hearty (kas2umi) wrote,

[3/3] Wuthering hearts

Title: Wuthering hearts
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: pg to nc17
Genre: AU, romance, smut

Summary: Have you ever been sexually attracted to a voice?

part one | part two | part three + epilogue

The tall male moved around the crowded room, pairs of hands attached to the clothing covering his body as they tried to work him out of it.

Fingers dabbed at his face with cotton pads, the smell of vanilla scented cream soothing his senses as the makeup was being removed.

This was the most tiring part of the work, Yunho thought.

He would stand in one place for minutes, hours as layer after layer of foundation was rubbed onto his skin, the makeup artist staring at his face with a focus gaze under every possible light source available. Hours to take it off later.

He would close his eyes and focus on something distant, trying not to think of palms rubbing at every expanse of skin there was.

No matter how fun was to strike poses for the professional camera the work behind those few shots of perfection as he's manager would say was enormous. And there wasn't a thing his body craved more at the moment than to flop himself in hot bath and just fall asleep there, relaxing the over tensed muscles.

He sighed as the thick vest was removed from his torso, hands moving on an instinct while his body was directed around.

"Makeup is done," one of the artists spoke as she dabbed at his eyelids one last time, "You can go wash yourself if you want Yunho-shi,"

He smiled politely at her, "Its okay, I'll do it once I get back to my apartment. Thank you,"

With a slight blush covering her cheeks she bowed, excusing herself.

"Are you finished?"

Looking at the body-sized mirror he caught the eyes of his manager.

"Yeah few more minutes. Just need to grab a pair of sweatpants and a hoodie", he ruffled own hair trying to style it backwards, "I'm not in the mood to wear a leather jacket, designer jeans and expensive boots. My body needs to breathe."

Dong Wook smiled affectionately,"I arranged your schedule a bit and, I kinda cleaned up the rest of the week for you,"

Yunho just stared at his manager through the mirror, lips for being a surprised 'o' , "You're kidding me."

Turning around he came closer to the grinning man.

"Free as a bird," he paused for a second, "Well as a non-caged bird, because even though they can fly they are trapped by their owners and - "

Yunho cut off his ramble as he crushed the man in a hug. "I'd tell you you're the best, but you already know that hyung,"

The manager smiled. "You deserved it. Now let me go, I gotta return some books Ana took, they close up at 10."

"Oh, how is she? Is the pregnancy going well?"

Dong Wook's smile couldn't have expanded any wider, "It's perfect Yunho-yah. I'm just sorry that I can't spend more time with her," the man sighed out bitterly.

"I always tell you to take a few days off," Yunho spoke as he put on a gray Seoul University hoodie, "Oh, want me to return the book for you? Is it in my direction?"

"Yeah, actually a few blocks before your condo. Is it a bother?", he rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly. "Even though it would save me extra hour of ride with this storm raging on, I don't want to bother- "

"Nonsense," the singer cut him off grinning widely.

"You just told me I am free for five days. Its the least I could do for you."

Checking himself in the mirror he smirked mischievously, "And, it's not as if someone would recognize me wearing this."


"Their love destroyed them," Miss Han sighed out as she rested her chin on a palm, "It's not healthy to love that way."

Jaejoong hummed at her words, his own thoughts wandering around. "I think he loved her too much," he voiced out.

"Something that started off as a child crush and expanded into that raging jealousy that made him seek revenge. He wanted to hurt her. He wanted her to be in pain as much as he loved her."

"Heathcliff was an idiot," Miss Han snorted unlike her usual professional behavior, "That's what he was."

Jaejoong smiled at the woman, "Maybe."

He thought, when he flipped the book on its last page and traced the last paragraph, its wasn't  that heartbreaking. What was his sister crying over?

But when the pages connected and the words flew through the pads of his fingers into his heart, he realized, it truly was.

"What do you think about love Jaejoong-shi?"

He broke away from his thoughts at Miss Han's question, palms subconsciously tracing the soft flesh of his lips.


A name wrapped around his heart and he laughed throatily.

"To be quite honest I don't know," he covered his smile with the back of a hand.

"The books say the whole world stops. You hear the angels sing and butterflies fill up your belly. They say the whole universe becomes so small and you're able to hold it on the skin of your palm just like a drop of water. So small and insignificant because the most important person in it is standing right in front of you," he smiled bitterly, "When your eyes lock."


He regretted not taking an umbrella when his manager had asked told him to. At the rate the sky was crashing down he thought he wouldn't be able to walk a few meters without getting throughfully soaked.

Placing the book underneath his hoodie, he flinched as the cold surface made contact with the skin of his abdomen. Hooking the book half way the waistband of his sweats he waited for the downpour to cease for a moment and dashed out of his car.

By good time he had reached the small library, the wet material of the shirt was plastered against his bare back.

Shaking off the cold trying to creep into his bones he entered, his steps almost too loud in the said place.

'It's a library Yunho, of course it will be quiet.'

Taking the book out of his hoodie, the singer ruffled his hair trying to shake off the excess wetness. His eyes fell onto the empty desk, few books splayed open.

'Was I late?'

Just when he was about to voice out his question a melodious laughter rang in his ears.

Turning his head in the said direction he smiled, "Perhaps it's the librarian," he spoke softly as he moved towards the sound.

The laughter never ceased, a sweet throaty sound that made the singer smile.

One. Two. Three. Four.

Five. Six. Seven. Eight.

As he passed the third row of books soft humming replaced the happiness from a moment ago, and the sound tugged at his senses as he was getting closer.

It was almost silly, the way the man's heart started beating faster as he walked slowly, curiosity getting the best out of him. He refused to voice out anything scared the person would stop.

One. Two. Three. Four. He finally stopped at the 4th shelf and with a grin on his face he poked his hand behind the hard wood, eyes falling on a slender form with jet-black hair; back turned to the man.

A long wire hanged from the boys back pocket  as he assumed by the clothes he wore, headphones getting lost somewhere behind the strands of raven hair.

The boy's eyes were closed as he swayed his hips to the rhythm of the song he was listening to, an occasional palm coming up to press against his lips when a blooming laughter would erupt in his chest.

Yunho watched as if entranced, the way his lips would stretch into a smile, hair falling over his eyes as he bended with laughter at something he must've thought in his head.

He almost doubted his first judgment of thinking it was a boy; pale complexion and lithe form almost too womanly to belong to a male. But then that laughter would rise again, the throaty sound definitely prickling at his own senses.

He wanted to know what was the boy laughing about.

What was the thing that could stretch those lips into the most beautiful curve he had ever seen on anyone's body.

Deciding to take advantage of the fact that the boy had his eyes closed he moved closer. The humming started again and his body froze.

His song.

The boy was humming his song.

Jaejoong was lost in his own world, too lost to feel a pair of almond eyes watching his every motion as the singer moved closer.

One. Two. Three. The man was now standing barely another meter from the boy, as he, for the first time, smiled at the words of his own song as they left the boy's mouth.

"Maybe it was love,
Because love can be that way,"

Lips stretched wide, he gripped the copy of Frost's poems in his hand and spoke hoping the boy would hear past the song coming from his headphones, "Uhm, excuse me, do you know who do I return this book to?"

Jaejoong tilted his head sideways, senses not registering the others presence as he was trapped by a melody he knew all too well.

Chuckling in amusement Yunho dared himself and with a soft brush off his fingers against the boys black hair he tugged at the one of the ear-buds,

"Excuse me, could you help me?"

Startled by the sudden contact Jaejoong didn't have time to register the man's words as the unfamiliarity of the touch made him flinch away; hand coming up to remove the remaining ear piece.

Alarmed, he turned his head in the direction of the voice and took one step backwards,

"W-who is it?"

Yunho looked at the boy, the raven's mouth slightly parted and face painted in obvious fear as his doe eyes stared with an empty yet alarmed look somewhere on Yunho's chin.

His heart dropped and he could have sworn it skipped a beat as he finally looked into those eyes.

"You can't see."

It wasn't a statement. It came out as words dipped with disbelief and a sudden onslaught of sadness as he watched the boy's face.

Taking in the scared form of  the raven he made a step towards the boy, and not even stopping to ponder on it, his body getting a mind of his own, he cupped the boy's left cheek and quietly asked,

"Are you okay?"

His thoughts finally catching up with him, the familiarity of the voice ringing in his ears as he clasped the hand on his cheek hard. There was that familiar tug at his chest whenever the said singer was in question and he cursed inwardly at his mind for playing such tricks on him all the time.

'I must have fallen asleep again,' he mused to himself and with a trembling hand removed the man's hand from his face.

Realizing the position he was in, Yunho moved his hand as if burned by the touch and with a stuttering voice apologized,

"I-i'm, I'm sorry, I-I just- are you okay?" he gulped down, "The whole place is empty,"

Jaejoong focused on the tremble in the man's voice, lips subconsciously stretching into a smile; his eyes staring emptily at a spot on the singers face.

He didn't know whether to be sad this was only another dream or happy because he was aware it was one.

Because, being aware he could -

"I'm sorry if I scared you, I saw the reception desk was empty and heard someone here so I, " Yunho trailed off as he watched the boy erupt with laughter; his doe eyes crinkling with amusement as he hid his smile with the back of his palm. He stared confusedly,

"Are you alright? Did I say something- "

"We need to stop meeting this way," Jaejoong cut him off and Yunho's heart beat just a bit faster at his voice.

"What do you mean? Have we met before?" the singer started to list his memory searching for a face familiar to the raven.

Jaejoong chuckled, "Of course you wouldn't know," You are in my dream.

What was the boy talking about?

With his mind set on doing something he had always wished in those dreams, Jaejoong moved closer towards the spot he assumed the singer was, stopping only when he felt the heat of the others body few inches away from his own.

The man stumbled backwards as the boy's face was suddenly right in front of his eyes. Jaejoong's heart skipped a beat as he placed his right hand on the man's torso; the singers heartbeat kicking against the skin of his palm.

Trembling slightly his fingers trailed upwards towards the man's neck and they stilled when they reached their destination somewhere on the man's cheek.

"I never got the chance to do this before so I beg you," the boy pleaded softly as he cupped the man's face, "Let me see you,"

By then, Yunho's heart was beating erratically in his rib-cage, breath coming out in short puffs of air that ended somewhere on the boy's pale face.

He couldn't stop staring at those empty eyes and the way Jaejoong's lips curved into a soft smile as he voiced out once more,

"Let me see you for the first time,"

And then he touched.

Pads of his fingers sliding like a butterfly over the man's face, as if he was reading one of his Brailles books; every curve a sentence erupting in his heart, every dip a beauty spot for the boy.

Yunho closed his eyes at the feeling of soft hands caressing his face, losing himself in the paradoxical situation they were in.

He couldn't think. Nothing made sense anymore. All he knew was that those palms fit ever so perfectly on his jaw, on his cheeks.

Then those fingers traced the flesh oh his lips, so soft as if barely there. And he knew.

He knew he was trapped, his whole being spellbound by a person he knew nothing about, apart the fact that the boy had a pair of most beautiful eyes he had ever seen.

His whole heart infused by the gentleness of the butterfly kisses the boy laid on his face with the tips of his fingers, not even aware of the onslaught of emotions in the raven's heart.

The world did stop, Jaejoong realized.

Instead of butterflies a tornado was raging inside his belly whirling his insides into a dance of infatuation that rocked his body harder than any song of the singer before.

The universe did collapse into a single drop of liquid that now laid on the lips beneath his fingertips and all he wanted was to taste it.

To taste the galaxies on the lips of a man whose voice he had fallen in love so long ago, a man his dreams were made of.

A man he was currently dreaming of.

'Please, I don't want to wake up,' was the last thought that passed through his mind and with the feel of salt liquid burning at the corners of his eyes he inched closer.

Electricity ran through Yunho's body as their noses touched before he felt soft flesh ghosting over his lips, and he couldn't think of anything else; the boy's soft vanilla scent invading his senses as he breathed in.

They were spellbound by each other, lips dancing barely an inch apart, short breaths audible in the empty library.

'What am I doing?'

Jaejoong's heart made out of a dream he wished will never stop, please not now when he will finally taste the man, as they infused each other's senses.

They needed something.

And Yunho realized as a pair of lips descended on his own, what that something was.

It was soft, as if a butterfly had landed on his lips. Warm flesh covering his own as his heart started pounding faster and faster.

Caught by surprise at the boy's action he stared; eyes wide open landing on a small beauty spot underneath the boy's left eye.

'What am I doing?'

Jaejoong moved his lips slowly, coaxing the man to respond even a tiniest bit, the chaste kiss feeling so much better than any of the previous dreams of the man he'd had.

'I don't want to wake up' He chanted in his head, as he placed his upper lip between the singer's and he felt his knees almost give out under the pressure of overwhelming emotions rocking his body.

It felt too good. Too good to be true.

Yunho stood motionless, thoughts still not catching up with the situation, his hands motionless against his sides. Something about the soft kiss made him forget who he was and the situation he was in at that moment, and all he could do was stand still as the raven haired boy pressed against his own lips.

Slightly sad at the lack of participation the man was giving Jaejoong pressed harder urging the man to kiss him back, breathless 'Yunho please,' leaving his lips as he mouthed the singer's pout.

It was what brought Yunho back to earth, confused voice asking the boy firmly, "How do you know my name?"

Jaejoong chuckled in a protest, trying to press his lips against the man's once more; Yunho in his dreams never questioned things before.

He managed to attach their lips for the last time before Yunho cut if of with a small nib on his lower lip.

Pain pulsed through the soft flesh, lip stinging from the soft bite. As if slapped by revelation he pushed the man away from himself stumbling backwards.


"How do you know my name?" the singer asked once again and Jaejoong's heart skipped a beat.


The only sound that came from his mouth covered by both palms was a shaking statement, doe eyes wide open staring at the spot he assumed the man was standing in,

"You are real."


Tags: fic: wuthering hearts, length: chaptered, pairing: yunho/jaejoong
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