmical beat of an all too familiar song coming from the speakers of an old stereo.

A boy moved his head, eyes shut close as he rocked with the sound pumping through his body.

He was lost, somewhere in his own world as he enjoyed the fell of a velvety voice singing about a lost love and a broken heart.

Long strands of black hair framing his pale face, high cheekbones dipped in a light red as a blooming smile never ceased on his lips.

That voice tugged at his soul. His whole form immersed in it as he basked in the smooth melody dancing over hid skin.

His mother used to say he was the happiest when trapped in a room with a radio or an stereo, or that black baby piano he started playing at the age of three.

Music has always been in his life. His days made out of sounds and beats knitted together into a perfect harmony only he was able to decipher.

It was a way of dealing with things. With life.

And soon, it became a thing he craved every second of his monotonous days.

The melody changed, new intro indicating a song he honestly knew by heart, a big grin bloomed on his face as he opened his eyes.

And then it came.

He could feel the goosebumps erupting over his bare arms as that voice, that husky voice started singing the familiar words.

His body relaxed instantly, head falling backwards slightly as he swayed his body in sync with the melody.

He was twelve when he fell in love.

When he fell in love with a voice.

He remembers the first time he had heard the man sing.

His older sister was listening to a radio show, the MC questioning the guests about their newly released albums. One voice in particular caught his interest. A deep husky voice of one male guest as he spoke about the concept of his album.

"It gives of a feel of being spellbound, being trapped by a melody with no chance of escape," the singer said, his voice dropping lower at the last word.

"It will make the audience listen to it over and over again, until they get under the spell, isn't it right?" the man the boy assumed must have been the MC added cheerfully.

"It's like, as if you're falling in love. For the very first time."

And then he heard it.

The voice of an heartbroken man, as he poured his love through the words of a song that tugged at his senses.

A perfect transition between the low and high tones bloomed in the boy's ears as he tried to focus on the words behind them,

"Maybe it was love,
Because love can be that way."

He felt the slight burn of tears at the corners of his eyes as the said song came to an end. Raising his palm he traced the salt liquid.

The MC moved onto the next guest, some story about a recent rumor reached his ears but he paid it no attention.

Only sound that prevailed was the hard thumping of his own heart; never had he been entranced by a voice before.

Spellbound indeed.

Days passed until he finally found out the man's name and managed to talk his older sister in buying him the singer's album.


Jung Yunho.

A 20 year old singer with a body of an Greek God. If his sister's words were to be trusted.

And today, five years later and a collection of CD's belonging to the singer on the shelf next to his bed, Jaejoong was utterly and hopelessly in love with the man.

"Jae-ah! Come on, lunch is on the table!", a high voice of an woman in her mid forties resonated through a short hallway leading up to the boy's room.

Caught off guard, Jaejoong stumbled, the back of his knees hitting the hard wood of his bed, as he fell on the soft cushions with a yelp.

The woman ran to the room, worried eyes scanning her son's body, looking for any injuries the fall have might caused. Her eyes caught the smile on the boy's face and as he laughed slightly she breathed out with a sigh.

"I told you not to dance in your room or spin or whatever you were doing that made you let out a yelp like that!",petting her son's hair she traced his eyes with the pads of her thumbs, "It's dangerous honey, you - "

"I can't see," Jaejoong sighed, the smile never leaving his lips as he clasped his mother's hand, "I know mom, don't worry. I was just caught off guard."

The woman smiled, her lips descending down on her son's forehead laying a soft kiss.

"Come on, lunch is ready."

Nodding his head Jaejoong remained laying as his mother left the room. With an audible sigh he rubbed at his face with his palm, as a question that has been bugging his mind for months now, popped up again.

Pads of his fingers stilled when they touched the surface of his plum lips, and he voiced it out,

"I wonder, what do you look like?"


Tags: fic: wuthering hearts, length: chaptered, pairing: yunho/jaejoong
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