hearty (kas2umi) wrote,

[2/3] Wuthering hearts

Title: Wuthering hearts
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: pg to nc17
Genre: AU, romance, smut

Summary: Have you ever been sexually attracted to a voice?

part one | part two | part three + epilogue

Dreams were where he lived that little time spent without music.

Bursts of colors and shapes erupting right there, behind his closed eyelids. A place where those images of people he created daily came to life.

A place where Jung Yunho stopped being only a honey dipped voice.

Quite often did Miss Han scold him for drifting away so easily. A dreamer, she would say.

Jae would blush at her teasing words of being in love, palm coming up to cover a blooming smile in a shy manner as he tried to shake away the thoughts about a certain singer.

Maybe it was because he didn't know how the man looked like, Jae found it easy to paint him in his mind.

Short, styled black hair reaching just behind his ears. Tall. Really really tall. Broad shoulders and luring collarbones.

So he could trail butterfly kisses over those hollows and just -

"Kim-shi, could you please direct the young lady towards Borges's works?"

He snapped out of his thoughts at the voice of the head librarian, hands subconsciously coming up to fix the collar of his shirt.

"S-sure Miss Han. Right away."

Flashing a big smile in the direction of a chuckle the said girl must have let out in amusement, he motioned for her to follow him.

Thinking of it now, the first day he had started working there, he bumped into one of the book shelves and was "awarded" with a hit from Divine Comedy on his forehead.

'It's okay,' Miss Han chuckled, 'Soon you'll know this place by heart.'

He would laugh at what a klutz he was at the beginning. Mixing up the books, strolling towards the wrong row.

Then, one day Miss Han locked up earlier than usual. Clasping his palm in her hand she took the lead.

"Count the steps Jaejoong-shi,"

One. Two. Three. Four. His palm descended on a hard wooden surface and he traced it slowly.

"Science fiction, ogres and fairy dust. Lots of fairy dust,"

With a smile he continued. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Another one.

"To be, or not to be?" , chuckling at her interpretation of Hamlet, he counted four more steps.

"Crime novels. Murder. Greed and revenge."

Eight more steps and he traced the last one.

"Love. Sweet and sappy words of promised universes and castles to be built," she paused for a moment, "Oh and yaoi at the end of the row."

His hand flinched as a blush bloomed on his cheeks.


The woman laughed, her hand ruffling his raven hair, 'Enough for today. You will only need to know the contents of the first level. Tomorrow we'll go through the list of authors in every row.'

His cheeks colored at the memory, the girl slowly trailing after him. Showing her the right row, he smiled politely and went back to his desk.

His sister had bought him a copy of Wuthering Heights, something he has been craving to read ever since she banged on his door almost in tears asking why is life so cruel.

Somehow the copy laid abandoned, dotted pages revealing nothing at the first look. He tried remembering how did he stop reading it when a name popped up in his head.

Oh, yeah.

Jung Yunho.

Shaking the thought away, he sat down with a sigh. He started tracing the dotted lines; words emerging in his mind.

Slowly he fell into a world where people did strange things because of love. Where jealousy and possessiveness shook the main protagonist's bodies as their love never ceased growing.


Something soft was trailing down his neck; the ticklish sensation teasing his senses. Almost as if on instinct he tilted his head sideways, exposing the white column of his throat even more.

The caressing continued as goosebumps erupted all over his skin. It felt strangely soothing.

Then, something wet dabbed at the birthmark under his chin and his eyes snapped open.

A soft chuckle rang in his left ear and he flinched away from it, only to be trapped by a pair of muscular arms.

Alarmed, he opened his mouth to scream but before any sound could leave his mouth, a pair of lips clashed with his own freezing him in place.

His body went stiff at the action, eyes wide open as thought's rushed through his mind at the speed of light.

A hand descended on his nape; hair being grasped in a firm grip as it was tugged backwards.

His mouth opened wider at the action and Jaejoong could have sworn his heart skipped a beat as an unfamiliar tongue made contact with his own.

Fisting the man's hair he pulled it in order to stop the fierce kiss but in response, the hand in own hair gripped tighter bringing their faces as close as possible.

His hand moved to the man's shoulders trying to push him away. Failing, he clenched his fist and punched the man's face as hard as he could.

Their mouth's finally coming apart as he breathed raggedly.

Arms left his body and he backed further into the chair, his hands grabbing the edges of the desk he was sitting at.


Thought's rushing as he tried to comprehend the situation. He remembered reading the book.

'I must have fallen asleep! But where is Miss Han? Am I alone here?! Who is this?! Oh God what is- '

His thoughts interrupted a chuckle from his attacker,

"Who would've known that a kitten could be so fierce?", the man's voice dropped lower at the last word and Jaejoong's whole body went numb.

"That voice,"

His hand coming up to cover his mouth as the words escaped his mouth.

Oh God.

The man laughed in amusement, "Well well, aren't you catching up fast?"

Jaejoong gulped.

'Oh God, oh dear God,'

He shook his head. It couldn't be.

"Some would've thought you'd be more accepting of my tongue because, correct me if I'm wrong," he breathed out against Jaejoong's ear, "You've had a hand full of dreams that included my tongue in much, inappropriate places than your mouth,"

He felt his heart drop. He knew that voice.

He fell in love with that voice.

Jung Yunho.

His chin was tilted sideways as a pair of lips trapped his own.

His mind screaming at the intrusion as his body accepted it willingly. He craved that moment so many times.

And this time, when he could feel those lips against his own, he welcomed it more than eagerly.

Turning around he clasped his arms around the man's neck, pulling their faces together.

'Oh God'

Yunho smiled in their kiss, palms descending to hook Jae's legs around his waist. He pushed the boy onto the desk, clatter of a fallen chair resonating inside the empty library.

Jaejoong moaned at the feeling of the singer's palms on his ass - long, slender fingers kneading the soft flesh.

He wanted more.

He didn't care how. That was the last thing in his mind. Yunho was there, and that's all that mattered.

Jung freaking Yunho was there pinning him in the middle of an library, tongue deep in Jaejoong's throat.

'Oh God oh God oh God'

Yunho gripped his ass firmly, trying to bring their lower halves as closer as possible, and with an experienced motion of his hips he thrust against Jaejoong.

The boy moaned into Yunho's mouth, his hands frantically grabbing the man's hair as he tried to get more friction between their bodies.

He felt the man's arousal against his own jeans-clad one and shivered as pleasure danced over his skin.

He wanted more.

Sucking on the boy's tongue, Yunho continued thrusting against him, their bodies rubbing against each other as heat rocked their forms.

"Jaejoong-ah,", Yunho breathed out against his lips and the boy moaned at how perfect his name sounded escaping those mouth.

"Oh God," he bucked into the man, his mouth descending on Yunho's throat as he trailed down towards the singer's collarbones.

"It's not God, It's Miss Han,"

Jaejoong chuckled at the man's words thinking he might have heard wrong, "What?"

"It's Miss Han, Jaejoong-shi wake up~"

Confused he shook his head as a hand petted his hair. Opening his eyes the blackness remained, but the image from his mind faded away at the voice of the woman.

"You fell asleep and I'm sorry for waking you up but we have to lock up," she voiced out quietly as she hovered above him and Jaejoong moved his head away from the opened book.

Miss Han chuckled as she traced the dot marks printed on his face, "Dreams, how convenient."

Jaejoong traced the patter on his right cheek, a mirrored Braille's 'dreams' printed on it.

Erupting with laughter he covered his mouth with his palms, doe eyes crinkling with amusement in spite of seeing only black.

The woman ruffled his hair and urged him to get ready one more time.

Jaejoong nodded, slowly collecting his books and stuff from the desk. Checking his pockets for his smartphone he called for the woman, "I'm ready Miss Han,"

Rubbing at the marks on his cheek he smiled, hand falling down on top of the wooden desk.

An image came alive in his mind yet once again and his face colored in pale red.

"A dream," he voiced out with a bitter smile.


Tags: fic: wuthering hearts, length: chaptered, pairing: yunho/jaejoong
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